Sloane is available to shoot and COLLABORATE in New York City, CONNECTICUT, and surrounding areas.

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I'm glad you've stopped by! My name is Sloane Kratzman and you have entered my digital humble abode. Sailing the Sea of Style was founded, by yours truly, in August 2012 as a personal style and fashion blog. Since then, it has grown into an interactive portfolio meets personal musings. Here You'll find my latest photography and videography work along with whatever else I'm dabbling in.

cheers. xo Sloane

I'm a New Englander born and raised. But, I cannot stay in the same place too long. 

I'm a sunshine and plant-powered Libra.

I feel most at peace when I'm on the water. 

My dream career is to produce music for movies.

I am a 60s and 70s counter-culture fanatic.

I believe the best music came out of those two decades. 

Although, my favorite song is 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins. 

I know every single ABBA lyric. 

I love driving in my beloved Land Rover Disco, bonus points if the windows are down.

I observe the world as if I am living in a movie.

Nostalgia is my mojo and I try to capture that through my art. 

My sartorial inspiration is Nancy Meyer's "The Parent Trap". 

My favorite colors are red and pale yellow.

I'm great with coming up with dog names.

I drink too much coffee. 

I'm alive in the summer.

Yet, my favorite month is October.

I'm the worst texter. 

I like change. 




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