Summer Sartorial Prep

I have finally reached the last week of classes before reading period kicks in, and TBH, did not think I’d make it here. The summer build up is in full force and the excitement is bubbling like La Croix in the fridge. In order to make up for my lazy study outfits, which entail of  OV leggings, a baseball cap pulled from my extensive collection, and a sweatshirt, I’ve been pre-gaming for my summer sartorial decisions. Plus, I've been picking up a few extra beauty and lifestyle products to infuse both my face and humble abode with warm weather vibes straight outta Blue Crush meets Nancy Meyers.  

Kicking it off, we have color. So much of it. I purchased this Hunza G x Pandora Sykes swimsuit as a reward for finishing a huge research paper after several months of little sleep and lots of coffee. Trust me, I have the undereye bags to prove it. And they are not designer. Bad-a-bing-bad-a-boom. Oh my, someone please help me. 

I’ve been eying this bathing suit since last August, so I finally convinced myself to bite the bullet. The result? A swimsuit I want to live in for the rest of time. The 80s cut and signature Hunza material hugs the body in all the right places and turns you into an 80s beach babe right out of Venice Beach. Plus, the sunny yellow color brings me joy. If Marie Kondo says I should only hold onto items that bring me joy, I think it will be forever with this bathing suit. 

Apparently, I’m having a love affair with yellow. So, I scored this Honey t-shirt from Brandy Melville last week, which proceeded for me wearing it the whole. entire. weekend. 

Overkill? Maybe. Do I truly care? You can answer that question. 

Switching gears to vintage, I’ve been on a mad hunt for white Levis since last summer. We all know the truth that white jeans aren’t the most flattering unless you resemble an Amazonian goddess, ehem Gisele, so it best to avoid the super skinny choices and go with Levis, cropped flares (like this Madewell pair), or a boyfriend fit.

I found two great deals via eBay, so if you a) know your size, and b) are willing to do some internet hunting, second hand is the way to go. Plus, it’s good for Mother Earth and I’m all about doing our part when it comes to consumerism. Side note, I’m thinking about making a guide to ethical shopping if any of you are interested. The other vintage piece I picked up was this baby pink lace blouse from Courtyard LAan online vintage shop via Instagram. It reminds me of Isabel Marant meets Chloe and I’ll for it. Again, more color... how the times are changing around here.

The last item, which is kinda an oddball, are Keap candles. I have mentioned them before in my last Best of the Best post, but I thought it would be best to show the burned down candle to prove that my room smells of Waves. Keap BK is another brand that really exemplifies sustainability and ethical consumerism as their candles are all made in Brooklyn from start to finish.  Last month, I was lucky to go to their factory last month and had the ability to see all the stages of the process. If you are in the need of some new candles, I highly, highly recommend checking them out

As for beauty products, I’m currently in the market for a body oil for summer and some aqua eyeliner because why not? Don’t you aspire to look like a mermaid?

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I cannot wait to show you how I style all these items. xx S




January Moodboard & Mixtape


Greetings this Monday morning (or whenever you're getting the chance to read this). It's a new year, but that doesn't mean that M*squared is being kicked to the curb. We, meaning yours truly,  are back with a spankin' brand-new moodboard and mixtape to help start off this week and this month on a fresh foot. 

The Moodboard 

My sartorial goal right now to have a little more fun and add some pizzazz to my wardrobe. This pizzazz I'm talking about can be either those more funky pieces that can be paired with the classics, or wild prints and textures. I tend to keep it quite neutral and simple during the colder months, but after some time it feels stale. Maybe I won't be able to shake things up right away, but that doesn't mean I can't plan ahead for Spring Break and Spring. In the meantime, I'm sticking to mixing in more jewelry and perhaps some color? We will see. 

The Mixtape 

PSA: The Perfect Stripe


Heads up, here is the perfect stripe to rival the old-school fisherman knit.

Shop it at Kule Stripes

Autumn Essentials

I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that September is um... next week? The air has been changing ever so slightly in New England with 50 degrees at night and that sneaky "fall bite". I'm heading up to Newport today to jump town before the hectic rush of back to school sets in. Secretly hoping that Rhode Island jumped on the Autumn train early, so that I can whip out some sweaters. Since New England's Autumn months are fickle with Indian summer and chilly nights, it makes incorprating those lusted fall pieces a gradual process.

To begin, my top tips for weaving into a new sartorial season are the following. Do not buy everything at once. As much as I wish to purchase velvet boots, I can almost guarantee I won't be wearing them till late September (unless, of course I want to roast in the sun). Try not to be that  person that is sweltering in a jacket when others are lounging in next-to-nothing slips and 'kinis. There is a time and place for everything. Also, look across the pond for inspiration and take detailed notes. Both the Brits and Euros are full on experts on transitional style (blame the weather or their endless cool factor). One of my favorite French girls, Adenorah, pairs her Castañer wedges with denim and oversized sweaters in the Fall, instead of traditional summery dresses a la right now. 

Now, what's on my list, you ask?

Black mom jeans

Camel jacket

Classic loafers

Navy fisherman sweater | Borrowed from the boys

Velvet overload

What are the items that I've already picked up? Well, wait and see. 


(all images from last fall) 



August Moodboard & Mixtape

Here it is. Sorry it's a little late... 

I've grown to love August over the years. Up until this year, I always rushed into back to school, fall, and was overall riddled with anxious energy. This year, I've taken the time to truly savor this laid back part of summer and make the most of all it... and also logically realize that October is still 2 MONTHS AWAY. Whilst, fall is on my mind and I'm thinking about all the cozy sweaters and boots, I'm also avoiding the classic "ordering a jacket in 90 degrees" move. Instead, I've added several new pieces to my closet that work now and later. t's a win-win all around. 


But, back to the mindset. I ask you to truly enjoy this month. Take those weekend trips you were to busy for in June, hang out with friends, watch the Olympics, bask in the late afternoon sun, go outside, try something new, anything and everything you want.

And why not blast some tunes while you're at it? I have three new playlists up on Spotify- a great driving one/general favorites, my latest workout tunes (listen from start to finish), and the second Soundtrack

Shop the moodboard:




Bikini So Teeny

"She wore an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow, polka-dot bikini"


I'm having a serious swimwear moment. One so serious, that I'm considering forgoing any normal clothes for the rest of summer. I can say I'm joking, but am I really? 

I want it all. But these babies to be exact. RIP bank account, it's been nice knowing you.

Before you sign off to do some serious swim damage, hit up the most underrated bathers stop: J.Crew. It isn't the colorful preppy style that the brand is known for, instead some high-quality swimwear that won't deplete your money. Another pro tip, Nasty Gal's swim stock is serious too. 

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