It's a Picnic Party

About time I got a new post up on here! It's been way too long and apologize for the absence.

I feel like I keep saying that every post, but I promise things will be running smoothly once my junior year is finito. Now onto the good stuff:

I had to quickly show this incredible skirt that I scored from Asos (I mentioned it in this post!). Normally I'm not the gal who a) goes for the midi skirt and b) desires to resemble a picnic blanket. Buy, hey, I surprise myself every day. Since shooting these photos (which are pretty spectacular, right?), I actually brought this skirt to the tailor in order to remove the top ruffle to tone down the skirt a little bit and make it less voluminous. Sadly, I'm not an Amazonian goddess, so the less volume the better here. 

Okay, okay. 

Confession time now.I purely bought this skirt for 4th of the July weekend. If you didn't already know, I LIVE for the 4th and any chance I get to share my unwavering patriotism through sartorial decisions, I run all the way clad in red, white, and blue.

I also just really love this skirt. Truth.

Wearing: Asos ginhgam skirt, Vintage denim jacket, Zara knit, Meli Melo bag, Gucci loafers (some secondhand options here), ASHA earrings


Central Park Daydream

27 (1).JPG

Animal print, loafers, and middle parts? It's a Love Story induced daydream sans the plethora of tears. It was also my exact inpsiration for this shoot with my new Aussie friend, Gabi. Not only is Gabi one of the sweetest souls I've ever met, but she is wickedly talented. So, I happen to geek out a little bit when I cross paths with people a la Gabi; plus it is the cherry on top when your ~creative~ visions align. Any who, post-snapping, we walked around the park and worked our way to Columbus Circle in search of food. With coffees and lunch in hand, we topped the afternoon with a picnic style lunch and great conversation. 


I like to think that days like these are the ones that I'm living most in the moment .As I like to say to my friends, the best moments in life are the ones that have no proof.


Wearing: Asos coat, Zara turtleneck, The Vintage Twin jeans, Madewell loafers- very similar, and Ray-Ban sunglasses (on sale!)


Denim + Turtlenecks

I really cannot stand how I open every post talking about the bloody weather. Well duh, yes, of course we dress for the weather. What sane person wouldn't? Oops, forgot about NYFW in September. Cashmere and leather doesn't work well with hot and humid. Anyway, I have yet to break out the golden grail of boots: the 50/50, so I'm sticking with loafers for the time being. Denim skirts are a better seasonal replacement to the denim shorts, though I'm not opposed to the denim shorts with tights combo, and turtlenecks simply rock my socks. 

It's a long weekend for this gal, and I'm truly basking in the glory. Slept for 12 hours yesterday, binged watched Carpool Karaoke, dined at by Chloe, and shopped for shoes at BG. Lizzie McGuire, this is what dreams are made of. 

Also, thank you all for birthday wishes on Thursday!

Wearing: Zara turtleneck, Reformation skirt (worn here, here, and here), Madewell loafers (similar)

Photos by Felicia Lasala 

Sailor Does Staples: The Summer Uniform

Hello, long time, no talk. I'm sorry for dropping off the face of the planet the past week. I was in the middle of nowhere... sorry, I meant Ohio... for a sailing regatta. The service and WiFi was so so spotty that I didn't even check Instagram more than once. 

With that little life update, I am back with a new installment of Sailor Does Staples focusing on my two summer, sartorial staples (wowza, that's a mouthful): the denim skirt and the knit top. 

I have quite the backstory on my denim skirt ventures. I ordered a denim skirt (this one to be exact) from Asos, way back when in April. After the skirt failed to show up for several weeks, I reached out to Asos support (side note: they are very understanding and great at their job, so claps Asos). To sum up the story, UPS lost the package somewhere in customs and I ended up being refunded for the skirt. What a anti-climatic ending... 

A few weeks ago, I made a trip to Reformation during a lunch break.  Lo and behold, I fell in love with their denim skirt that rivals the pricey and legendary Vetements one. 



The Look: Reformation skirt, Zara top, J.Crew sunglasses, K.Jacques shoes



The Time has Come

Finals have beckoned me.

I apologize if posting in sporatic over the next two weeks, I'll be spending my time hitting the books. To check if I'm alive, Instagram is the place to look

See you on the other end. 

& Good luck to the rest of my fellow students during finals (#nosleep) season. 

The Look: LL Bean sweater, Zara skort, Vans sneakers, MDS Stripes purse




In the Clear

The winter boat has finally set sail and we're turning the corner to Springtime with some heat (literally and figuratively). Closing the door with my final cold weather look that features my biggest sartorial staples- white t-shirt, black jeans, and a great handbag. A few weekends ago, I had to pull out my winter topcoat from the cedar closet has 30 degree temperatures dawned upon us. Lucky to say, it was a one time deal and yesterday... I pulled out the OG denim cutoffs for the first time this season. My friends, we are on a straight line path to summer season. 

And with that, Sailor Does Staples: Summer Edition is launching May 1st. 

Wearing: Asos jacket, Mother jeans, Zara t-shirt, Vince shoes (older, similar here), Alexander McQueen scarf

Photos by Sophia Wilson