In the Clear

The winter boat has finally set sail and we're turning the corner to Springtime with some heat (literally and figuratively). Closing the door with my final cold weather look that features my biggest sartorial staples- white t-shirt, black jeans, and a great handbag. A few weekends ago, I had to pull out my winter topcoat from the cedar closet has 30 degree temperatures dawned upon us. Lucky to say, it was a one time deal and yesterday... I pulled out the OG denim cutoffs for the first time this season. My friends, we are on a straight line path to summer season. 

And with that, Sailor Does Staples: Summer Edition is launching May 1st. 

Wearing: Asos jacket, Mother jeans, Zara t-shirt, Vince shoes (older, similar here), Alexander McQueen scarf

Photos by Sophia Wilson 

Weekend Update


It's bone-chilling, literally cannot feel my face, phones dead, screw walking a block, cold. 

But, that doesn't stop me from having a killer day in my favorite city with one of my best friendsLunch at my vegan heaven on earth, a trip to the Whitney, followed by getting lost amongst the crowds in Chinatown. 

I also feel sorry for those have flown into town for fashion week. But, honestly wear layers. Frostbite isn't exactly fashionable. 

Oh, and as the cold continues to become colder, I am heading south to Florida tomorrow. #sorrynotsorry. I cannot help that the timing of my regatta is in the dead of winter. If you fancy some sunnier Instagrams, I'd suggest following yours truly. 

I need some shuteye, so that will be concluding this weekend update.

 See ya on the flipside aka Monday. 

Photos by Christina 

#Jonas, And not the brothers


If you've been following any form of media over the weekend, then you'll know that a blizzard came and gone. If you haven't, then you're living under a rock or a remote island with no service. If it's the latter, you should be expecting me very soon.  

With nothing else to do except catch up on schoolwork and movies, I snapped a few pics during my short outings into the empty frozen tundra known as Greenwich. Listen kids, I know my outfit of sweats and a vintage Marmot down jacket isn't exactly blog-worthy. But, I prefer not to freeze my ass off. Warmth over fashion... A lesson from me to you. 

Lets wait for the next blizzard. You know what means. Hashtag snow. hashtag blizzard. hashtag welcome to the northeast.  



It's An Art

Wearing: Urban Outfitters sweater (similar style here), Y.A.S. Apparel leggingsStuart Weitzman bootsMango coat [last year, but check out these options], Urban Outfitters gloves [under $15]

When people say layering is an art, they are not joking.

Due to living on the (North)East Coast,  I'll say that I've become quite the skilled one when it comes to dressing in a somewhat put together fashion as soon as the temperatures drop under 34 degrees. 

But, then you go to Vermont and it all turns into, well, lies. All of it. Hey, if you give me enough sailing gear, and I will be able stay warm enough to sail in the dead of January (the magic hiking pants and thermals). But when it comes to looking presentable in a place like Vermont... It is a challenge. 

Dear ol' Green Mountain State welcomed us with big open arms of 2 degrees. And you might be wondering, what do you wear when it is 2? Fleece tights under leggings. A thermal under a sweater. Fleece socks, gloves, and hat (miss the memo on that). And a boatload of courage.

5 weeks & counting 'till Florida....

Number One

[via Instagram]


Since beginning my turtleneck obsession last winter, I've racked up quite a collection. I've done a video on how to wear it three different ways and have sported my favorite cold weather piece numerous times, so it's quite obvious why this piece is number one in my sartorial winter handbook. Despite many purchases, I just recently found the best turtleneck sweater (plus, it was on sale). I wore it to dinner Sunday night, all day whilst road tripping up to Vermont, and then once again to dinner.

Urban Outfitters always pulls out some great pieces (like these sweats which I'm wearing). Stay tuned for a proper outfit post, but until then enjoy some Instagrams


Slalom Chic

As much I love the summer and all its glory, I cannot deny my love for some snow-covered slopes either out West or up north. The fam-bam and I will be venturing up to Stowe for the week for some of the best skiing in the East.

Fashion wise: a girl can only dream to look like that on the mountain.

Après-ski is a different story though, as I've racked up quite a collection of mountainside appropriate sweaters.