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You, me, and another 40 million Americans are going to be hitting the road, rails, and tarmacs this weekend in honor of the best holiday weekend ever. Drumroll please.... the 4th of July!!! *cue the fireworks*

If you are also a music junkie, a la yours truly, or simply appreciate some enjoyable bops when you are in transit, I've got you covered. 

In the music motherland, aka Spotify, I've put together a playlist that will take you straight from the passenger seat to the beach. And once you have arrived at your sweet destination, switch over to my other playlist, dubbed "out here on the isle", for a glorious 22 hours and 17 minutes of sweet summatime jamming. 

As for me, I'll be heading up to Newport, Rhode Island for a big ole dosage of happy (constitutional and rightfully patriotic) American fun. 





June Playlist

Summer has started. Here are some tunes for driving (windows down, optional), or simply whenever you please. 

I've been using Spotify a ton recently, so along with my monthly playlists I also have a few other ones, if you fancy to listen. They range from 80s pop and rock, dubstep, or your chilled out jams courtesy of Jack Johnson and Coldplay.


Snake Eyes, Mumford & Sons

Thunder Clatter, Wild Cub

T-Shirt Weather, Circa Waves

Pyro, Kings of Leon

Heroes and Villians, The Beach Boys

Happy, The Rolling Stones

Miss Atomic Bomb, The Killers

In My Place, Coldplay

Travel | Tunes

Happy Monday everyone! When I'm traveling, I think listening to enjoyable music really changes up your mood and puts you in a totally different mindset. To be honest,  I don't have a certain style of music I like more. In my opinion, a variety is best. Above are some of my favorite tunes I always end up playing on repeat when I traveling. In case you missed yesterday's post, see it here! xxx