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Endless Possibilities

The middle of July often brings along a summer style rut where all of those linen dresses and lace tops purchased back in May, become dull and blah. Thus, we must hit the style refresh button in order to spice things up. One of my favorite summer tricks is the scarf-as-a-shirt. Depending on the area size of your respectable scarf, options can be endless. In my case, I prefer the updated tube top.... plenty of shoulders and back to show off in the late summer sun. Try it on the beach or for dinner. Endless summer equals endless possibilities. 

Wearing: Hermes silk scarf (check TheRealReal), Aritzia skirt, Castañer espadrilles (Matches is my favorite place for them), Ray-Ban shades

Location: Newport, Rhode Island  

The Girl Wears Colour !

The girl wears colour! *Audience gasps!* 

Oddly enough, I've always been a sucker for a little orange action. It's one of the few colours you catch me sporting all year long; darker and brown-toned in the colder months, bold and bright all summer long. In addition to being in sweet orange, this top is a wearable fiesta. Anytime I slip this baby on- or the toned down white version- I  feel the need to pop some tunes in and dance the night away. 

I've come to garner a love of backstories when it comes to individual pieces. My California friend, Haley, was wearing this blouse during a Face-Time chat and I immeditly fell in love. The tops are from a small shop in Downtown LA and lo and behold, my sweet friend sent me two of them via the old fashion snail-mail. 

Just remember, off-the-shoulder tops bring and beat the heat during those scorchers! 

The Look: Off-the-shoulder top, Reformation jeans, Castañer wedges, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Photos by Becky Siegel 

Shoe Dreams Come True

If you didn't know about Castañer shoes, well now you know.

After seeing them on everyone of my favorite French girls via the way of Instagram, I knew I had to have them/insanely wanted them. For someone, aka me, who doesn't frequent the heels route very often, it is a nice addition to my closet that is dominated by sneakers and sandals.

I have worn them with both jeans and blouses (see Exhibit A), to flirty dresses during the night (Ex. B).

Also, I learnt Matches Fashion sells them for a wildly smaller amount than other online hotspots, but you also may be to score a solid deal with the Net-A-Porter sale

Follow your dreams of becoming a fashionable Euro superstar. *heart eyes*

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