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Mission Shirtdress

Wearing: The Reformation shirtdress, Superga sneakers, Necklace from Brooklyn flea market, Asha by ADM ringAsos ring, Hermes bracelets, 

I can openly admit I neglect dresses way too often. I know, I know, they are an outfit in one and all that jazz, but the only dress that I (generally) prefer over my go to separates... the shirtdress.

Please take a moment today and consider the sheer genius and wonder of the shirtdress. It rakes in the cool factor of the boy-meets-girl, the allure of the borrowed from the boyfriend (boyfriend not needed, btw), whilst still looking polished. The versatility of it is something to touch upon as well. When worn with sneaks and smartly cinched, it works for city-wear. But, let if fly open in the wind with a little 'kini underneath the next time you find yourself on the sand or lounging by the pool

I suggest stocking up on a few of these easy breezy numbers.

For all of those out there, who shudder at the idea of a dress, consider this leading lady. Plus, it's much easier to find that a guy (who has good shirts, might I add). 

Shop more shirtdresses below:

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs. Shot in DUMBO

One & Only

Wearing: Madewell denim jacket, Current & Elliott striped tee, Zara skirt (old), Vans sneakers

As I've found myself reaching for my denim jacket more than ever, it has made me question what the true basics in my wardrobe are. You often here people blab on and on about how a black blazer is such a style staple and all that nonsense. Don't get me wrong, I happen to love a great blazer moment- but I don't remember the last time I happened to choose a blazer over denim or the edgier version, leather. 

Perhaps like my stripes and sneakers, I've narrowed down the few essentials that in moments of sartorial distress (which happen more than one would think), I reach for. 

So here is to the denim jacket, my current one & only. (as I am lacking in the lurve department so it only makes sense that a jacket would replace that hole in my heart). Hey, you can't win 'em all. 

Work it Out

Wearing: Sweaty Betty topThe Reformation sweatshirtNike leggingsNike sneakers (under $100)

I've you been following me on the Insta-land or its chatty cousin, Twitter,you've seen that I've stepped up my fitness game. To spread my knowledge when it comes to workin' that body, why not head to the age old Interweb? 

I tend to workout 5-6 times a week for an 1-1 1/2 hour (riveting, right?). To be honest, my new found "gym-bunniesness" lifestyle is only a little over a month old, but I've fallen hard. Plus, Laser Midwinters regatta- the reason I'm down South at the moment- is a big enough reason to get my sorry ass into shape. Three times per week, I focus on cardio- my preference, you may be wondering? I run intervals on the treadmill for 20 mins, then row 2000-5000 meters on the rowing machine. Following that, I either do the stairmaster for 20 mins or an ab workout. The other days? I use the Nike Training app (hashtag there's an app for that). or the Kayla Itsines workout plan, which oh boy, my wobbly walking the day after is proof that those workouts, for the matter of the fact, work. 

As my self proclaimed title of gym rat/gym bunny/fitness aficionado/you get my point, looking the part is another half of it. Oh c'mon, don't deny the fact that those old t-shirts and worn in shorts don't exactly motivate you to run a mile a minute. Plus, with athletic gear ranging from Net-A-Porter to the originals like Nike (these are my favorite sneaks). Lululemon, and Adidas, workout apparelis a crucial part of one's wardrobe now a days. 

Quoting my new home away from home (Equinox gym), it's not fitness, it's life.



Photos by

Alexandra Gibbs

| shot a few weeks ago, hence the lack of snow. 

High Street Friday

Wearing:Zara jumpsuit,New Balance sneakers,Saint Laurent bag,J.Crew belt (25% off!)

When the concept of style staples comes up, it sometimes brings along a hefty price tag because of a common misconception of staples = inve$tment. Whilst this does apply to life's finer goods (i.e. bags, shoes), high street stops like Zara or Topshop offer killer pieces to take you from season to season without a glitch. Let us not forget my Zara playsuit- which has gotten more wear than it's own good- and for when I care for something somewhat similar (remember, keep it spicy), this black jumpsuit wins the Zara draw. The four lettered Spaniard is the quite guilty one for my overflowing wardrobe. 

And on the bottom half of the my sartorial spectrum, if you haven't figured it out already, my preferred shoe of choice is a sneaker.... erm #sneakerhead? Introducing my latest catch a la New Balance.

Ph. by Lydia Hudgens