Purple Crush

I’ve professed my love for Reál in the past and I’ll say it again and again. They are the absolute dreamiest dresses in the world, maybe a hyperbolic statement but I doubt it, and I could wear one every single day. This purple beauty has brought a romantic touch to my closet whilst still remaining true to my own vibe. I’ve been on a bit of a spending halt this month (more on that later), so I’m taking advantage of the gorgeous items already hanging in my wardrobe. Per example, I’ve worn this baby out on the town with earrings and espadrilles or during the day with loafers and my favorite, falling apart at the seams sweater.  What can I say? I’m an outfit-repeater, but when the criminal is this charming… I guess it can fly.

Wearing: Reálisation Par dress, Vintage sweater, Gucci loafers, and Ray-Ban shades

Location: Montauk, NY

Summer Sartorial Prep

I have finally reached the last week of classes before reading period kicks in, and TBH, did not think I’d make it here. The summer build up is in full force and the excitement is bubbling like La Croix in the fridge. In order to make up for my lazy study outfits, which entail of  OV leggings, a baseball cap pulled from my extensive collection, and a sweatshirt, I’ve been pre-gaming for my summer sartorial decisions. Plus, I've been picking up a few extra beauty and lifestyle products to infuse both my face and humble abode with warm weather vibes straight outta Blue Crush meets Nancy Meyers.  

Kicking it off, we have color. So much of it. I purchased this Hunza G x Pandora Sykes swimsuit as a reward for finishing a huge research paper after several months of little sleep and lots of coffee. Trust me, I have the undereye bags to prove it. And they are not designer. Bad-a-bing-bad-a-boom. Oh my, someone please help me. 

I’ve been eying this bathing suit since last August, so I finally convinced myself to bite the bullet. The result? A swimsuit I want to live in for the rest of time. The 80s cut and signature Hunza material hugs the body in all the right places and turns you into an 80s beach babe right out of Venice Beach. Plus, the sunny yellow color brings me joy. If Marie Kondo says I should only hold onto items that bring me joy, I think it will be forever with this bathing suit. 

Apparently, I’m having a love affair with yellow. So, I scored this Honey t-shirt from Brandy Melville last week, which proceeded for me wearing it the whole. entire. weekend. 

Overkill? Maybe. Do I truly care? You can answer that question. 

Switching gears to vintage, I’ve been on a mad hunt for white Levis since last summer. We all know the truth that white jeans aren’t the most flattering unless you resemble an Amazonian goddess, ehem Gisele, so it best to avoid the super skinny choices and go with Levis, cropped flares (like this Madewell pair), or a boyfriend fit.

I found two great deals via eBay, so if you a) know your size, and b) are willing to do some internet hunting, second hand is the way to go. Plus, it’s good for Mother Earth and I’m all about doing our part when it comes to consumerism. Side note, I’m thinking about making a guide to ethical shopping if any of you are interested. The other vintage piece I picked up was this baby pink lace blouse from Courtyard LAan online vintage shop via Instagram. It reminds me of Isabel Marant meets Chloe and I’ll for it. Again, more color... how the times are changing around here.

The last item, which is kinda an oddball, are Keap candles. I have mentioned them before in my last Best of the Best post, but I thought it would be best to show the burned down candle to prove that my room smells of Waves. Keap BK is another brand that really exemplifies sustainability and ethical consumerism as their candles are all made in Brooklyn from start to finish.  Last month, I was lucky to go to their factory last month and had the ability to see all the stages of the process. If you are in the need of some new candles, I highly, highly recommend checking them out

As for beauty products, I’m currently in the market for a body oil for summer and some aqua eyeliner because why not? Don’t you aspire to look like a mermaid?

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I cannot wait to show you how I style all these items. xx S




It's a Picnic Party

About time I got a new post up on here! It's been way too long and apologize for the absence.

I feel like I keep saying that every post, but I promise things will be running smoothly once my junior year is finito. Now onto the good stuff:

I had to quickly show this incredible skirt that I scored from Asos (I mentioned it in this post!). Normally I'm not the gal who a) goes for the midi skirt and b) desires to resemble a picnic blanket. Buy, hey, I surprise myself every day. Since shooting these photos (which are pretty spectacular, right?), I actually brought this skirt to the tailor in order to remove the top ruffle to tone down the skirt a little bit and make it less voluminous. Sadly, I'm not an Amazonian goddess, so the less volume the better here. 

Okay, okay. 

Confession time now.I purely bought this skirt for 4th of the July weekend. If you didn't already know, I LIVE for the 4th and any chance I get to share my unwavering patriotism through sartorial decisions, I run all the way clad in red, white, and blue.

I also just really love this skirt. Truth.

Wearing: Asos ginhgam skirt, Vintage denim jacket, Zara knit, Meli Melo bag, Gucci loafers (some secondhand options here), ASHA earrings


March's Best of the Best

Welcome back to another favorites post. March was a weird and hectic month with lots of quick trips around the Northeast, concluding with DC last weekend. For the first time I think ever, I'm hoping to spend some time at home in order to catch up on my zzzzs. Alas, we'll see if I can *actually* relax. Without further ado, here is my list of favorites from March. It's on the shorter side but doesn't mean they aren't great. 

Through My Eyes

Designated Survivor: I am OBSESSED with this show. I never caught the Scandal bug, thus Designated Survivor has satisfied my political-drama craving. The show portrays issues surrounding the political arena and the new era of journalism without being unrealistic. Plus, it throws a curveball every episode to keep things, ya know, juicy. Watch on ABC. 

In My Ears

Britpop: All. I've. Been. Listening. To. Radiohead, Oasis, Pulp, you name it, I'm there. My favorite song of the moment is Disco 2000 by Pulp -- the video is also serious inspiration and looks like something straight out of Trainspotting. 

Gipsy Kings: 'Nuff said. A little samba dance break at midnight is just what the doctor ordered. 

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In My Wardrobe

Color!: If you have been following my blog for quite some time, you know that I used to wear a lot color circa 2013  please don't go lurking into my archives). In the more recent years, neutrals have taken control of wardrobe as I fell victim to normcore. But, I came to a realization last month on how we should have fun with fashion and embrace colors, patterns, and design in whatever forms we desire. For me, you won't see me sporting bright orange from head-to-toe, but I have been incorporating bits and pieces of red, pink, and brighter jewel tones among the denim and whites. 

Gingham: In continuation of my previous anecdote, I purchased this skirt from Asos. At first, this gingham-ed, ruffling, midi-skirt would seem completely out of my sartorial comfort zone, but something about its odd easiness drove me to click buy straight away. I can't wait to pair with a navy sweater and kicks during the day and a white off-the-shoulder top and wedges at night.... don't worry, you'll see it go down.

Dramatic Earrings: The last fashion decision that has brought flair to my life are dramatic earrings. You might have picked that up via my recent Insta-stories, but I'll be sharing more soon. Think tassels, gold, hoops... all the goodies.

Patagonia duffle bag: My last favorite is the less stylish of the sort, but is ace on practicality. Since I've been riding the trains up and down the Eastern seaboard, I have been using this Patagonia duffle bag almost every weekend. 

In The Kitchen

Spinach: I'm fully aware of how random this favorite is, but spinach is a star. Either mixed in with kale and lettuce for salads or in smoothies for the added nutrition. Eat yo greens!

In The Media & Following

Pandora Sykes: Pandora's blog has been a go-to read of mine for two years and I'm a regular listening of her podcast "The High Low" with fellow journalist/friend, Dolly Alderton. Pandora's style is eccentric but completely owned by her. Whenever you hear the phrase, "wear the clothes, don't have the clothes wear you", Pandora is the epitome of that. Plus, her writing style is smart, witty, and relevant by touching on topics such as Gen Z and feminism, but also sharing light-hearted content that warms the soul.  Follow Pandora's blog here.

Following these accounts... @zippyseven // @giorgiatordini // @julianasalazar // @bludetiger

Other & Other 

Keap Candles: This Brooklyn-based candle company is the jackpot of natural and sustainable candles. I have both Waves and Green Market burning as we speak, so my endorsement is 100%.



PSA: The Perfect Stripe


Heads up, here is the perfect stripe to rival the old-school fisherman knit.

Shop it at Kule Stripes

The Five

To kick off Monday, here are five things that hold somewhat of a relevance in my life right now. 

1. Outdoor Voices

I drank the kool-aid that is Outdoor Voices. Officially quitting the Lululemon way of life, and switching to OV 100%. To start my personal collection of Outdoor Voices, the firsts are these leggings and their signature "Doing Things" baseball cap. I'm never not doing things, so it is a match made in (atheleisure) heaven. 

 2. The Super Serums

Once again, Glossier created bottled magic. My skin has been drinking up both Super Glow and Super Pure like no tomorrow. I'm firm on believing that the Supers are nothing but goodness in a vile. 

3. Eddie Vedder

Great study music. Pop in some earbuds and listen to his Into the Wild soundtrack. Shoutout those Pearl Jam fans as well!

4. Crosswords

What I like to call brain food. Jump at it, nerds. 

5. Gran Hotel

SUCH A GOOD SHOW (!!). It's the Spanish version of Dowton Abbey, but set up a hotel (ca. 1910s)  and with simply gorgeous actors