You, me, and another 40 million Americans are going to be hitting the road, rails, and tarmacs this weekend in honor of the best holiday weekend ever. Drumroll please.... the 4th of July!!! *cue the fireworks*

If you are also a music junkie, a la yours truly, or simply appreciate some enjoyable bops when you are in transit, I've got you covered. 

In the music motherland, aka Spotify, I've put together a playlist that will take you straight from the passenger seat to the beach. And once you have arrived at your sweet destination, switch over to my other playlist, dubbed "out here on the isle", for a glorious 22 hours and 17 minutes of sweet summatime jamming. 

As for me, I'll be heading up to Newport, Rhode Island for a big ole dosage of happy (constitutional and rightfully patriotic) American fun. 





October Moodboard & Mixtape

It's FALL!!!!! October is my month. Not only for the fact that I was born during the universe's golden period, but I feel as if I come alive during these glorious 31 days. I always get a few laughs when I mention October is my favorite month, since I'm known to not be Halloween's biggest fan. 

Yet, October is my renaissance and I am reborn over and over again, metaphorically that is. Here are my top reasons why these are the best days of the year. GO! 

~ hot coffee, sweaters, boots, candles, windows open & down, vampire weekend, fall foliage, apple cider, rhode island (in the fall), best sailing season, central park comes alive, chilly mornings, grey afternoons, hiking, birthdays, long weekends, lazy sundays spent reading, pancakes, diner runs ~

I could go and on, but instead I'll spend these precious hours basking in the October air.

Fashion-wise, I'm embracing the changing of the seasons with the following; leopard coats, sandals with loose denim and knits, OV leggings and t-shirts during morning coffee runs, and baseball caps with EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN.




Cannibal Queen by Miniature Tigers 

Daylight by Matt and Kim 

Backwards Down the Number Line by Phish 

Two Fingers by Jake Bugg

You & I by Lady Gaga 

I'll Go Crazy by James Brown 



August Moodboard & Mixtape

Here it is. Sorry it's a little late... 

I've grown to love August over the years. Up until this year, I always rushed into back to school, fall, and was overall riddled with anxious energy. This year, I've taken the time to truly savor this laid back part of summer and make the most of all it... and also logically realize that October is still 2 MONTHS AWAY. Whilst, fall is on my mind and I'm thinking about all the cozy sweaters and boots, I'm also avoiding the classic "ordering a jacket in 90 degrees" move. Instead, I've added several new pieces to my closet that work now and later. t's a win-win all around. 


But, back to the mindset. I ask you to truly enjoy this month. Take those weekend trips you were to busy for in June, hang out with friends, watch the Olympics, bask in the late afternoon sun, go outside, try something new, anything and everything you want.

And why not blast some tunes while you're at it? I have three new playlists up on Spotify- a great driving one/general favorites, my latest workout tunes (listen from start to finish), and the second Soundtrack

Shop the moodboard:




July Moodboard & Mixtape

So much blush happening here. Ever since that sneaker little Reformation dress snuck it's way into my wardrobe, I've fallen hard for the color and craving the semi-sweet colour. I just purchased this Messy Heads t-shirt to go with my denim collection... guess what colour it is? 
Ding-ding! You're right. 

Blush. That's all I'm about. Also, my summer style icon is currently Ali McGraw. Note that I'm specifically highlighting her summery outfits in the sob-inducing movie, Love Story. So much 70s prep. 

For the mixtape, Kanye's BEST album (that's a fact, not a opinion), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, has become the most played on my Spotify account. The main reason for this occurrence is that the album is my pre-sailing playlist. I'd like to note that "Lost in the World" is a highly underrated song, and you should all go listen to it right this moment. You're welcome. 


May Moodboard & Mixtape

This is a hefty "M squared" post for the month of the May. My inspiration and creative juices were all out of whack last week, so it's nice to finally have some creativity flowing once again. I've been working on some more short films and videos, beginning with this super short video of mini moments that never surfaced the inter-web. Yesterday, I spent the day on the Hudson River watching some America's Cup racing. I can never turn down some AC boats, along with some hilarious commentary courtesy of friends and family. 


This month's moodboard is all about mustard, the 70s, skinny straps, and bright blue. My favorite blog, the Messy Heads has also been a huge source of inspiration for me lately; from their fashion & beauty posts, to Emma's snapchat story. Good vibes have been um... vibing all around?

For hair and makeup, think sun-streaked hair, messy copper shadow and barely any makeup. Bold brows and nude lips are still going strong in my beauty bag. I think it's fascinating how my film style has been influencing my fashion sense and vice versa. Per example, I've been gravitating towards grainy old film with warm undertones that create nostalgia and breaks through fuzzy memories. 


As for music, it's all over the place with some sick remixes on Soundcloud, to rediscovering Blondie's, "Heart of Glass". The favorites on Soundcloud have been this cover of Coldplay's, "Hymn for the Weekend", and the Steve James remix of ZHU's "Faded". Follow me on Soundcloud here to take a listen to those few, plus a hella lot more. As for those Spotify peeps, here is May's Monthly Mixtape. In the mix, we have some Beastie Boys, Sons of East, and a solid 80s tune from a popular 80s movie. Any guesses?