Party Shoes

As the holidays arrive, the endless parties and events means you are on your feet, either planning it or dancing the night away. Comfortable shoes are a must! Below, there are three super comfy heels and equally comfy flats. They are sparkly, colorful, and perfect for any outfit. Pick your favorite and get your dancing shoes on...

Keep on Sailing,

Cashmere with a Dash of Glitter

I found this look on Lauren Conrad's website, and I fell in love with it. I love the mix of textures, it gives the outfit personality, and is too chic! You can pair this outfit, with boots, flats, or heels almost anything. I cannot wait to try this look our for Fall.

Keep on Sailing,

Skirt: Haute Hippie Sweater: Neil Barrett Ring: Asha by Adm Tights: Urban Outfitters

DIY: Sparkle and Shine

I came across this wonderful DIY on the blog Stripes + Sequins. All of her DIYs are wonderful, I highly suggest checking them out! Her most recent DIY, caught by eye. I'm a stationary junkie, and love pretty paper.

all credits to Stripes and Sequins

- glittery paper of your choice with a sticky back
- plain notecards 
- ruler
- scissors
- circle hole punch

1- Punch holes into your paper.

2- Cut the paper in half.

3- Arrange the paper onto plain notecards

4- Play around until you find the perfect design

Keep on Sailing,