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Sailor Does Staples | Footwear a la Editor

Sailor Does Staples | Footwear a la Editor

Have you ever taken a look at the footwear of choice for fashion editors all around, especially those cut from the French cloth, ehem, looking at you Miss Emmanuelle Alt. You guessed it. A black bootie. As I continue to work on the puzzle of creating a perfectly edited wardrobe, I'm lucky that the black ankle boot fits seamlessly into the equation. 

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Denim Daze

Now in all honesty, I am very picky about denim. I tend to wear certain brands more than other or certain styles. Lately, I've been wearing boyfriend jeans much more especially when paired with feminine pieces. Every girl should own three pairs of jeans; skinny, white, and boyfriend. These three  are all different but extremely versatile now matter what your style is. Despite what some say, white jeans can be worn all year round. I am sharing some of my favorite denim styles today in three washes, plus my favorite three styles. Shop it all below: