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Sailor's Travels | Shelter Island


Last week, I was out on Shelter Island for a sailing training camp. It was a (short) two years since my last time out there... highlighting that all occasions have been for sailing purposes. As much as I wish to frequent the Hamptons getaway with the plan to eat and lay on a beach, there is still no complaints here. Since I was there for a little less than a week, we stayed at a open and bright AirBnB. The location was prime considering I was able to get my pre-Sailing run in along Crescent Beach around the sunrise. We were also next to Shelter Island House, which made the best dining option after a long day on the water (and the need to spend half the night stretching, followed by Law & Order). 

If I'm being 100% honest, Shelter Island isn't my favorite of the bunch. It becomes quite repetitive after more than a few days and is even more pricey than your standard Hamptons eateries. Though there are several cons, the pros are also pretty strong. The number one is 100% the nature and scenery of the island. One day during the training camp, we sailed around the island... (side note: don't think my legs have recovered yet)... in which, I was truly able to see how beautiful and essentially, untouched the island is still. The other HUGE pro is the coffee. If you don't follow me on Snapchat and see my never-ending caffeine intake nor have read my several coffee centered posts, you'd know that coffee plus me equals smiley face. With that, Stars Cafe's iced coffee is *no words* and is 100% one of the reasons I was able to survive 6 days of training. 

With the simple break down of the island, here are my recommendations on where to stay, to eat, and to wander/do.




Crescent Beach: the Hamptons hot spot home to Sunset Beach. #yachtsonyachtsonyachts 

Biking Around the Island: Since it is a small island, biking is 100% the easiest way to get from point A to point B. Either rent a bike or bring your own. The next step up? Vespa. 

Sailing: I hope this one is obvious. 



SALT Waterfront Bar & Grill: This is my all-time favorite restaurant on the island. Tucked away on the South End, their wide range menu is perfect for whatever your dining preferences are. I was partial to the coconut rice and veggie sushi. 

Shelter Island House: Considering it was next door to my homebase, their summer salad and delectable pasta made it in the weekly rounds. 

Marie Eiffel Market: I can't say enough good things about this market. Whilst the prices are on the steeper side, I personally think it is worth it. Either pick from the delicious array of freshly prepared foods (my personal go-to was the veggie burger and fries), or pick up something for the beach. 

Sunset Beach: For those who want to be seen on a Saturday night. 

Stars Cafe: Iced coffee heaven. I'm also fully convinced that the staff thinks I'm a hardcore caffeine addict. 



Sunset Beach Hotel: See above. (-: 

The Dreamcatcher: Here is the AirBNB, that I stayed at. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fair amount of space. The owners were lovely and did a beautiful job renovated the loft. 


Sailor's Travels | Anguilla, BVI

Anguilla is one of my favourite places in this world to visit. My family has been frequenting the island since I was six, so I hold plenty close memories with Anguilla. I've seen the island continue to flourish and grow, yet still with all of the same amazing people. It's one of the qualities that makes Anguilla different from other tropical islands, the locals truly create relationships with returning travellers which results in a special bond. Of course, the food is fresh and delicious, the beaches are breathtaking, and my favorite part: the nighttime. At night, the world is so quiet, it is a mix of mystery and magic.  I've been a night owl since I could walk and Anguilla makes it even harder for me to hit the hay. Trust me, go lie on the beach at midnight. 

Now onto the nitty gritty on how to do Anguilla right.


Boat or plane? Aha, the great debate on how you're going to get to set foot on Anguilla.  I've done my fair share of both flying and boating. What I do recommend? Well, there is several variables when picking your transport poison- weather, time of the year, and general functioning of either St.Maarten or San Juan. I've done both and neither won ever goes 100% smoothly. Toss a coin. I personally prefer flying to St.Maarten, then taking a private boat over to Anguilla. You bang immigration out of the way whilst still in St.Maarten, which at the end of the day is just one less thing to worry about. 


When I was wee-tiny, there was only three or four resorts to choose from. Now, you have your choice of small, big, or villa. My favorites are located in Meads Bay- the Malliouhana and the Viceroy. The first of the two is my OG home on the island. The Malliouhana just got a head to toe makeover and has turned into a beautiful corner of Anguilla meets St.Tropez. Think striped yellow umbrellas and mirror tiled floors. The Viceroy is a bigger and more family-centric property with multiple pools and restaurants. Be sure to venture over to the other beach and the Half Shell beach bar. It's quieter and has killer vegan options. Honestly, it comes down to what you want out of your stay. 


On my last trip there, my mom and I went out to Sandy Island. It's a tiny island about a 15 minute boat ride from the main island. The second you leave the dock, you're transported to a magical little snippet of the Caribbean. In addition to Sandy Island, there is several other small islands that make great day trips for beach-goers, divers, and all of the alike. Most hotels also offer bike tours which is a unique way to see the island other than car or boat. 


One of the struggles of eating plant-based is the lingering worry of making sure a restaurant will have some choices. Out of my surprise, Anguilla came in clutch with the eatery. I started each morning with a big bowl of oatmeal and a plate piled high with fruit. For lunch, we stuck with Half Shell and Bamboo (at the Viceroy) and ventured over to the Malliouhana one afternoon... yet, this gal came down with a 24 hour virus, so that day is a hazy blur. As for dinner, Straw Hat, Ocean Echo, Veya are popular for a reason. Veya cost a pretty penny because of the cab ride, but the banana bread alone is worth it. Care for some more options, head over to my ultimate travel guide. 

Out At The End | Montauk


On Sunday, the fam and I made a day-trip out to Montauk. It's been eons since I was last there... I was maybe 8 or 9, give or take a few. From what I can recall about my first trip out to the end is all good and grand things: pristine beaches, rocky edges, and a relaxed nature about the beach town. Since then, Montauk has turned into a summer hub for stylish New Yorkers since The Surf Lodge, (new & improved) Gurney's, and other hipster places opened for business. During the summer, I can assure you that Montauk isn't exactly my vibe- I much prefer it in the winter due to my affinity for visiting seaside towns in the off-season.

I genuinely fell in love with Montauk. It was quiet, untouched, and retained it's known reputation of a surfer and beach bum haven. Locals were out surfing early in the morning and the few coffeeshops and diners were bustling. I truly find it fascinating how certain people can click with places. Ask my family: I was legitimately on a high from being out there. Still pondering if that is normal/socially a-okay, but goes to show you how much we are effected by our environment. As much I love bustling cities, nothing leaves me more refreshed and renewed than a dosage of the best medicine. Further confirming my rule that salt water and some fresh air is a million times better than _____. [endless options can go there]

I plan on returning as soon as I have a free moment. April? 

Oh, and I also found my dream home. Shingles. Mint door. 10 feet from the beach.
Where do I sign up?


Sailor's Travels | Miami, FL

Sailor's Travels | Miami, FL

I tend to joke that I'm a walking travel agent. Actually, not really joking. The amount of time I spend researching places around the world (that are on my "I Want To Go To There" list) is slightly concerning, but at the same time very helpful, when it comes to planning a trip, um essentially, anywhere.

In all travel agent jokes aside, I'm finally presenting my Miami travel guide. You've seen the outfits, the vlog, and the views, so it's finally time to close up this party. Let this be a resource to anyone and everyone who is visiting the 3-0-5. Bookmark, screenshot, take notes, whatever floats your boat.

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Sailor's Travels | Providence, RI

Sailor's Travels | Providence, RI

The charm of Providence is found between the collegiate realm of Brown and RISD and the industrial downtown. Whilst it doesn't have the hustle and bustle of New York City or Boston, the city.. or as like to joke "town-city", is full of culture, history, and architecture. I'd really suggest adding Providence to your next weekend jaunt.. If you'd like to hear my biased opinion on the best time to visit, I'll say Autumn. Yes, cliche, but nothing is prettier and more quintessential than those crisp November mornings that turn into sun-drenched afternoons. 

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