How I Edit Instagram

The number one.. and I mean top of the top, cream of the crop, question I get asked all the time is how I edit my instagram photos. So, think this post is like a little Christmas present from me to you. I sometimes take it way too seriously, but it is in all of good fun and of course, for a kiler insta. I used to find myself overthinking my "theme" and general flow of my Instagram account, but once I stopped doing that it came naturally and I found the photos working together without much effort. But still.... 

Instagram is an art. Don't deny it. 

+ You need a photo to start, so get to that. 

+ If the photo is dark, I first brighten it up in Afterlight (for some reason, the exposure tool on vsco makes photos blurry or overly bright, so I prefer Afterlight or Snapseed)

+ I'll save that, then open vsco and upload the photo into there. 

+ Once I'm up and running in vsco, I play around with the filters. I like A3, A6, and Q2. 

+ Next, I up the contrast to one or two, lower the temperature and tint to one (sometimes a little more with the tint). I'll also sharpen the photo a little bit, and fade it if I feel like the photo is too "bold". 

+ Then, I save it to my camera roll and upload to Instagram. Once I'm in Instagram, occasionally I'll tweak the brightness and the temperature if I feel like the photo needs it. 

Insta Snaps


is my number one choice of social media. I spend way too much time scrolling through pictures and insta-stalking my favorite accounts. Here is a quick round up of snaps from this past week. I met up with my blogger bud


and we had a little bit of fun at

Bergdorf Goodman

. Also included are two outfit snaps from traveling and my current favorite jeans (later this week on the blog). Instagram isn't complete without selfies and pictures of New York City. Follow me at 


. Have a great Monday.