America's Cup On The Hudson

After a rain spell that felt like eternity, a sunny (& windy) day spent on the Hudson was greatly welcomed. The America's Cup landed in New York City to race before heading to Chicago, then finally Bermuda. The perfect kick off to a busy month of May.... sailing and my killer views of my favorite city on earth. I'm also going to brush under the carpet that I was freezing the whole entire time and have more wind burn than sun burn.... Cheers to that. 

Summer in the Books

Rise and shine e-friends. It might be Labor Day, but it is also the official un-offical end of summer. You know what that means, this chick must return to school tomorrow... le sigh. As much as I love summer and its glorious perks- which include and are not limited to; no school, peek sailing season, warmer temperatures, weekend trips, and so on- the familiar back to school giddiness is something that still exists after so many years. All and all it was a great summer for me. It was a completely difference experience as I wasn't at a camp or anything remotely similar and was truly able to create the most out of every moment. 

So to close out the past three months, here is a round-up of what I did, what I wore, & where I was... (side note: I'm loling to myself on how my "feed" changes each month)


I kicked off Memorial Day weekend up in Newport, returned home for a hot minute, then I was back in Newport for sailing once again. Along with sailing, I made killer friends like Carolina, started my job at The Green Slate, attended my first polo match, explored new neighborhoods of New York City and (breathe....) enjoyed my laziest days of summer- which in hindsight weren't that lazy. 

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Come July, I spent my favorite day of the year (4th of July) back in the ocean state. Once returning home, I spent three days in the city for Smart Girls Group Conference and caught up with my #dwc babes (Caroline, Frannie, Gracey). Then began my two weeks of non-stop sailing bouncing around the Northeast. I started up in Rochester for a week, then drove to Long Beach Island for four days for Nationals. Post sailing madness, I sailed some more (Around the LI Race), spent a day of the MET, and birthed an obsession to vintage shopping thanks to The Vintage Twin


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We have reached August (and I'll include early September....). For the beginning of the month, I  was up in Buzzards Bay, MA for a week doing what I do best, sailing. After that, I was able to veg out for about a week- groundbreaking information right? During this "veg" time, I dove head first into creating my Youtube channel. Later on in the month, I traveled to Camden, ME with Lark Hotels. Racked up a fair share of screen time working away, celebrated three years of STSS, and  made sure to also rack up a plentiful off-screen time by hanging with the fam-bam as the Brother was home. I finished off the month with a trip to 1 World Trade Center, and locked another Vineyard Race under my belt (which included a win)


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Life Resumes

Hola amigos. My dearest apologies for the mini hiatus. But, when you’re sailing Lasers all day out in the ocean, then proceed crash the moment you hit your pillow (at 9.30 might I add), opening a computer just wasn't on the agenda.


So that leaves us here… by here, I mean sitting in traffic on the way back from Rhode Island. As I just stated, I was barely on my phone for the past 3 days, but here are a few snaps I sneaked in of the normal cast of characters in Newport (i.e. the killer sunsets)


Enjoy… now I must tackle that scary inbox of mine. All luck is needed.

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Clearwater Beach, Florida

Hey, hey look who has a new video up and running! If you read my last Resolutions update (throwing some shade your way, if the answer to that was no), you would read my dropped hints about new video coming very soon. The delay? Me being lazy. Since finally purchasing a new GoPro- RIP to the one at the bottom of Long Island Sound- I've been determined to create more video content

It ain't no Oscar-winning creation, but I think we all can sleep just fine with that. 

As promised, here are sunsets, sailing, and sharks.

Unpublished | FL

Here you go, cyberland. The poor bunch that didn't make the Instagram cut from Florida. If you'd like to see what did make the cut, you know where to find me. I shudder at my self-promotion sometimes. I liked the photos too much to let them go to die in my hectic camera roll of screenshots and 80 million takes of the same sunset photo. Take a look at my other Instagram related posts-how I edit, perhaps? Or if you'd like a good laugh, hashtag behind the gram should suit your comical desires.

Weekend by the water


Vineyard Vines sweater


Zara jeans


Converse sneakers

, Madewell shades

To begin a season full of weekend trips in New England, Saturday was spent in the quaint beach town  of Niantic, CT. Nothing makes a day better than fish n chips, college sailing, and making a muck on the beach. Excluding dealing with salt sprayed denim and sandy feet... you win some, you lose some, eh?

Monday funday, let's do it kids.