oversized sweater


Wearing: J.Crew sweaters,Madewell jeans,River Island loafers, Jules Smith choker

It was about time I took the prep school kid classic and went for a wild ride. In my case, a pair of almost identical sweaters does the trick just fine. An ode to Monsieur Lemaire, who was one of the first to introduce the nifty knot into everyone's wardrobe. My best way of describing the double sweaters: prep school roughed up. Truly enough, the only reason I have an absurd amount of navy sweaters is because, err, uniforms! 

Two thumbs up for the jumper knot and all its cape-like glory. 


Red Handed

Wearing: Zara sweater,Madewell jeans [diy-ed],Manolo Blahnik heels [borrowed],Clare V clutch

Starting this Monday with a bang and my new favorite color, cherry red. When Fall rolls around... uh, today, my wardrobes simplifies to a handful of curated pieces. 

You caught me (red-handed). #punnyfunny

This sweater? Impulse buy from that cunning little Spaniard- go back to Friday to catch my drift. An oversized knit paired with light wash denim and a ladylike pump is should I say, the ideal juxtaposition for September sartorial selection aka "the tedious task of getting dressed in the wee hours of the morning" 

But back to that nonsense of curated pieces. It isn't a complete white lie, folks!! This weekend I lived in 6 pieces: two jeans,one stripe,one sweater (25% off),one sneaker, and one slide-on. Mind you, my weekend consisted of Netflix and homework... party hard?I plan to break out my cherry red jumper once again, fluffiness, color and all next weekend. 

Photos by Lydia Hudgens