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New York from 102 Stories

Living so close to an incredible and cultured city, I've managed to keep a running bucket list of things to do/see/eat. This summer, I made it a priority of mine to check off a reasonable amount. With today being the first day of September (counting the days 'till fall), I'm surprised on how much I was able to do over a span of three months. I'll expand further into detail about my NYC bucket list another time, as I can guarantee this post will be word-heavy. Until then let us take a moment to appreciate the view from the top of 1 World Trade Center. 

I've visited two observation decks, and have frequented a fair share of rooftops, but this one..... tops everything and anything. As a self-proclaimed history nerd (and adventure seeker), I was in awe the second we walked into the building, through the elevator ride, all the way to the top. They truly create an one-of-a-kind experience and it is worth every penny. A quick note about purchasing tickets, spend the extra moo-lah to cut the lines. It's worth it. 

I cannot express how important and fulfilling it is to play "tourist" in your own city. Being able to grow up with New York in my backyard has given me the access and chance to visit museums at the drop of the dime, dine at some of the world's finest eateries, explore new neighborhoods on a rainy afternoon, and countless other adventures. 

You don't have to go far to find adventure. 

So sit back and enjoy scrolling through a virtual tour of NYC from my eyes... err... camera. 

Above.... Here you'll see the Lower East Side, all three bridges connecting to Brooklyn, the East River, and in the distance, you may ask? Western Long Island Sound. 

Below.... I almost forgot the views of the Hudson before visiting. I was so focused on the actual city that you forget about the Hudson, The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and New York's busy harbor. 

Photos by yours truly

Sailor's Travels | New York City n.1

Even though New York City is practically in my backyard, every trip into the city is full of new magic that makes me fall in love every single damn time. This travel guide has been mocking me for the past several months as I wanted to share some of my favorite places to eat and to see, but I was hesitant to release it way back in January as my list of places that I want to try/visit/etc was still  miles long. Since then, I've made it my mission to cut away at that list, and eat great food whilst doing so. Because we all know, food equals love.

I'm also a sucker for a great view, dairy free menus, an Instagrammable locale, and searching for a quiet moment within a wild city. Of course, I've also had my fair share of moments where I just want to return back to the seaside with fresh air. If you have any specific questions for me, I'll get back to you faster than Google.

Without further ado, here are my top places for next time you visit Lady Liberty's main base. I chose my three favorites places to go, and as for eatery I carefully selected some die-hard favorites, plus several recent discoveries.

You can also check out my travel guide for my choices by neighborhood. 


West Village- this is perhaps my favorite area on the whole island/ The laid-back vibe highlights New York's charm as you find an oasis from the hectic rush of everywhere else. Last month, I ended up walking from the Standard High Line to the West Village at 8 AM in the pursuit of what else other than coffee. During that walk I really noticed the beauty of the architecture, and it brought some type of serenity to my morning. No matter what, I would recommend jumping down to the West Village, but it's especially breathtaking early in the day.

Top of the Rock- A: It's a tourist attraction, B: It's super crowded, but C: It is so worth the visit. Correct answer? All of the above. I've been to the Observation deck twice now, both times being 100% different. Last August, I saw a sunset over the Hudson, with was followed by a downpour. Then I experienced a bright and sunny NYC last December on an oddly warm day. Each visit you see a 360 degree view of the city that leaves you speechless. It also makes for a great Instagram.... case in point (see above)

Meatpacking District- This neighborhood didn't blow me away right from the get-go like the W.V. or Central Park in the Springtime. Despite going here for several years, it wasn't until my last weekend jaunt into NYC (when I stayed at The Standard) that I grown to love it. It's a pool of great shopping, food (see a recurring theme here?), and it is a hip-happening place after dark.


:: TO EAT ::

Chelsea Market, Meatpacking- my go-to when I am in need of quality food under a time restraint or when I'm just not feeling a sit down meal. There are endless options for everyone ranging from the simpleton to the more exotic eater. I could just spend a day there doing a mini (eh, not so mini) food tour. My two favorites are Los Tacos and Num Pang.

Happy Bones, Soho- I have mixed feelings about my recent coffee habit. But, if I don't say so myself, I have become quite the caffeine maven. I do have my chosen few coffeeshops both uptown and downtown but Happy Bones takes the cake every single time. For others who prefer a more coffeeshop environment compared to an espresso bar, Bluestone Lane Cade is a close second.

The East Pole, UES- My mom and I went here for Saturday brunch post shopping in the search for comfort food. She had the avocado toast, and I had waffles. In my eyes, any place that has killer waffles is a killer place.

John Dory Oyster Bar, Flatiron- Best lobster role ever. Yes, it was $30 but holy moly, was it good. Plus, the decor and vibe just screams cool and reminds me of Wes Anderson. What more could I want?


Just to wrap things up, I'm considering writing a new travel guide for NYC every couple of months or so... thoughts? 

Above-Standard Views

ph. by me, shot with an iPhone 6

If you couldn't tell from my Instagram, this weekend entailed a quick sojourn into the city for a party and what not. For the quick overnight, we lodged up at The Standard, High Line. I'll be going into further detail on my thoughts of the trip, but for now let us marvel at killer views of sunsets over the Hudson, and equally great views facing uptown and downtown.

Can never resist a; a skyline, and b; a sunset. Guilty as charged for 'gramming them as well. 

I'd also like to add that a stay-cation is perhaps one of the nicest things ever.. or perhaps Im just biased as I love hotels (and NYC) a smidge too much. 

The Great View

Wearing: Alexis top,J.Crew skirt, Belle by Sigerson Morrison sandals,Saint Laurent bag

I was feeling generous and decided to give you all another healthy helping of good old New York City in what other than black and white. Quite a fine one she is, don't you agree? 


I might just be downright obsessed with these photos. 

On the other end, as you are reading this I am in the complete opposite end of the concrete jungle spectrum.

 You guessed it. 

The ocean blue.

Time to set sail to Buzzards Bay for the 2014 Vineyard Race. A sunrise/moonrise instagram will be coming your way soon enough. 'Laters gators.

photos by Reid Secondo

Top of The Rock

Remember that some what of a bucket list, I

mentioned last week

? Aha.. rings a bell, I see!

Top of the Rock was up there on the list (perhaps #1). Mostly known as a tourist attraction for the millions of people that visit New York City, despite living thirty minutes away, I was dying to go (maybe more than those who live 2,000 miles away...) I joked with my brother on Metro North earlier that day, by the end of the night, I will have seen New York City from every possible way; sea, sky, land, observation deck included. 

Alas, in all seriousness (which, I can say is a rare sight here), I've been incredibly lucky to grow near an amazing city like New York. Despite the many annoyances it brings along, the incredible view reaffirmed an indescribable city full of mystery, history, and beauty that I've grown to love dearly. 

Nothing makes my heart skip a beat more a great view- ok, some other things as well- and to have some practically in my backyard makes it more the worthwhile. Not to mention, my inner 30 Rock freak almost lost it. GE building? My own thoughtful window? All that was needed was Kenneth giving a tour. 

And from the wise words of Fitzgerald.... 

"The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge is always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world" 

Photos by Me & Reid Secondo 

Central Park

Since I was off on Monday, I keep thinking it's Friday today. Ermm... one day off. I'm in the midst of finishing the whirlwind of exams and then it's sweet summertime for this one. About time. 

Last weekend, I rediscovered the beauty of Central Park. I've forgotten how beautiful it is- especially in May. Quite quintessentially Eloise. The explosion of greenery is incredible considering the mounds of snow a mere few months ago.


captured the dreamy vibes of the park perfectly. I'd never think I would have dreamy and New York City in the same sentence, alas it's the truth. 

Making a mental note to myself to explore the city more- any areas that you love in particular? Do share.

Happy (almost) weekend. 

Photos by

Alexandra Gibbs