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2015 Reflection

When we think of personal growth, odds are it reminds you of a self-help book. And, I totally get that, but there is so much more to self growth than what a “be a better you” book advises. Reflecting back on 2015, I realize how much I’ve grown as an individual. I learned to work through challenges and pursue goals that aren’t in easy reach, instead they are quite far and essentially, hard work. The journey to attain these dreams and goals is grueling and exhausting, and I’ve sometimes considered giving up. My biggest lesson of 2015 is known the difference between never admitting defeat and knowing when to walk away. See though, walking away is not defeat. It shows that you are confident in yourself and mature enough to walk away from something that isn't right to you and will help you become a better person. In difference, defeat usually happens in the trenches of hard work. You are at a place where results aren’t immediate and the struggle is well, #real. After those trenches is the rise to the top. The peak of success is a place where the realization of your success and work becomes noticeable to yourself. That is self growth. Personal growth also stems from being confident enough in who you are. I used to care a lot about what people thought about me, to the point where I was embarassed to express my truest self. It takes some time to gain enough pride and confidence in yourself to not be afraid. Yes, there is the initial hurdle of nerves, but I always ask myself, “what do I have to lose/ will I regret this?” As 2016 is coming upon us, ask yourself… are you living your truest and honest self? Because for awhile I wasn’t. Then the obvious happens... life throws those pesky curveballs. We learn what is important to us and how our emotions are a direct reflection. That is personal growth. It may be scary, but something that is real, can be scary. Remember that.

Wishing you the best in 2016 and come back tomorrow for my resolutions!

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I Resolve To... | March

Another month has come and gone, which leaves me in pure shock that it's April. But for realz, when did that happen? Here is this month broken down.  

I'd love to hear what your goals for April are... share below. 

| Travel to a new country & state ||

Once again, nothing new in terms of travel but a lengthy 10 days spent in paradise AKA St.Barths was greatly welcomed after one rough winter. But alas, there is still snow on the ground so we aren't #winning just yet. 

|| Memory jar & make GoPro videos ||

Since I was in St.Barths, I have plenty of video content from the lens of my GoPro which will be up soon. I still need to fill out my memory jar for this month, but odds are by the time you are reading this, it has been done and dusted. 

 || Continue to grow my business and expand into new territories ||

As you can tell, those big changes I've been dropping hints about have finally surfaced. I also have a few more projects in the works that will be launching later this year. Like always, drop me a comment of what you'll like to see more of. 

 || Live bold ||

I stepped out of my comfort zone several times this month, and I think that is categorized under "live bold". 

|| Train harder for sailing ||

I pretty proud of myself for going to the gym everyday in St.Barths. A few days I went hiking as well which was something different for me, but loads of fun. Spring sailing begins this month too, so I am no doubt looking forward to that. 

|| Only buy pieces I truly love ||

I didn't purchase much this month, just a few pieces for warmer weather and a couple updated basics to hopefully transition my winter wardrobe. 


Photos by Alexandra Gibbs


Welcome 2015

Well, I'd be damned. It's January 2nd. 364 days to check those goals off your list.

Through reflecting on 2014, I've been able to define what I really want to make of this year. During a lengthy conversation with a good friend of mine about the ridiculousness that went down over the year, we kept returning to the idea of "living bold". In my eyes, living bold means being able to take chances, and live each day to the fullest. Cheesy? No doubt,


in 2015 I resolve to live bold. Along with that broad statement, I plan to focus on a few other key things over time. Some of which include: keeping a memory jar, increasing my training for sailing, and fulfilling my love for travel. And of course, I have a few other resolutions, but my friend, those should not surface the world-wide-webz.

What do you wanna make of this year? I listen with open ears!

2014 | Under 500 Words

As said in Monday's post, to even think that we are few days away from a new year, leaves me wondering where the hell 2014 went! Of course I can get all nostalgic, and blab on about how much I've grown this year and ya know, the cliche shebang that comes along with a new year.

However, it is all true. Every year we grow and change, learn new things, and become different people. Much has occurred over the past year that leave me forever and eternally grateful. I could tell you right now that I am not the same I was 365 days ago- lord, I hope not- but you get my gist. From this year I'm able to pinpoint moments where the universe either slapped me in the face or gave a pat on the back- the latter is more appreciated. We each deal with a fair amount of triumph, struggle, heartbreak, and those moments that you simply cannot put into words. Those moments which remind us how incredible life is. They are able to put a smile on your face that is impossible to wipe off or leave you with butterflies in your stomach for too long.

I've learned that the world works in odd ways and that there are times when you feel like everything went downhill reallll fast (hey, I've been there), but things can change in an instant. When thinking about what my resolutions are for the new year, I noticed that they were connected with other things (sailing, school, blogging..... and boys (;). And whilst those are all fine, I think we sometimes forget about ourselves. To become a better you, to live your life, to follow your dreams... To even add more clicheness to this post, I think it's nice to view our life similarly to a novel and every year is a chapter that we can write on our own. There is no ghostwriters (eye-balling you Kardashians), nor spellcheck, but 100% you.

Perhaps this year wasn't the best, but you always have a chance to make the next read-worthy. On that note, I have some amazing things on the calendar for 2015- both for this digital universe and for myself. [insert fist emoji]

With that, I leave you with with my all-time favorite quote from Fitzgerald,

"I hope you live a life you're proud of. If you find that you're not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again".

Happy New Year.


ph. by Christina | Top of the Rock


It is crazy to think how a month of 2014 is already over. Most people at this time have pushed aside any goals for the New Year and are falling into a rut. I definitely fell into this "rut" in the middle of the month. This rut is no fun- you feel uninspired and off your usually mojo. This week was crazy busy. I knew I had to take a moment and clear my mind. A favorite quote of mine is by Fitzgerald- "I hope you live a life you're proud of". This always reminds me that we have one life and we must make the most of it.

When I was falling into this slump, I searched for inspiration to give myself that extra boost. I find that extra boost in my thoughts and through music. An inspiring song is able completely change my perspective on almost anything. Or sometimes you just need to think things through. For the first time, I have written down goals; academics, life, and blog. I am usually a more of a

"wing it"

person but writing goals and dreams down gave me a little "Oprah aha moment" of what I would like to achieve this year.

It's never to late to be inspired. Remember to always think positive thoughts. My main goals this year are to live my life to the fullest and dream big. It sounds cheesy but you don't want to waste your life? I have exciting things plans for this year to see the world, expand this blog, and live my life. It's simple as that. There is a great world out there- go and see it.


. Have a great weekend! XO