leopard print

Animal Instinct

It's been quite some time since I have done a proper outfit post in this neck of the woods.

There is no other way to put it, but life has been more hectic than ever and time is fleeting friends! Because of the heaps of school work and playing catch up from being sick, my free time is not spent sitting on my laptop, but out and about in the world. I'm fully aware of my adjusting schedule and I promise to not less this area of my life falter anymore than it has been. To keep you in the loop, content will be changing around here. I won't be posting as much- simply because I cannot keep up with my normal 3x a week- but the quality will skyrocket through the roof to make up for the lack of, well, my face. Instead of traditional blog posts, the preliminary plan is to produce more digital stories... think more in-depth writing, design, photography. For 2017, I want my blog to paint the best picture of who I am and what I believe in, so let's get going!!

Now, before you depart from my corner of the interweb, this outfit (and another one coming later...) are examples of how to work summer pieces into your winter sartorial playbook. When the cutoffs are less beachy and more structured, they totally are cut out for milder days when paired with funky toppers, boots, and of course, a thick turtleneck.

Coat: Asos, Shorts: The Vintage Twin, Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Sweater: J.Crew


October Moodboard & Mixtape

It's FALL!!!!! October is my month. Not only for the fact that I was born during the universe's golden period, but I feel as if I come alive during these glorious 31 days. I always get a few laughs when I mention October is my favorite month, since I'm known to not be Halloween's biggest fan. 

Yet, October is my renaissance and I am reborn over and over again, metaphorically that is. Here are my top reasons why these are the best days of the year. GO! 

~ hot coffee, sweaters, boots, candles, windows open & down, vampire weekend, fall foliage, apple cider, rhode island (in the fall), best sailing season, central park comes alive, chilly mornings, grey afternoons, hiking, birthdays, long weekends, lazy sundays spent reading, pancakes, diner runs ~

I could go and on, but instead I'll spend these precious hours basking in the October air.

Fashion-wise, I'm embracing the changing of the seasons with the following; leopard coats, sandals with loose denim and knits, OV leggings and t-shirts during morning coffee runs, and baseball caps with EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN.




Cannibal Queen by Miniature Tigers 

Daylight by Matt and Kim 

Backwards Down the Number Line by Phish 

Two Fingers by Jake Bugg

You & I by Lady Gaga 

I'll Go Crazy by James Brown 



Urban Safari

Wearing: Rag & Bone blouse (borrowed from my mom), Vintage Levis cutoffs, Asos duster, Chanel ballet flats

Perhaps we should all agree for once and all that leopard/cheetah no longer falls under the category of prints. I am not one to jump up and down for digitally enhanced prints that give off trippy and kalescopic vibes when being worn, so you can understand why I love a good animal print. Worn with distressed denim and navy.... but c'mon what else is new? 

In other news, I've fallen head over heels with the combination of cutoffs paired with more feminine pieces like ballet flats and girly-lish blouses. Yes, despite my sporty antics I do like a ruffle here and there. Whilst still looking easy and cool, it gives a more tailored impression than a t-shirt. 

Leopard Love

Mara Hoffman


| Charlie Jade blazer (old,

similar here

) | Stuart Weitzman


Photos by Caroline Granoff

Over the past couple of months, I've noticed how I have been wearing a lot more black. Last year, I rarely gravitated towards the color, but now it's a main player in my wardrobe. Because of the amount of black I've been wearing- mostly due to these


- I found a

no fail outfit (flippy dress, black boots, coat or blazer)

 that is perfect for when you want to look polished but don't want to put a lot of effort into your look.  It's simple but it can work for many different occasions and can be tweaked. I cannot wait to wear this

Mara Hoffman dress

in St.Barts over Christmas break. It's  perfect to wear all year long from sand to snow and snow to sand.