January Moodboard & Mixtape


Greetings this Monday morning (or whenever you're getting the chance to read this). It's a new year, but that doesn't mean that M*squared is being kicked to the curb. We, meaning yours truly,  are back with a spankin' brand-new moodboard and mixtape to help start off this week and this month on a fresh foot. 

The Moodboard 

My sartorial goal right now to have a little more fun and add some pizzazz to my wardrobe. This pizzazz I'm talking about can be either those more funky pieces that can be paired with the classics, or wild prints and textures. I tend to keep it quite neutral and simple during the colder months, but after some time it feels stale. Maybe I won't be able to shake things up right away, but that doesn't mean I can't plan ahead for Spring Break and Spring. In the meantime, I'm sticking to mixing in more jewelry and perhaps some color? We will see. 

The Mixtape 


It is crazy to think how a month of 2014 is already over. Most people at this time have pushed aside any goals for the New Year and are falling into a rut. I definitely fell into this "rut" in the middle of the month. This rut is no fun- you feel uninspired and off your usually mojo. This week was crazy busy. I knew I had to take a moment and clear my mind. A favorite quote of mine is by Fitzgerald- "I hope you live a life you're proud of". This always reminds me that we have one life and we must make the most of it.

When I was falling into this slump, I searched for inspiration to give myself that extra boost. I find that extra boost in my thoughts and through music. An inspiring song is able completely change my perspective on almost anything. Or sometimes you just need to think things through. For the first time, I have written down goals; academics, life, and blog. I am usually a more of a

"wing it"

person but writing goals and dreams down gave me a little "Oprah aha moment" of what I would like to achieve this year.

It's never to late to be inspired. Remember to always think positive thoughts. My main goals this year are to live my life to the fullest and dream big. It sounds cheesy but you don't want to waste your life? I have exciting things plans for this year to see the world, expand this blog, and live my life. It's simple as that. There is a great world out there- go and see it.


. Have a great weekend! XO

Craving White


On Tuesday, I was wearing


and today I'm talking about white. If it is not obvious by now, I am sick of Winter. I've been embracing winter white as much I can but in all honesty, I really would like warmer weather. I've linked below some of my favorite white separates in hopes that I'm not the only one in need of a little Spring. The image above is a look I'm obsessed with- crisp, white separates with a masculine vibe. Have a great weekend and enjoy the cold (just kidding...)