The Endless Summer Mentality

I possibly might be downright mental and have caught a severe case of summer blues with the bits of glorious weather we've been having, but I'm counting the days till summer with enthusiasm. When I was younger I loved summer just like every other kid; it brought along the chance to play all day long, be covered in head to toe sun protection (ahem, thank you mother), and enjoy another three months of good old-fashioned fun in the sun. But, as I have "aged" and entered the limbo years of half-adulting and half-youth, summer as turned into a sacred bliss. We dream about in the dark depths of winter as we are huddled underneath several fleece blankets, remembering the times of 8 pm sunsets and outside dining. 

When I think of summer, I see rose-tinted skies, sticky humid heat, short dresses, and the way the light catches each surface. Living is easier, laughing is more frequent, and it seems as if everyone has taken a communal chill-pill. In the summer, there are less shoes, more sunscreen, the music a *little* louder, and I'm taking the long-way home in order to enjoy the wind in my face. In attempts to freeze time, I take photographs and screenshots of funny texts and weather forecasts in order to remember that summer mentality so that when the time rolls around, I'll try to put myself back into that mindset.

If you are in the same boat as me right now, make a list of all your favorites things of summer... the weather, the people, the food, the sky.... and think of ways to implement your own endless summer mentality into the off-season. Ways to do so?

Go to the beach. Spend time outside. Drink iced coffee even though fingertips might freeze off. BraiD hair. Listen to Jimmy Buffet, Zac Brown Band, and your summer playlist. Chill out. 

Even though summer is technically just a season, think of as a way of life until the real deal rolls around. Only 119 days to go, but who is counting? 

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December Mixtape & Moodboard


During November, my calendar was hopping, so out of sleep necessity, I skipped last month's m^squared post. Don't fret my friends, because we are back up and running, bringing you a fair dosage of moodboard-ing and a very special holiday mixtape. Instead of droning on and ending up repeating myself, let me just say that I have a fair share of festive content coming your way over the next 24 days. To start off, did you see the launch of my latest series, "Festive Footnotes"? 

As for the mood this month, we have those reds for the festive touch, but no doubt, paired with neutrals of navy and worn cream. Blush has also made a return - being the ideal partner in crime to the festive red. Graphic t-shirts, piled high gold jewelry, and red accents are all I'm about right now.

To wrap things up (lol, love a good Christmas pun), here is this month's special mixtape to get you in the mood for this season. A complete (and pretty damn good) compilation of my favorite songs.

+ Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney

+ Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee

+ Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys

+ Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by U2

+ Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms

+ Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry

+ Carol of the Bells by Peter J. Wilhousky

+ It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year by Andy Williams

+ Jingle Bells (ft. The Puppini Sisters) by Michael Bublé

+ All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

+ Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon

+ God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Barenaked Ladies 



August Moodboard & Mixtape

Here it is. Sorry it's a little late... 

I've grown to love August over the years. Up until this year, I always rushed into back to school, fall, and was overall riddled with anxious energy. This year, I've taken the time to truly savor this laid back part of summer and make the most of all it... and also logically realize that October is still 2 MONTHS AWAY. Whilst, fall is on my mind and I'm thinking about all the cozy sweaters and boots, I'm also avoiding the classic "ordering a jacket in 90 degrees" move. Instead, I've added several new pieces to my closet that work now and later. t's a win-win all around. 


But, back to the mindset. I ask you to truly enjoy this month. Take those weekend trips you were to busy for in June, hang out with friends, watch the Olympics, bask in the late afternoon sun, go outside, try something new, anything and everything you want.

And why not blast some tunes while you're at it? I have three new playlists up on Spotify- a great driving one/general favorites, my latest workout tunes (listen from start to finish), and the second Soundtrack

Shop the moodboard:




July Moodboard & Mixtape

So much blush happening here. Ever since that sneaker little Reformation dress snuck it's way into my wardrobe, I've fallen hard for the color and craving the semi-sweet colour. I just purchased this Messy Heads t-shirt to go with my denim collection... guess what colour it is? 
Ding-ding! You're right. 

Blush. That's all I'm about. Also, my summer style icon is currently Ali McGraw. Note that I'm specifically highlighting her summery outfits in the sob-inducing movie, Love Story. So much 70s prep. 

For the mixtape, Kanye's BEST album (that's a fact, not a opinion), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, has become the most played on my Spotify account. The main reason for this occurrence is that the album is my pre-sailing playlist. I'd like to note that "Lost in the World" is a highly underrated song, and you should all go listen to it right this moment. You're welcome. 


Come to Inspire

Come to Inspire

"I've struggled with the words to describe how I'm feeling lately when it comes to my blog and social media. When I started my blog three years ago, I would have killed to become a full-time blogger. Now, not so much. Yet that doesn't mean I want this place to not grow and change. As a teenager, I've been focused on school and other parts of my life lately and not going to lie, my blog has been neglected. I've felt uninspired and bored and I feel like it's been showing through some of my content. That's why I have been posting less because what I put out there, I want it to be worth your time to read and enjoy. In correlation to that, I feel that I'm struggling to find my voice here on Instagram. As this space is mine, I want it to be as real and authentic as possible. By keeping it separate than other aspects of my life, it has taken on its own persona and I'm trying to break that barrier down. I'm striving to make this place and my blog as honest as possible. I'm beginning to feel inspired again. And I want that to show in some of the projects that I begin to do, like building my YouTube channel and creating unique and real content on all social media outlets. So are you ready for that? 

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2014 | Under 500 Words

As said in Monday's post, to even think that we are few days away from a new year, leaves me wondering where the hell 2014 went! Of course I can get all nostalgic, and blab on about how much I've grown this year and ya know, the cliche shebang that comes along with a new year.

However, it is all true. Every year we grow and change, learn new things, and become different people. Much has occurred over the past year that leave me forever and eternally grateful. I could tell you right now that I am not the same I was 365 days ago- lord, I hope not- but you get my gist. From this year I'm able to pinpoint moments where the universe either slapped me in the face or gave a pat on the back- the latter is more appreciated. We each deal with a fair amount of triumph, struggle, heartbreak, and those moments that you simply cannot put into words. Those moments which remind us how incredible life is. They are able to put a smile on your face that is impossible to wipe off or leave you with butterflies in your stomach for too long.

I've learned that the world works in odd ways and that there are times when you feel like everything went downhill reallll fast (hey, I've been there), but things can change in an instant. When thinking about what my resolutions are for the new year, I noticed that they were connected with other things (sailing, school, blogging..... and boys (;). And whilst those are all fine, I think we sometimes forget about ourselves. To become a better you, to live your life, to follow your dreams... To even add more clicheness to this post, I think it's nice to view our life similarly to a novel and every year is a chapter that we can write on our own. There is no ghostwriters (eye-balling you Kardashians), nor spellcheck, but 100% you.

Perhaps this year wasn't the best, but you always have a chance to make the next read-worthy. On that note, I have some amazing things on the calendar for 2015- both for this digital universe and for myself. [insert fist emoji]

With that, I leave you with with my all-time favorite quote from Fitzgerald,

"I hope you live a life you're proud of. If you find that you're not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again".

Happy New Year.


ph. by Christina | Top of the Rock