fall playlist

October Moodboard & Mixtape

It's FALL!!!!! October is my month. Not only for the fact that I was born during the universe's golden period, but I feel as if I come alive during these glorious 31 days. I always get a few laughs when I mention October is my favorite month, since I'm known to not be Halloween's biggest fan. 

Yet, October is my renaissance and I am reborn over and over again, metaphorically that is. Here are my top reasons why these are the best days of the year. GO! 

~ hot coffee, sweaters, boots, candles, windows open & down, vampire weekend, fall foliage, apple cider, rhode island (in the fall), best sailing season, central park comes alive, chilly mornings, grey afternoons, hiking, birthdays, long weekends, lazy sundays spent reading, pancakes, diner runs ~

I could go and on, but instead I'll spend these precious hours basking in the October air.

Fashion-wise, I'm embracing the changing of the seasons with the following; leopard coats, sandals with loose denim and knits, OV leggings and t-shirts during morning coffee runs, and baseball caps with EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN.




Cannibal Queen by Miniature Tigers 

Daylight by Matt and Kim 

Backwards Down the Number Line by Phish 

Two Fingers by Jake Bugg

You & I by Lady Gaga 

I'll Go Crazy by James Brown 



September Playlist

Another month, another playlist... honestly, how many times do I say that? Answer: every damn month. 

I've decided to change things up a little  and linked the playlist below, take a listen without leaving the page or head to Spotify if you'd wish. (sloane_kratzman). 

Also, random music thought of the day: I always relate Autumn to indie rock or the likes of Vampire Weekend, Tanlines, & co.

Nope, just me? Alrighty then. 

Comment below what you're listening to this month... always looking for some new tunes.