The Polo Club

True life: I have worn a polo almost everyday from September to May. Perks of a uniform, I guess. Before recently, I have only viewed a polo as an essential to my everyday apparel AND an item that every guy (who lives in New England) should have in his everyday apparel. Prep school or no prep school. 

But from the likes of Lacoste, Gucci, and other runway mavericks, the polo has become a part of the norm-core. Instead of your usual "Euro core", we skip and hop over the Atlantic to New England. Ladies & gents, the minimalist polo has been born. Pair yours with high waisted denim or silky separates to avoid resembling Muffy from the country club.

The polo: 1 The peter-pan: 0

The New Lace-Up

Ladies &gents, I present you to the new (new) lace up.  At first we saw the look way back when with Isabel Marant x HM. Everyone with two legs was on the hunt for those lace-up leather pants (you must remember them?!), and if you happened to miss the merry go round the first time, EBay was a hot market. As that trend fell into the shadows of lost fashionland, Gucci gave it some light.

First seen on the runway for S/S back in September, the lace up notably had a 70s influence that met retro sport. When you add the crisp indigo denim and nautical ties, I'm all on board.


Into the Future


By 2015, we all thought there was going to be flying cars and we'd be living either on the moon or mars. Well, Zenon Girl 21st Century  really upped my standards for my views of the future. Despite the fact that it's we are 1/5 into the century- tragically- without flying cars, the ever great Alexander Wang is giving us his take of the future of fashion with his latest collection at Balenciaga. The latest campaign features a sleek Sasha (those cheekbones) working layers of mesh and floor-grazing capes. Sheer paneling and jewel-encrusted shades give any Zenon-esque chick a run for their money.

All  future movie references aside, the fashion industry happens to be taking a turn into a modern direction of

wearable technology

and minimal clothing that most definitely does not represent the past. 


Currently: wearing as many layers as possible and trying to avoid resembling the abominable snowman and frostbite.

Coveting: the whole entire Pre-Fall The Row collection full of luxurious minimalistic goodness served with a side of sequin slides. 

Three claps for MK&A on their ability to convince me that I need (scratch that, must) to embrace the skirt over trousers look, and should never wear any other colors except camel, hunter green, and gray amongst pink and navy- head to toe. 

The New Normal?

Photos: W Magazine

With a new buzz in the air thanks to Vogue's September issue starring

#INSTAgirls, Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, and Cara Delevingne,

the revival of the supermodel is happening. And no one is complaining (well, except Kim K perhaps #kimye). Along with Vogue, W Magazine has included an editorial showcasing "super normal super models" from the likes of Kate, Lara, Daria, and so on.

So, we ask ourselves is a revolution of the supermodel taking place as we type? I'm not doubting that it's been happening that past few years due to the powerful social media world (and their good looks, help). But the real question is are these super normal super models selling more covers (and more likes) than one of Hollywood's finest gems?

You be the judge of that. In the meantime, just enjoy one of the best editorials we've seen in a long time.

Hold on... one more observation. Does Boss Moss age? The answer is crystal clear. 

Wang Strikes Again

.... But this time ended up in jail. Alexander Wang just released his FW campaign channeling a schoolgirl gone ary. 

Last season

, Wang's ad was showing his girls perfectly downtown dressed hanging out in dirty bathrooms, this time around hinting more towards some OITNB jail theme or anywhere slightly creepier than a public restroom.

Geomertric knits and utililian coats- which are described as urban survival gear via Wang- balance out the prim hair and risqué minis that are the designer's norm. Neons accents don oversized coats and structured bags are a more ladylike touch to Wang's usual grunge.