denim style


Welcoming the final look of my mini denim series- if you like, you can see the other two looks here. If you thought the finale was going to be big and grand, well, sorry charlie that is not just the way I roll. I didn't let you dow though, as sometimes simpler is better. In hindsight, nothing is more cozy than slipping on a soft, oversized sweater with a pair of jeans. But, when you are taking the simple road, attention is due in the details; silky choker, personalized bag, feminine flats. 

My three rules for getting the most out of your jeans.

1. Don't wash them often. They tend to break in more and fit your body better.

2. Learn to dress them both up and down. They'll become a game-changer for every season.

3. No two pairs are ever the same. Especially with vintage. So, treasure one pair until you stumble across the second superstar pair. 

Jeans: Reformation (repurposed 501s), Sweater: Boast, Jacket: Mango, Choker: Hermes bracelet, Ring: Asha by ADM, Shoes: Chanel

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

Denim Dos

Morning folks. Rise & shine. 

What better way to kickstart the week with round two of the denim three-way than with this classic combination? To avoid boring your brains out with another stripes and denim pair up, heels literally and figuratively elevate the look and a random ribbon brings something sweet to the borrowed from the boys vibe. Whilst my stripes are overdone and overwear to an unbearable amount, those vertical ones never seem to be as, ya know, average. Complex, stripes, right.

Side note, I don't condone wearing ribbon in your hair as it will precede to fall out in a flat minute... trust me, it's annoying as hell. The two lessons here: forgo the ribbon and when in doubt, throw a shirtdress- sans a few buttons-  over denim and hit the pavement. Oh, and those elevating heels are optional. Take it from the girl who tripped twice in the span of oh, I don't know, ten seconds. Not needed. 

Shirtdress: Maje (under $70 option), Jeans: Reformation x 501 Levis,

 Heels: Alice & Olivia (identical under $100 version), Bag: Angela Roi, Ring: Asha by Adm 


Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

Blue Jeans Forever

Wearing: Madewell denim jacket, Brandy Melville sweater, Levis shorts, Birkenstock shoes

My one and only: denim. I've fallen deep into the rabbit hole of blue jeans and don't think I'll be returning anytime soon.

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Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

Baby Got Blue

Wearing: Zara jeans, Asos button down, Madewell sandals, Kacey K choker c/o, Asha by ADM ring c/o 

Everything from my toes to my top is blue. I guess you could say it is obvious what my color of choice is both in my wardrobe, and overall.

When putting together my collection of summer denim, must include a light wash option. Despite purchasing these boyfriend jeans one size too big from the grand ole' Z-a-r-a, I can guarantee I'll  still be wearing them plenty. 

Instead of pairing them with a denim shirt (reverting from my hardcore denim-head habits), a poplin shirt lightens the look. Burnt orange slides complete the light wash vibe.... plus, the color combo of light blue and burnt orange is the new navy and white. And that says a lot coming from me. 


Urban Safari

Wearing: Rag & Bone blouse (borrowed from my mom), Vintage Levis cutoffs, Asos duster, Chanel ballet flats

Perhaps we should all agree for once and all that leopard/cheetah no longer falls under the category of prints. I am not one to jump up and down for digitally enhanced prints that give off trippy and kalescopic vibes when being worn, so you can understand why I love a good animal print. Worn with distressed denim and navy.... but c'mon what else is new? 

In other news, I've fallen head over heels with the combination of cutoffs paired with more feminine pieces like ballet flats and girly-lish blouses. Yes, despite my sporty antics I do like a ruffle here and there. Whilst still looking easy and cool, it gives a more tailored impression than a t-shirt. 

One & Only

Wearing: Madewell denim jacket, Current & Elliott striped tee, Zara skirt (old), Vans sneakers

As I've found myself reaching for my denim jacket more than ever, it has made me question what the true basics in my wardrobe are. You often here people blab on and on about how a black blazer is such a style staple and all that nonsense. Don't get me wrong, I happen to love a great blazer moment- but I don't remember the last time I happened to choose a blazer over denim or the edgier version, leather. 

Perhaps like my stripes and sneakers, I've narrowed down the few essentials that in moments of sartorial distress (which happen more than one would think), I reach for. 

So here is to the denim jacket, my current one & only. (as I am lacking in the lurve department so it only makes sense that a jacket would replace that hole in my heart). Hey, you can't win 'em all.