The Forecast

Week one of school is done & dusted. Four days in the bag and it felt like four years. Time is a sneaky little brown-noser, isn't it?

Instead of pondering life's biggest questions on time, how about we jump back to Newport? Where I was happy as a clam, and the dog days of summer were still in full swing.  As promised in my Autumn essentials post, here is one of the items on my list: black denim. Specifically, high waisted and a pair that ooze serious mom vibes. Re-write that to a cool mom. No doubt. 

In order to "New England-ize" the dark denim, I paired them with my go-to oversized fisherman knit. I will praise the fisherman sweater until hell freezes over because it is honestly my most sacred and love item in my closet. Ok, ok, that was a little bit of a hyperbole. Still, you get my point. It would be a stormy weather in my sartorial forecast sans the sweater. 

The upcoming forecast for this Autumn? These two golden pieces and sunshine. Lots of both. 

Wearing: Vintage sweater, The Vintage Twin denim, Castañer wedges, Chanel bag




Sailor Does Staples: Spring Edition

Welcome to the start of Sailor Does Staples: Spring Edition. You can check out the fall edition here, if you'd like. My original idea was to create a double-whammy and combine Spring and Summer, but instead I'm breaking it up into separate segments for the obvious reason; May's weather is way different than the heat of August. #duh  

What better way to kick of the week and the series with my favorite dress (probably of all time)? You've already seen this beauty of a dress in Anguilla, in addition to the times it never made it to the 'gram, and I promised there would be more stateside. 


As I like to put it, same dress, new country. 

This staple is currently the shining star... puns all intended. 

Shop Realisation Par here

Similar star print dresses here: 

Photos by Sophia Wilson


Welcoming the final look of my mini denim series- if you like, you can see the other two looks here. If you thought the finale was going to be big and grand, well, sorry charlie that is not just the way I roll. I didn't let you dow though, as sometimes simpler is better. In hindsight, nothing is more cozy than slipping on a soft, oversized sweater with a pair of jeans. But, when you are taking the simple road, attention is due in the details; silky choker, personalized bag, feminine flats. 

My three rules for getting the most out of your jeans.

1. Don't wash them often. They tend to break in more and fit your body better.

2. Learn to dress them both up and down. They'll become a game-changer for every season.

3. No two pairs are ever the same. Especially with vintage. So, treasure one pair until you stumble across the second superstar pair. 

Jeans: Reformation (repurposed 501s), Sweater: Boast, Jacket: Mango, Choker: Hermes bracelet, Ring: Asha by ADM, Shoes: Chanel

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

Refresh Button

Wearing: Tularosa dress, Vans sneakers 

Greetings, people. As a general consensus, Mondays aren't fun. I get it, you get it. We've all been there. But as I write this post in the early hours of Monday, I'm feeling different. Perhaps it was because of a late night conversation with one of my best friends that made me think of who I want to be and what I want to do... this summer to be exact. Or the fact that this weekend was pretty damn great. Anytime, I'm on the water like I was in Newport, I hit a refresh button that wakes me up.  Sometimes, it just clicks and you get why the world exists. Well, let's not jump that far, but never the less you get my gist. 


So as summer dawns upon us in a few short weeks, hit that refresh button... and/or buy yourself a new dress. Like this black lace one here. Retail therapy never fails you, e-friends. I have plenty experience to tell you that. 

Shop more Tularosa dresses here ( brand)


Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

Back to Blush

Wearing: Mango vest (old), Asos trousers (also worn here), Zara t-shirt, Madewell slides, Chanel bag, ASHA by ADM ring 

My relationship with blush (or baby pink, let's me real) started young. The classic color for a baby girl, you can bet my room and everything in it fell under some form of blush. I proceeded to go through a quote-un-quote rebellious phase where I proclaimed that the color pink was number one of my hate list. I can guarantee that I've mellowed out my dramatics, but my friends are still shocked when I show up in pink.

Now that pink is no longer ranking number one on that dreaded list, I've grown to dabble in the color a little bit. Enter this Mango vest that I purchased last August. To be brutally honest this is the second time I've worn it. So yes, I wore it back in the heat of summer and up until late, it's been mocking me in my closet. I've contemplated selling it or giving it to friends, but hey like my burnt orange culottes, I simply cannot part. 

No, it is not because I am hoarder or get emotionally attached to items. It's just one of those pieces, that once (or twice) a year, I pull it out and bam, still a goodie. 

It also goes with black... and every other neutral in my closet. Which also doesn't hurt the cause.