Casa de Sloane

Wardrobe rack (romper,crop top,jacket,short,cami,shirt) | American flag and Save the Bay sticker | Dresser top covered with perfumes and everyday jewels | Pillow heaven | Vintage globe and American flag | Corner filled with framed prints and magazine clippings | Bay window and cloud nine | Wardrobe rack | Current inspiration

Last year, I gave you guys a virtual glance inside my bedroom. Since then, my decor has changed drastically. I always had this idea in my mind that a room should look like a hotel but as my personal style has grown so has my view of what my room should be.

The feel of my room is much quirkier than my style; I love having personality exude through my decor choices. Over the past couple of months, I've been adding unique touches like the American flags- #murica- as well as this globe that has been sitting in storage. The most recent addition is the custom Céline pillow which was constructed from a dust bag.... who knew I could be crafty? As I like to put it, my room is quite the hodgepodge of my personality.

But, guess what still is my favorite part? My bed aka Cloud nine.

Population: Moi.