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Denim Dos

Morning folks. Rise & shine. 

What better way to kickstart the week with round two of the denim three-way than with this classic combination? To avoid boring your brains out with another stripes and denim pair up, heels literally and figuratively elevate the look and a random ribbon brings something sweet to the borrowed from the boys vibe. Whilst my stripes are overdone and overwear to an unbearable amount, those vertical ones never seem to be as, ya know, average. Complex, stripes, right.

Side note, I don't condone wearing ribbon in your hair as it will precede to fall out in a flat minute... trust me, it's annoying as hell. The two lessons here: forgo the ribbon and when in doubt, throw a shirtdress- sans a few buttons-  over denim and hit the pavement. Oh, and those elevating heels are optional. Take it from the girl who tripped twice in the span of oh, I don't know, ten seconds. Not needed. 

Shirtdress: Maje (under $70 option), Jeans: Reformation x 501 Levis,

 Heels: Alice & Olivia (identical under $100 version), Bag: Angela Roi, Ring: Asha by Adm 


Photos by Alexandra Gibbs


Wearing: Alice & Olivia skirt, (similar)and cami,(similar)and Valentino sandals (loaned)

When I was about five or six, I had a light blue Cinderella dress that had a train that sparkled. I used to run down this long hallway (which resulted in me falling every two minutes... some things never change) and the train would fly up around me. Everytime I wore my Cinderella dress it brought a smile to my five year old self. In all honesty, I think I still have the dress but it has seen better days.

When the amazing Seaside Luxe team let me play dress up in their Viceroy boutique, I beelined to this Alice & Olivia maxi skirt. All those princess memories flooded back into my head as I twirled under Anguilla's early morning sun.

Photos by

Derrys Richardson

Tucked Treasures


dress via

Bib & Tuck

// Alice & Olivia shoes (



Now now, we all know I don't really wear


 but thanks to

Bib & Tuck

, I found the most perfect dress known to humankind. As my style is evolving, while it's important to stay true to yourself, taking risks is equally as important. On B&T, I love stumbling upon unique "risk-taker" treasures that I normally would overlook while shopping in person. After selling a few of my older items, I was able to tuck a piece of my own. Please tell me, I am not the only one who feels as if they are trading items on


... just me? Okay then.

As cliché as it sounds, this dress makes me feel awesome. Everything from the open back to the slits just conveys that "something special" vibe that I look for in all the pieces I buy (or in this case, tuck). I promise you that signing up for

Bib & Tuck

will give you the chance to find yourself the piece that makes you feel like a million bucks (baby).  

On another note, I am departing Anguilla after an amazing week full of sun(sets), sand, and happiness. I will be returning to the states with a healthy glow and fresh mind. Come Monday, I will begin to share my

plethora of pictures

. Until then, I bid you a farewell and a happy weekend. 

Photos by

Alexandra Gibbs

(please note, this is NOT a sponsored post. I am simply sharing a great company that I genuinely love.)


Current & Elliott


, Hermes scarf, Alice & Olivia

heels (

different color

, Isabel Marant x H&M


, Chanel bag, Sloane Ranger

bracelet c/o

, Catbird


, Monica Vinader


 This past weekend, it was great to feel the warm sunshine on my face and for the temperatures to excel 50*. Winter has felt like a massive black hole of polar vortexes and countless feet of snow. Receiving a small taste of Spring boosted my mood (especially being near the ocean this past weekend). Being able to step outside in a blazer and jeans was the best feeling ever. These boyfriend jeans are the closest my legs have been exposed to air the past four months and I cannot wait to wear them more in the Spring. Along with a simple look of jeans and a blazer, a silk scarf spices things up a little. I am not a big scarf person but I love the un-expected twist of wearing it "western style".  Here is to a vibrant Spring ahead... don't worry,

it is coming




: J.Brand


, Topshop


, Mango

leather jacket






), Celine bag, Alice & Olivia


(another awesome


), Asha by Adm


I am back friends- sorry for being absent around here. I have been down in Florida for a sailing regatta since Wednesday- check out my


 for some snapshots. Today is the last day and tonight I will be flying home (not too thrilled to leave warm weather). I shot these photos with


last week outside an incredible building on Bond Street. Here I am again wearing my new favorite


from Mango.

 It might be one of my smartest purchases I've ever made. Because it is still Winter (the mini mountains of snow remind us!) it was essential to layer up with a heavy coat and cozy sweater. With all the dark colors, white jeans gave a much needed relief of white to the outfit. The small details like the quilting on the


and pop of stripes add interest to an otherwise simple outfit. Enjoy your Sunday! 

Photos by the talented

Lydia Hudgens


Joie pants (old), BLK Denim


, Asos


, Alice & Olivia heels (



 AV Max


, Converse


Thank you for the positive response on last week's post about quality over quantity. A quick note regarding quality- I am having some trouble when it comes to my photos so stay with me while I get it all sorted out. If you or anyone you know is a photography wiz, please



To say the least, I am pretty much done with Winter. Over the weekend I wore a pair of white lace pants that I picked up last spring from Joie. To stay warm, I layered up with a grey sweatshirt (I have worn it everyday for the past week) and a oversized scarf. Shed the extra layers and add heels when it's time to dress up a bit. 

Photos by Reid Secondo