Winter Outerwear

Snakeskin Slits

Wearing: Evil Twin pantsUrban Outfitters sweater (last worn here), Pour La Victoire heels (old, similar here), Hermes bracelet (check out the Real Real!), Chanel bag

Ripped jeans' good girl sister has surfaced.


Clean cut slits at the knees calls for onlookers double-checking to see if you purposely sliced your jeans or nah, but hey all is good. Continuing with the clean-cut momentum with the help black pointy toes, and a gray knit.


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Wearing: Reformation turtlenecklast worn here), Zara leather pantsReformation denim jacket (another way to wear it), Shoemint shoes (old,similar), Madewell ringAsos ring

The calendar might say Monday, but I'm still in a weekend mindset and so is my wardrobe. During January, my efforts of dressing are lowered to kitten heel level, so you can only imagine that I've created a uniform for winter. Similar to last year's go to, but a little more diverse in that. 

Turtleneck sweaters,black jeans, and boots.

But after wearing the same variation of a look for over a month, it is nice to shake things up a little that department. That's where textures come to play. Leather legs, denim jacket, suede shoes (not the most practical with snow in the picture) become the magic potion when in an all-black rut. 

So, if next Monday morning (or tomorrow), you happen to face the hardships of the forever lingering question "what to wear", make sure you file away this post.

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

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The Golden Three

Wearing: Ralph Lauren flannel (similar options here), Mango blazer (last worn here), The Reformation jeansConverse sneakersMadewell ringAsha by Adm ring




There is some sort of running joke between my family, friends, and I that either dress like a) I'm on my way to Paris Fashion Week, b) that I'm a surf bum or c) that I am a mix of Ralph Lauren ad meets hippie. 

Hey, it's how I roll.

This weekend was especially prominent in my sartorial decisions as I wore the latter of the three styles. Along with that, my high top converse have replaced my black Nikes, but note to all, ice + converse equals bruised back. 

Photos by Reid Secondo

It's An Art

Wearing: Urban Outfitters sweater (similar style here), Y.A.S. Apparel leggingsStuart Weitzman bootsMango coat [last year, but check out these options], Urban Outfitters gloves [under $15]

When people say layering is an art, they are not joking.

Due to living on the (North)East Coast,  I'll say that I've become quite the skilled one when it comes to dressing in a somewhat put together fashion as soon as the temperatures drop under 34 degrees. 

But, then you go to Vermont and it all turns into, well, lies. All of it. Hey, if you give me enough sailing gear, and I will be able stay warm enough to sail in the dead of January (the magic hiking pants and thermals). But when it comes to looking presentable in a place like Vermont... It is a challenge. 

Dear ol' Green Mountain State welcomed us with big open arms of 2 degrees. And you might be wondering, what do you wear when it is 2? Fleece tights under leggings. A thermal under a sweater. Fleece socks, gloves, and hat (miss the memo on that). And a boatload of courage.

5 weeks & counting 'till Florida....

Fur x Cableknit

Wearing: Topshop faux fur jacketMother jeans,  J.Crew sweaterStan Smiths sneakers

I've always found fur a little over the top or too dramatic for my own style. But, maybe it's from my growing liking in animal print that I've been drawn to the old hollywood feel of (faux) fur as of late. 

Alas, I happen not to be attending any glamorous parties in the near future (aren't you shocked??), so a fur jacket will not be paired with a ball gown. Instead it acts as a little bam-boom to my daily wardrobe of denim, knits... I would say sneakers, but booties have been taking over in the shoe department. 

On another note, I hope you had a very merry Christmas! Enjoy your holidays, and perhaps depart the interwebz for a bit? We all could use a little r&r.

Superhero, Superpowers

Wearing:Y.A.S. leather leggingsAsos button down ,T by Alexander Wang stripe t-shirt (see all looks with it...),Seavees slip ons c/o, Mango coat (similar), 

As I've been able to tame my sneaker addiction down, we have another problem (... Houston). Leather. The equation has turned into 4 jackets, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 skirts, 3 tops and now 2 pairs leggings- and this dress is soon to be in transit. 

I can't help myself. 

As I will tell my support group- AKA the world wide web- it has come to the point where leather (or "pleather" in this case), has replaced my tried & true denim. 

On Monday, I presented you with the tamer duds of the two- the martial of choice is only on the front- which is my suggestion if you only want to dip a toe in and not go full-on dominatrix. These shiny black pair have the ability to take an outfit from a one to a ten, plus they are leggings. When it comes to leather, I have two guidelines. 1) It should get better with age. 2) When you slip those pants on (or jacket), it makes you feel like a bada$$. 

If that is not a superhero piece, then I'm beat.

(Sidenote: I've worn this stripe tee in three posts in one week.... another superhero piece)

Photos by Emily Malan