Urban Outfitters

Little Red Hoodie

Oh, athleisure. You shook up the fashion industry and brought comfort to the impractical. 

I will debate the pros and cons of incorporating god forsaken athleisure apparel into one's clothing arsenal until I'm blue in the face. Trust me I love comfort just as the next person, but denim always wins over leggings. On the other hand, hoodies are a whole another story. It's the sportier sister of the cableknit in my eyes and most definitely the favorite of the moment. While a no-brainer pre and post workout, it is also best paired with a handful of classics. I personally recommend Gucci loafers, or something of that sort, to induce confusion of others on why the hell you are pairing a hoodie with loafers. The answer? For the sake of fashion, of course. 

Wearing: Urban Outfitters hoodie, Zara denim (old), Asos coat (old), Gucci loafers



Meet The Red Mini


Meet the red miniskirt, it's the denim skirt's flirtatious cousin.  A little bit foxy, but also hella classic. The rusty color screams Autumn weekends frolicking away or brunching on a busy sidewalk street... whatever is your preferred cup of tea. The OG denim skirt isn't disappearing for good, but the sassy and superstar cousin is taking center stage for the time being.

Wearing: Urban Outfitters skirt, Boast sweater, Castaner shoes, Chanel bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses


Photos by Felicia Lasala 


Snakeskin Slits

Wearing: Evil Twin pantsUrban Outfitters sweater (last worn here), Pour La Victoire heels (old, similar here), Hermes bracelet (check out the Real Real!), Chanel bag

Ripped jeans' good girl sister has surfaced.


Clean cut slits at the knees calls for onlookers double-checking to see if you purposely sliced your jeans or nah, but hey all is good. Continuing with the clean-cut momentum with the help black pointy toes, and a gray knit.


Florals | Winter

Wearing: The Reformation dress (last worn here), Zara turtleneckStuart Weitzman boots (under $200 optionUrban Outfitters fleece tights  (on sale)

Last time I wore this dress, it was hot and humid and I can report to you from cocooned blankets that I would trade that for anything- slightly an exaggerated statement, but you get my gist. Like always, the art of layering is a work in progress. Because hey, we all can't wake up one day and a create a masterpiece like Da Vinci. 

Part of my resolutions was to only buy pieces that I love, which implies that shopping my closet will become a more regular occurrence under my roof. Instead of pushing those summertime dresses and skirts to the back of the closet, pop on a popover (#punnyfunny), amongst other layering essentials, and hit the concrete. The somewhat annoying and eye-roll inducing phrase, a bang for your buck, has become a reality. 

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs


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Week in Stowe, VT

Wearing: The Reformation sweater (old, other styles here), Urban Outfitters sweatsJ.Crew socks

Vermont is best taken in small doses and preferably when it is not below zero.  I've been visiting there forever as the skiing is always the best on the east coast. 

Alas, when there is not much snow... skiing becomes quite, um, interesting? To sum that up: ice, cold, and ski boots. As I like to say, never a dull day in my world. 

As you can tell from my gist, not much slope time occurred during my trip. So, I can only assume you are thinking... "what does one do in Vermont when it's too cold to ski"? 

Here's your answer. Eat- lots of food, which wasn't #vegan #healthy-, spend some sweet time on Netflix- hay Criminal Minds, go to the Ben & Jerry's factory (see statement above), and when you are feeling ambitious, go to the gym. 

Some of the highlights of Ve(brrr)mont? 

Lunch at Simon Pierce on the way up to Stowe, and finally nailing the "ski" selfie. 

It's An Art

Wearing: Urban Outfitters sweater (similar style here), Y.A.S. Apparel leggingsStuart Weitzman bootsMango coat [last year, but check out these options], Urban Outfitters gloves [under $15]

When people say layering is an art, they are not joking.

Due to living on the (North)East Coast,  I'll say that I've become quite the skilled one when it comes to dressing in a somewhat put together fashion as soon as the temperatures drop under 34 degrees. 

But, then you go to Vermont and it all turns into, well, lies. All of it. Hey, if you give me enough sailing gear, and I will be able stay warm enough to sail in the dead of January (the magic hiking pants and thermals). But when it comes to looking presentable in a place like Vermont... It is a challenge. 

Dear ol' Green Mountain State welcomed us with big open arms of 2 degrees. And you might be wondering, what do you wear when it is 2? Fleece tights under leggings. A thermal under a sweater. Fleece socks, gloves, and hat (miss the memo on that). And a boatload of courage.

5 weeks & counting 'till Florida....