Anguillian Anecdotes | Part II

Round two of Anguillian Anecdotes has arrived in hot. I'm not going to lie, I meant to get a travel guide up today, but a) I'm very sleep-deprived from hours on hours of school work, b) Did not have the time to make the guide 100%. Thus, some blogging switch-a-roo took place and I promise that my latest Sailor Travels guide will be released on Monday. 


Have a lovely weekend! 


Out At The End | Montauk


On Sunday, the fam and I made a day-trip out to Montauk. It's been eons since I was last there... I was maybe 8 or 9, give or take a few. From what I can recall about my first trip out to the end is all good and grand things: pristine beaches, rocky edges, and a relaxed nature about the beach town. Since then, Montauk has turned into a summer hub for stylish New Yorkers since The Surf Lodge, (new & improved) Gurney's, and other hipster places opened for business. During the summer, I can assure you that Montauk isn't exactly my vibe- I much prefer it in the winter due to my affinity for visiting seaside towns in the off-season.

I genuinely fell in love with Montauk. It was quiet, untouched, and retained it's known reputation of a surfer and beach bum haven. Locals were out surfing early in the morning and the few coffeeshops and diners were bustling. I truly find it fascinating how certain people can click with places. Ask my family: I was legitimately on a high from being out there. Still pondering if that is normal/socially a-okay, but goes to show you how much we are effected by our environment. As much I love bustling cities, nothing leaves me more refreshed and renewed than a dosage of the best medicine. Further confirming my rule that salt water and some fresh air is a million times better than _____. [endless options can go there]

I plan on returning as soon as I have a free moment. April? 

Oh, and I also found my dream home. Shingles. Mint door. 10 feet from the beach.
Where do I sign up?



As we are finally wrap up my Miami posts, what better way to begin the end than with these insane views from 1 Hotels. Nothing, right? Right. 


If you know anything about me, is that I’m a sucker for a great view. Whether, we are talking about a skyrise view, hotel balcony, or the coveted window seat, nine times out of ten, I’ll be there. What I find so magical about a high up view is that it always centers me and reminds me how tiny we are in a big world. Plus, it doesn’t hurt when what you're staring at is as breathtaking as the Atlantic. 

Of course, I must now include some random story.

Brb, pausing. 

When I was little, I used to avoid/fight with my brother over having the window seat on airplanes. I, young and stupid Sloane, was all about having the extra leg room that came along with an aisle seat. Let us ignore all the problems with that logic, and rejoice that I’ve moved on from my bizarre fascination of the aisle seat. 

Returning to 1 Hotels.

Perhaps one of the best, if not the best, views on South Beach comes from the rooftop of 1 Hotels. The rooftop pool and restaurant have 360 view of Miami; including downtown in the distance, all of the beach, and serious eye mileage of the Atlantic. If you’d like to see more great views, head downtown in this post here, or stay tuned for my Miami travel guide later this week.

And I’m sorry for the pain these photos have caused you if you the temperature is reading below 30 today. Me too. We can cry together.