Ends of the Rainbow

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Wearing: [1st look]  Madewell button down, Topshop lace shorts, Clare V clutch, Birkenstocks, Ray-Ban shades [2nd look] Minkpink romper (under $50), Birkenstocks, Ray-Ban shades 

Ever wondered what my closet looked like in a nutshell? Well, here ya go. Last weekend, I did the dirty deed of spring cleaning my closet- at 2 am no less- and I ended up color coordinated my wardrobe. The result? I own a lot of black, white, and navy. Don't worry, I have a small (emphasis on the small) area for the few oddballs of the rainbow.

I hate to sound like a broken record but when traveling, your good ol' friends, black & white can save you tons of room in your suitcase. Of course, I'm not some sort of chromophobian... last time I looked denim and navy counts as color. Not to mention, mirrored shades? Filing those under the more vibrant end of the rainbow. 

With that, I'll be talking more about my denim shenanigans next week.


It's been one hella week from this side of the screen. Enjoy your weekend, e-friends. 

 Photos by Bruno Dubreuil 


Wearing:Asos button down , Topshop sweater , Asos jeans (distressed by me), Somewhere Sunday sunglasses via Alekka, River Island loafers (old)

After a winter full of wearing turtlenecks and jeans on repeat,I began to grow tiresome of my established said uniform. I like to think it as a sartorial version of cabin fever? As the core pieces don't exactly change, little things like layering a collared shirt underneath or ditching the boots once makes somewhat of a difference. 

My preferred option of spicing up threads, is not threads itself, but sunglasses. If the suns out- scratch that- when it's not raining, you bet a bottom dollar that you'll find sunglasses glued to my face. If I'm not wearing my trusty aviators (or my sailing shades via Kaenon), I will be in mirrored frames. Despite, having other mirrored aviators, these futuristic glasses take the cake. (plus, Back to the Future slash mad scientist vibes are real). 

Photos by Alexandra Wolf

Fur x Cableknit

Wearing: Topshop faux fur jacketMother jeans,  J.Crew sweaterStan Smiths sneakers

I've always found fur a little over the top or too dramatic for my own style. But, maybe it's from my growing liking in animal print that I've been drawn to the old hollywood feel of (faux) fur as of late. 

Alas, I happen not to be attending any glamorous parties in the near future (aren't you shocked??), so a fur jacket will not be paired with a ball gown. Instead it acts as a little bam-boom to my daily wardrobe of denim, knits... I would say sneakers, but booties have been taking over in the shoe department. 

On another note, I hope you had a very merry Christmas! Enjoy your holidays, and perhaps depart the interwebz for a bit? We all could use a little r&r.

Santa Sailor | #DWCXMAS

Sometimes the internet fails us. Or we fail it. Same idea here, kids.

That brings us to a super Saturday post *cue applause*.

If you have been around here as of late you know that the holidays are in full swing. On Thursday, my girls

GraceySammy, and I teamed up bring you very merry #dwcxmas holiday giveaway.

That brings us to the plot twist of this week's novel, Rafflecopter failed us, so we have decided to relaunch the giveaway. Keep in mind, if you have already entered with the previous rules, it is still valid! The three of us chose our favorite stores- Gracey and MadewellTuckernuck via Sammy, and Topshop from yours truly- so that you can get yourself a little something special on us. (;

{Prizes} 1 $25 gift card to either Madewell + Topshop + Tuckernuck

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Coven Mood

Wearing:Asos top, Chanel skirt, Zara jacket,Chanel ballet flats,Topshop choker 

Some serious coven moods today. At least, I'm already taking notes from Lacoste, and including some racing stripes and a lightweight anorak thrown over flowing fabrics. I think we all can agree I'm acing Runway to Real Life 101.... or yacht party gone dark... jokes, jokes.  

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

The Road

Wearing: Zara top,The Reformation jeans,Topshop slides,Saint Laurent bag

Yesterday, I did the task that summer lovers despise- sorting away the sandals, beach attire, and the general pieces that file under "summer". For me, a sweater fanatic, it was a joyous moment as my knits and lightweight jackets are now proudly hanging on my clothing rack. *Sigh*, I love the changing of the seasons.

A few weeks ago, I was trying to get as much wear in my favorite Topshop slides- which, may I add, saved my poor feet this summer- and those important transition pieces that save your a** during those days that the weather is feeling quite bipolar. So without further ado, join me on the road of odd layering and beautiful fall days ahead. 

Photos by Amy Stone