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2014 | Under 500 Words

As said in Monday's post, to even think that we are few days away from a new year, leaves me wondering where the hell 2014 went! Of course I can get all nostalgic, and blab on about how much I've grown this year and ya know, the cliche shebang that comes along with a new year.

However, it is all true. Every year we grow and change, learn new things, and become different people. Much has occurred over the past year that leave me forever and eternally grateful. I could tell you right now that I am not the same I was 365 days ago- lord, I hope not- but you get my gist. From this year I'm able to pinpoint moments where the universe either slapped me in the face or gave a pat on the back- the latter is more appreciated. We each deal with a fair amount of triumph, struggle, heartbreak, and those moments that you simply cannot put into words. Those moments which remind us how incredible life is. They are able to put a smile on your face that is impossible to wipe off or leave you with butterflies in your stomach for too long.

I've learned that the world works in odd ways and that there are times when you feel like everything went downhill reallll fast (hey, I've been there), but things can change in an instant. When thinking about what my resolutions are for the new year, I noticed that they were connected with other things (sailing, school, blogging..... and boys (;). And whilst those are all fine, I think we sometimes forget about ourselves. To become a better you, to live your life, to follow your dreams... To even add more clicheness to this post, I think it's nice to view our life similarly to a novel and every year is a chapter that we can write on our own. There is no ghostwriters (eye-balling you Kardashians), nor spellcheck, but 100% you.

Perhaps this year wasn't the best, but you always have a chance to make the next read-worthy. On that note, I have some amazing things on the calendar for 2015- both for this digital universe and for myself. [insert fist emoji]

With that, I leave you with with my all-time favorite quote from Fitzgerald,

"I hope you live a life you're proud of. If you find that you're not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again".

Happy New Year.


ph. by Christina | Top of the Rock

The Great View

Wearing: Alexis top,J.Crew skirt, Belle by Sigerson Morrison sandals,Saint Laurent bag

I was feeling generous and decided to give you all another healthy helping of good old New York City in what other than black and white. Quite a fine one she is, don't you agree? 


I might just be downright obsessed with these photos. 

On the other end, as you are reading this I am in the complete opposite end of the concrete jungle spectrum.

 You guessed it. 

The ocean blue.

Time to set sail to Buzzards Bay for the 2014 Vineyard Race. A sunrise/moonrise instagram will be coming your way soon enough. 'Laters gators.

photos by Reid Secondo

Top of The Rock

Remember that some what of a bucket list, I

mentioned last week

? Aha.. rings a bell, I see!

Top of the Rock was up there on the list (perhaps #1). Mostly known as a tourist attraction for the millions of people that visit New York City, despite living thirty minutes away, I was dying to go (maybe more than those who live 2,000 miles away...) I joked with my brother on Metro North earlier that day, by the end of the night, I will have seen New York City from every possible way; sea, sky, land, observation deck included. 

Alas, in all seriousness (which, I can say is a rare sight here), I've been incredibly lucky to grow near an amazing city like New York. Despite the many annoyances it brings along, the incredible view reaffirmed an indescribable city full of mystery, history, and beauty that I've grown to love dearly. 

Nothing makes my heart skip a beat more a great view- ok, some other things as well- and to have some practically in my backyard makes it more the worthwhile. Not to mention, my inner 30 Rock freak almost lost it. GE building? My own thoughtful window? All that was needed was Kenneth giving a tour. 

And from the wise words of Fitzgerald.... 

"The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge is always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world" 

Photos by Me & Reid Secondo