The Reformation

Down by The Dock

Finally sharing some photos from my Hamptons trip a few weekends back. With my former computer hitting the fan, I am up and running once again with some new technology and fresh mindset post-Thanksgiving break. 

Keeping it short and sweet today since the Monday back after a holiday is always a rough one.

Go forth and drink some coffee, kids. 

Wearing: Reformation dress (similar), Asos coat, Asos boots (under $100), Ray-Ban folding sunglasses

Sneak Attack

In the midst of a sneak attack dosage of summer in the Northeast, why not pull a look out of my lost image archive? Featuring the nouveau way of tying a men's button down... talk about kicking traditional out the door. I'd recommend playing around with the button-down, knot here and there, the possibilities are endless for sartorial success. 


On another note, Autumn, come back, come back, wherever you are. 

Wearing: J.Crew men's button down, Reformation jeans, Madewell loafers- here, here, and here are some similar pairs, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Photos by Felicia Lasala 




Denim + Turtlenecks

I really cannot stand how I open every post talking about the bloody weather. Well duh, yes, of course we dress for the weather. What sane person wouldn't? Oops, forgot about NYFW in September. Cashmere and leather doesn't work well with hot and humid. Anyway, I have yet to break out the golden grail of boots: the 50/50, so I'm sticking with loafers for the time being. Denim skirts are a better seasonal replacement to the denim shorts, though I'm not opposed to the denim shorts with tights combo, and turtlenecks simply rock my socks. 

It's a long weekend for this gal, and I'm truly basking in the glory. Slept for 12 hours yesterday, binged watched Carpool Karaoke, dined at by Chloe, and shopped for shoes at BG. Lizzie McGuire, this is what dreams are made of. 

Also, thank you all for birthday wishes on Thursday!

Wearing: Zara turtleneck, Reformation skirt (worn here, here, and here), Madewell loafers (similar)

Photos by Felicia Lasala 

Stay Messy

One of my favorite, game-changing, passionate, and innovate blogs, The Messy Heads, has a line of t-shirt/journals/etc. that embody their message of "stay messy".

No duh, they don't literally mean to stay messy, but to embrace who you are as a person, your imperfections, perfections, and everything that makes you unapologetically you.  

I rarely fall in love with a blog completely and The Messy Heads is the only exception. The founder, Emma, just moved to New York from California and brings some positive and passion to the social space. It's refreshing to see uniqueness is a space that is filled with clusters of the same after the same. 

The Look: Messy Heads t-shirt, Reformation skirt (worn here and here), Castaner wedges, Hermes belt (borrowed from my mom), Ray-Ban sunglasses

The Girl Wears Colour !

The girl wears colour! *Audience gasps!* 

Oddly enough, I've always been a sucker for a little orange action. It's one of the few colours you catch me sporting all year long; darker and brown-toned in the colder months, bold and bright all summer long. In addition to being in sweet orange, this top is a wearable fiesta. Anytime I slip this baby on- or the toned down white version- I  feel the need to pop some tunes in and dance the night away. 

I've come to garner a love of backstories when it comes to individual pieces. My California friend, Haley, was wearing this blouse during a Face-Time chat and I immeditly fell in love. The tops are from a small shop in Downtown LA and lo and behold, my sweet friend sent me two of them via the old fashion snail-mail. 

Just remember, off-the-shoulder tops bring and beat the heat during those scorchers! 

The Look: Off-the-shoulder top, Reformation jeans, Castañer wedges, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Photos by Becky Siegel 

Full Circle

You might be shaking your head (rightfully so) and thinking to your tired, Monday self, does Sloane own any other clothes at this point? Considering my last post was dedicated to this beautifully deconstructed-constructed denim skirt, I understand if you are serious confused on why I've decided to show it again, um, one week later? 

To answer in the post matter of fact way, I'm just o to the b-e-s-s-e-d. Like the rest of the fashion-obsessed world, once I fall in love with an item, I continued to wear it until a) either disgustingly sick of it, b) it's ripped, or c) I begin to believe that others think I have one piece of clothing.  All valid options in the natural sartorial cycle. To be completely just, this time of natural shopping is not only money savvy, environmentally-friendly, but also breaks away from the heinous fast fashion cycle that our poor blogging world has become to know. 

I do promise though,after today's post, I'll introduce some variety back into my outfits here. Per example, I'm on the hunt for the silkiest, slinkiest slip dress I can get my hands on. So, perhaps that will become the denim skirt 2.0? 


The Look: Reformation denim skirt (last seen here), Sleepy Jones t-shirt, Vanessa Bruno bag, Vans sneakers, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Photography by Becky Siegel