With Gratitude...


G'morning on this glorious Thanksgiving day.

Every year as this holiday rolls through, I remember to share some words of gratitude with you all. Like always, I am incredibly thankful for all of your support- this website would honestly be nothin, nada, without any of you. I don't say it enough, but thank you, thank you, thank you.

This year, I am thankful for the following... this is only the short list, I could go on forever. 


endless love, compassion, laughter fits, freedom, happy and sad tears, the ability to feel, see, hear, touch, move, and breathe. 

Family, friends, teachers, dogs, the ocean, sunrises and sunsets, the stars, the great outdoors, thunderstorms, loud music, changing seasons, a thumping bass, late night journaling sessions, day-dreaming, dancing, driving with the windows down,

hot coffee, vegan pancakes, baseball caps, my favorite sweater, running, sweating, moving, sailing, reading a good book, watching a thrilling film, sleeping, gilmore girls, hilary clinton, heated debates in class, and holiday candles.

traveling, skiing, snowfall, airplanes, people watching, early breakfasts and late night chinese food, strobe lights, packed dance floors, messy hair, spoonfuls of peanut butter, train rides, New York city, quiet coffeeshops, crunching leaves, special people, st.barths beaches, and film cameras. .

Happy Thanksgiving

outtakes from this post...


AKA a family infused, food coma, bad jokes, kinda day.

I've already discussed the importance of the outfit, but to your favor here's a SparkNotes version:

Avoid anything tight, unless you are juice cleansing this Thanksgiving. If so, that's another problem on our hands. Keep it family friendly- dominatrix inspired duds or a lacy slip isn't exactly G-ma approved.  

Camp socks are my holiday essential- works with converse when outside and when when you're snug as a bug inside.

Onward and upward- tunes. 

Before everyone is glued to the TV with 'Murica's #1, er, football break out some of the best tunes. And please for your own sanity don't bust out the holiday jingles just yet. Please. My suggestion? Stick with the classics- Elton John, Billy Joel, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Simon & Garfunkel. Mix in a few up and coming singers like

George Ezra and The Kooks. And when you're at it, Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett's new album is a no-fail choice this holiday season.

A heated game of Clue or Apples to Apples avoids awkward conversation, plus involves little movement post eating. And for your pure enjoyment, here are some knee-slapper jokes. Round out the night with a comical movie or a musical- The Sound of Music, everyone?

Wishing you a lovely holiday with a note to you from yours truly. x

Trot to Turkey

Wearing: Zara sweater(last worn here),New Look skirt- great deal! ,Stuart Weitzman boots (budget-friendly option),Ray-Ban sunglasses


Thanksgiving is this week. And Christmasis in about month. 

Let that sink in for a minute... wasn't just September? Time flies when you're having fun, eh?

As for when Thursday rolls around, this mini plaid skirt won't exactly cut it, considering food is a main factor of the day- and a intense game of Clue. Whilst this sweater- which also has a makeshift hood- is #1 winner. Or a jumpsuit . Perhaps a onesie? (#yolo?) 

Any who, returning to the schoolgirl look once again. 

Photos by Emily Malan, Edited by me


5 Pieces You Need | November

Madewell's new pieces is all you to survive the first round of the holiday craze. Five pieces to exact; smart shoes, fancy-smhancy overalls, and three new knits.

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mens shirt

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| Vintage jeans | KJP



I decided to keep today's post short and sweet. I am incredibly thankful for everything I have in my life. There are too many things I'm thankful for but here are a few: family, friends, education, freedom, traveling and of course, my readers! You guys keep this blog going and encourage me to work harder. To put it simply,

thank you.

 Have a wonderful day and be sure to sneak in some


the next couple of days.