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Autumn Essentials

I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that September is um... next week? The air has been changing ever so slightly in New England with 50 degrees at night and that sneaky "fall bite". I'm heading up to Newport today to jump town before the hectic rush of back to school sets in. Secretly hoping that Rhode Island jumped on the Autumn train early, so that I can whip out some sweaters. Since New England's Autumn months are fickle with Indian summer and chilly nights, it makes incorprating those lusted fall pieces a gradual process.

To begin, my top tips for weaving into a new sartorial season are the following. Do not buy everything at once. As much as I wish to purchase velvet boots, I can almost guarantee I won't be wearing them till late September (unless, of course I want to roast in the sun). Try not to be that  person that is sweltering in a jacket when others are lounging in next-to-nothing slips and 'kinis. There is a time and place for everything. Also, look across the pond for inspiration and take detailed notes. Both the Brits and Euros are full on experts on transitional style (blame the weather or their endless cool factor). One of my favorite French girls, Adenorah, pairs her Castañer wedges with denim and oversized sweaters in the Fall, instead of traditional summery dresses a la right now. 

Now, what's on my list, you ask?

Black mom jeans

Camel jacket

Classic loafers

Navy fisherman sweater | Borrowed from the boys

Velvet overload

What are the items that I've already picked up? Well, wait and see. 


(all images from last fall) 



May Moodboard & Mixtape

This is a hefty "M squared" post for the month of the May. My inspiration and creative juices were all out of whack last week, so it's nice to finally have some creativity flowing once again. I've been working on some more short films and videos, beginning with this super short video of mini moments that never surfaced the inter-web. Yesterday, I spent the day on the Hudson River watching some America's Cup racing. I can never turn down some AC boats, along with some hilarious commentary courtesy of friends and family. 


This month's moodboard is all about mustard, the 70s, skinny straps, and bright blue. My favorite blog, the Messy Heads has also been a huge source of inspiration for me lately; from their fashion & beauty posts, to Emma's snapchat story. Good vibes have been um... vibing all around?

For hair and makeup, think sun-streaked hair, messy copper shadow and barely any makeup. Bold brows and nude lips are still going strong in my beauty bag. I think it's fascinating how my film style has been influencing my fashion sense and vice versa. Per example, I've been gravitating towards grainy old film with warm undertones that create nostalgia and breaks through fuzzy memories. 


As for music, it's all over the place with some sick remixes on Soundcloud, to rediscovering Blondie's, "Heart of Glass". The favorites on Soundcloud have been this cover of Coldplay's, "Hymn for the Weekend", and the Steve James remix of ZHU's "Faded". Follow me on Soundcloud here to take a listen to those few, plus a hella lot more. As for those Spotify peeps, here is May's Monthly Mixtape. In the mix, we have some Beastie Boys, Sons of East, and a solid 80s tune from a popular 80s movie. Any guesses? 



April Mood & Mixtape

Decided to combine two of my favorite posts, the monthly moodboard and the playlist, to create the ultimate bit of inspiration on this special Saturday post (aka I fell asleep before posting it yesterday). Pretty sweet, isn't? I'm also working through the Anguilla content slowly but surely. My latest travel guide will be launching next Friday, so be pretty pumped for the best of the best selection on Anguilla.  

Thank you for joining me in the little blog update, now back to the regular programming with this month's moodboard. Of course, no day goes by without I, Sloane C. Kratzman, either wearing denim or thinking about it. A fresh pair just entered my arsenal inspired by the biggest buzzing' bee, Vetements. Note the "inspired," as despite contrary belief, I do have a limit on how much money I'm willing to spend on my denim collection. I suffice by taking a trip to The Vintage Twin, my ultimate haven for vintage Levis. Two ways I plan to sport my latest purchase are with a simplistic white t-shirt and oversized navy blazer, and bringing in a trusty rope belt. Hmmm.... what else is on the board? With festival season (editor's note: I cannot stand that term either, so I sincerely apoglize for bringing it up during "chella" time) around the corner, I'm pairing my jeans with broken in sneakers and scrunched socks, plus taking notes with road-trip ready style, and a tiny nod to the 70s. 

Next on the menu, the April playlist. I mentioned a while ago that I have a cumilvative playlist called "The Soundtrack", so take a listen to that as well.


The Dress Hunt

Black dress: Farrah, Maroon dress: X Revolve + Lovers & FriendsWhite dress: Lovers & Friends , Gold dress: The Jetset Diaries . Black dress: Cupcakes & CashmereOmbre dress: Free People

Finding the perfect holiday party dress is like finding a Birkin bag in 2006... nearly impossible. Season after season, I never learn my lesson on looking for a dress ahead of time. You'd think that would be the ideal excuse, for an online shopper (like moi), to scour the inter-webs looking for a little something-something. 

The short answer? No. Like the true (recovering) procrastinator I am, I leave my shopping to the last plausible minute. 

In hopes for you not to turn out like me.... stressing over a dress.... here a few options so that you can stay sane. Much to my delight, I finally found the perfect dress for an event this weekend! I pinky-promise I'll share the final product with you considering it would be a welcomed change of pace from the normal routine of denim and leather and neutrals.

Btw folks, I hope you have my blog bookmarked/subscribe/opened because something bigger than Big Foot (wow, lame joke) is launching tomorrow. 



The Polo Club

True life: I have worn a polo almost everyday from September to May. Perks of a uniform, I guess. Before recently, I have only viewed a polo as an essential to my everyday apparel AND an item that every guy (who lives in New England) should have in his everyday apparel. Prep school or no prep school. 

But from the likes of Lacoste, Gucci, and other runway mavericks, the polo has become a part of the norm-core. Instead of your usual "Euro core", we skip and hop over the Atlantic to New England. Ladies & gents, the minimalist polo has been born. Pair yours with high waisted denim or silky separates to avoid resembling Muffy from the country club.

The polo: 1 The peter-pan: 0

Elements of Tweed

Wearing: Three Floor


, Pour La Victoire heels (old but,




Photos by

Lydia Hudgens

Just to clear up any confusion, these photos are from a few weeks ago. I have always been drawn to

Three Floor

dresses. They are all unique and have eye catching elements which makes them stand apart from other brands. This


caught my eye because of the tweed detailing and open back. It makes a statement on its own so I kept it simple with tried and true heels. Shop more Three Floor dresses below.