Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots

Animal Instinct

It's been quite some time since I have done a proper outfit post in this neck of the woods.

There is no other way to put it, but life has been more hectic than ever and time is fleeting friends! Because of the heaps of school work and playing catch up from being sick, my free time is not spent sitting on my laptop, but out and about in the world. I'm fully aware of my adjusting schedule and I promise to not less this area of my life falter anymore than it has been. To keep you in the loop, content will be changing around here. I won't be posting as much- simply because I cannot keep up with my normal 3x a week- but the quality will skyrocket through the roof to make up for the lack of, well, my face. Instead of traditional blog posts, the preliminary plan is to produce more digital stories... think more in-depth writing, design, photography. For 2017, I want my blog to paint the best picture of who I am and what I believe in, so let's get going!!

Now, before you depart from my corner of the interweb, this outfit (and another one coming later...) are examples of how to work summer pieces into your winter sartorial playbook. When the cutoffs are less beachy and more structured, they totally are cut out for milder days when paired with funky toppers, boots, and of course, a thick turtleneck.

Coat: Asos, Shorts: The Vintage Twin, Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Sweater: J.Crew


No Rest for the Wicked

Hello, it's me. 

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. 

I'm finally back to reality after a week down in Clearwater, Florida for a laser sailing regatta.   I didn't mean for the extended to hiatus to occur, but I've barely touched my laptop all week. 

Time to backtrack in time to Montauk. I shared the first batch of photos... two weeks ago (?) and there is still plenty to come- including a video that I must carve out some time (which I've zero of) to edit. From one marathon to the next; certainly is true that rest does not exist for the wicked. Oh, and the wicked wear sick vintage ski sweaters both on and off the slopes. And since there's a considerably lack of snow on the slopes, the beach works nicely too.

Jeans: Asos, Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Sweater: Vintage


Shoutout to those 70 degree days that decide to pop up in November. I go from skillful layering to slipping on the good old denim shorts. Instead of looking like you just came from Southern California, I carefully pair the summery staple with knits and over-the-knee boots

It's an art. Mixings seasonal clothing that is. *flips hair*


Turtleneck: Zara, Shorts: Levis, Boots: Stuart Weitzman (budget-friendly option), Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Ring: ASHA


Wearing: The Reformation sweatshirt, Jack Wills skirt (similar here & here), Lacoste polo, Stuart Weitzman boots (budget friendly option)

It's my birthday today! This past year, I grew up more than I could ever imagined and managed to  expand my business, plus made some interesting changes in my health & fitness. (which I'll be explaining very shortly.)

After seeing what fifteen had in store, let's just hope we make it through this one (especially with yours truly on the roads!)

Life moves way too fast and some days I wish to be seven again with no cares in the world.

Blowin' In the Wind


Wearing: J.Crew cardigan (on sale), J.Crew scarf, Jack Wills skirt (suede skirt here), Stuart Weitzman boots (40% off), Saint Laurent bag

Bob Dylan was indeed right when he soulfully sang/talked his famous 1960s song, the answer is blowin' in the wind. Especially when you are standing on a bridge wearing a scarf, whilst it is windy. 

It only seemed fitting to coordinate this with Dylan as my denim mini certainly is some of the attire preppy schoolgirls were wearing during said time. As the 60s and 70s revival has launched a thousand ship(ments) of button front denim and suede skirts 'round the world, I as well followed the face (i.e. skirt). 

To play the schoolgirl role well, a cardigan was the ideal supporting role. Except, when I think of cardigans, flashbacks of itchy wool and awkwardly fitting shoulders cloud my memory. So, I thought to myself, how does one sass up a cardigan? The answer? Well, it isn't blowing in the wind, instead it is when you pull a little switch-a-roo. 

To top things off, we fast-forward into the 70s (Bob was still around), with a matching scarf- author's note: not bought at the same time as sweater-, and middle-parted hair.

Shop the look in which I sport the skirt that launched a thousand everything: