Wearing: Faithfull the Brand dress, Ray-Ban shades, Not pictured: Birkenstocks


Aye, about time to get these St.Barths snaps rolling in. It feels like ages ago that I was in the islands, thus some digital fueled reminiscing is needed. I hope that you don't mind that the next hurdle of posts will be sun, sand, and the tropics. (;

As I like to say, the Aussies always do it better, and  Faithfull the Brand continues my Aussie appreciation streak. This shirtdress was right up my alley of girl-meets-boy style. Or as I like to put it from the nickname I was dubbed over vacation, "boy without pants".... you win some, you lose some. 

Despite my nickname I have garnered from overwearing shirt dresses, I'll be sporting this Faithfull number- city style- more as warmer weather hopefully dons upon us. 


Photos by Bruno Dubreuil 

Sailor's Travels | St.Barths

photos by me

This time to St.Barths was my.... (hold on, let me do the math)... 8th trip to the island. As my family has been sojourning to this little island for quite awhile, this time around we focused on doing other things than sitting on the beach. We skipped the normal dining choices for even more delicious places- but honestly, you just eat your way through St.Barths- ventured out to different parts of the island which resulted in becoming "one with nature", and overall having a wonderful trip. For this travel guide, I've found myself blabbering on about new activities and dining, but if you'd like other suggestions, may I suggest taking a look at my travel guide?


:: WANDER ::

Pointe Milou- We stayed at Le Christopher Hotel located right near Pointe Milou. Instead of hitting the gym for my daily dose of pumping iron, I would run, then hike into a rocky beach on Pointe Milou. One day, Reid (my brother), and I explored all the way out to the point only to find tidal pools full of sea urchins, fish, and coral along with multi-colored cliffs from Mother Nature herself. Each time I hiked it was around sunset which I found was the ideal time to go.

Grand Fond natural pools- Another day, another hike. To begin, this longer hike (25 mins.) can get very H-O-T as you are on the drier side of the island. With that, it's best to do before 12 pm. The hike itself displays beautiful views of the Caribbean sea. It's a narrow path to get to the natural pools so I strongly recommend wearing sneakers, but bringing flip flops once you arrive at the pools. We spent around 30-40 mins at the pools swimming in the clear water before making the trek back. Lastly, bring plenty of water if you plan on staying longer. Please note, I don't recommend visiting the natural pools if you have recent injuries or suffer from any regular medical conditions.

Day boat trip- The last time we did a boat trip from St.Barths was ages ago, so it only seems right to add it to the list for 2015. We chartered a catamaran from St.Barth Sailor, whom I couldn't recommend enough. Our trip included a sail to a nearby island for snorkeling and lunch on the boat. The experience is fairly customizable to the size of the party, and what you would like to get out of the day.

Beaches- We only went to three beaches this trip, because we were  busy- bees (and tired bees, might I add). St.Jean, Gouverneur, and Shell Beach were the only ones we went to. St.Jean is a centrally-located beach that is home to the infamous Eden Rock and Nikki Beach. Gouverneur is a great beach for relaxing, but I warn you, it gets very hot very quickly. Lastly, Reid and I went cliff-jumping at Shell Beach (in Gustavia) on our last day.

:: EAT ::

Black Ginger- A delicious Thai/Asian fusion restaurant located in Gustavia. The food was incredibly fresh and flavorful without being overpowering with spices (as some Thai food can be). I had the chicken satay (so good, ordered a second order!), then a special of the night. As for dessert (sadly, I'm not one to partake here), my brother ordered some banana fried thing which looked (and smelled) delicious.

Le Ti- If you ever visit St.Barths, you mustttt go to Le Ti. The bar/restaurant is a nightlife hotspot (which gets a little wild after 12), but never the less, loads of fun. The food itself isn't outta this world, but.... the experience makes up for it. We went on a Tuesday night around 9 for their Cabaret show- I can promise you, the show provides plenty of entertainment. As the night continues, you'll end up being dressed up in crazy costumes and dancing on tables.

Eddy's- We actually stumbled upon Eddy's after our dinner at Black Ginger. The setting was like a jungle, and the food was perhaps my favorite meal on the island. 

Hotel Taïwana- Located on Flamands beach, this super chic hotel creates a whole different vibe from anywhere else on the island. The decor reminded me of Miami, and the food was simplistic French infused, and a well-deserved two thumb up.

Le Tarmin- The restaurant near Saline beach makes you feel as if you were dropped in jungle in Africa or South America. The whole place is outside with huge trees lining outdoor seating, a ping pong table, and a cute shop. It is owned by a couple who greet and say goodbye to each party with a handshake and smile- talk about hospitality. The food was delicious; my favorite dish was the Mahi Mahi with sweet potatoes (my tastebuds are going crazy right now)

Tom's Juice Bar- Being the health nut I am, of course I had to go to a juice bar a few times during my stay. The Acai bowl with extra strawberry, banana, and coconut tasted like heaven in food form. I also tried one of their juices that had sparkling water in the mix. Never have heard of that in all my schleps to juice bars around the world. 

(1) flying into St.Barths over Gustavia Harbor (2) Pointe Milou (3) fireworks over St.Jean beach (4) Gustavia harbor- wearing this playsuit (under $50) (5) Day trip w/ St.Barth Sailor- wearing this dress (6) travel outfit (7) wearing this Spell playsuit (8) First night at sunset (9) Nikki Beach Bucket Regatta party- wearing Reformation (10) Nikki Beach once again (11) St.Jean beach- wearing Solid & Striped suit (12) Natural pools in Grand Fond- wearing Kiini suit (13,14,15) #fromwhereistand (16) Hotel Taïwana (17) Laser sailing out of St.Barth Yacht Club (18) Swimming at Shell Beach (19) St.Jean beach (20) watching the planes land (21) Hiked down to the cliffs at Pointe Milou (22) Acai bowls from Tom's Juice Bar in St.Jean (23) Eddy's in Gustavia (24) Sign outside of JOJO Burger


Bonjour from St.Barths


Reporting live from St.Barths as I'm currently watching surfers off the rocks and scratching my hella annoying bug bites. After a long day of travel (ie delays and more delays) back on Wednesday, we have settled back in our home away from home.  


For now, I'll catch you later gators. Due to wifi that is spottier than Sprint service, posting will be scarce over the next week. Normal programming (what is this? ABC news?)  will begin once I'm back home. Wanna keep up with me on real time? Instagram is where its at. 


Oh, and one more thing. Netflix France is the best thing since I-have-no-idea-because-it-is-just-that-good. 



Packing List

Madewell hat [$75]Solid & Striped swimsuit [$150]James Read tan lotion [$34]Soludos shoes [$65]Faithfull dress [$120]Zimmermann romper [$395]Clare V tote [$199]

If you didn't catch on from my hashtagTBT Insta post,  I'll be returning to my favorite island in a nine days. As I'm 100% finito with wearing turtlenecks and fleece up to my eyeballs, you can only imagine the bottled up excitement of purchasing clothes that happen to be filed under: sun and sand.

But the party doesn't stop there. I also have been keeping something else under wrap in addition to my upcoming trip. Next week, big changes will be coming to Sailing the Sea of Style. And by changes, I mean bigger than the big bang theory changes. Okay, okay, let's not get too carried away there. Even though things will be switched up, don't you worry, little 'ol me will still be typing away behind the screen.

Before you go and shop some sun ready pieces, I need some help from a few readers. Email me at

SLOANE.C.K@GMAIL.COM to get the scoop of why I'm recruiting you.

Until then you know the drill: sun's out, guns out.


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