Sperry Top Sider

Lazy Meets Adventure

Introducing my sartorial arsenal of lazy weekend wear. 

The biggest contenders are and forever shall be Sperry boots, stripes, and denim. I've switched from shorts to pants, which will eventually turn into my winning tights/denim combo once the temperatures drop l-o-w.

These duck boots are on rotation for the days when I'm not feeling sneakers or booties. Or something more casual- like my pre-sailing outfit of sweats & Barbour jacket.

Talk about ~high fashion~. 


Boots: Sperry c/o (other colours here) Shorts: Madewell  Jacket: Brandy

Sloane Kratzman Favorites-0049.jpg

Adventure Awaits

Wearing: Brandy Melville top, Vintage shorts (worn here), Sperry shoes c/o 

When I'm asked to write my bio, I put the same old, same old type, but what I actually want to write: 

Hi, my name is Sloane and I'm an adventure seeker. Not the person that will go base-jumping, or eat snakes (um, just no), but I live life as the wind takes me (school, permitting *wink*). 

One place I always find myself turning to? You guessed it, the ocean. It's a scary, bone-chilling, unknown world out there, but my lord, it's a beautiful one. So next time you find yourself by the world's end, fall in love with its mysterious glory, and bask in the hidden safety of it. Trust me, you'll never want to return home. 


Shot in Newport, RI.

Winter Wonderland



| Unknown scarf (


) | Joie


| Sperry Top Sider x J.Crew boots (old)

I love snow- correction, I love

freshly fallen

snow. After it gets all muddy and gross, let it rain or someone please magically transport me to a warmer climate. The backyard looked so pretty with just layers of white and tons of birds in the trees. These Sperry boots (this year's


) are my favorite thing to wear on snow days but whilst inside I


take off these

J.Crew socks

My Resort Picks

In the Northeast, we are experiencing freezing temperatures! In the morning, it is 7 degrees! Eekk! I don't like the cold one bit! When I am all cozy by the fireplace and wrapped in blankets, I am looking at all my favorite Resort pieces online! The colors and prints this year are amazing! All my favorite colors! Don't you love the hot pink HiHo Beach Sweater?!

Keep on Sailing,

Gift Guide: The Gents