PSA: The Perfect Stripe


Heads up, here is the perfect stripe to rival the old-school fisherman knit.

Shop it at Kule Stripes

Unconventional Gifts

Instead of a materialistic item underneath the tree this season, how about thinking outside of the (gift) box? I for one, love a good bag or shoe, but nothing is better than receiving something personalized like a trip or unique experience. 

An unconventional gift will sure be a winner- simply print out a picture, wrap it up, and you just k.i.l.l.e.d. the gift game. 

Keep reading for a bunch of ideas.


>> Theater & Show tickets (what about Sleep No More for all the NYC peeps?)      

>> Concerts are also a win - is an awesome resource for finding concerts in your area

>> Weekend trips... what about a New England or California Road trip? Perhaps a spa trip to refresh and replenish? Of course, NYC never fails

>> Look at the events that your credit card company has.... I know AMEX and MasterCard host major fashion and film events.

>> Speaking of events, a football game is a no-fail for the boys. 

>> If you like more adventure, sky-diving or trapeze

>> Off-roading is also an adventure filled day trip.

>> A fancy-shmancy dining experience at a top tier restaurant. Eleven Madison Park anyone?


Clark wants more holiday content, do you? Click on him to see. 

Autumn Coveting

What I want in my closet next season... suede accessories, 70s style denim, hoops, and neutrals. Not to mention, I'm really into these short leather boots... 50% off? Music to my ears. 

Go crazy below:  

Killer Cashmere

The Row sweater

After a few hours of studying for my final exams, a break was necessary for my metal sanity. My break of choice? Lusting after cashmere and perfectly beige sweaters (there is such thing) on Net-A-Porter. For a girl, like me, an oversized neutral knit is the one item that I couldn't live without. But alas, emphasis on the word lusting. 

Killer cashmere, it is indeed.  



Rational Shopping

All rational thinking goes out the window when it comes to online shopping. Somehow, I convince myself that it's perfectly justifiable to buy another pair of sneakers or

leather jacket

 (err... it's on sale!)

 with summer around the corner. Never less, some of these items are essential to every girl's wardrobe;

denim shorts

, perhaps?

Push aside the thought of practicality, all these items are at the top of my list. Not that I need anymore shoes, but

these sandals

fit the bill for my feet- neutral and (almost) flat. Double check. Those paired with a

striped top

and shorts is my soon-to-be uniform. 

 Rational shopping? That's right.

Shop it all here: