Seavees shoes

Superhero, Superpowers

Wearing:Y.A.S. leather leggingsAsos button down ,T by Alexander Wang stripe t-shirt (see all looks with it...),Seavees slip ons c/o, Mango coat (similar), 

As I've been able to tame my sneaker addiction down, we have another problem (... Houston). Leather. The equation has turned into 4 jackets, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 skirts, 3 tops and now 2 pairs leggings- and this dress is soon to be in transit. 

I can't help myself. 

As I will tell my support group- AKA the world wide web- it has come to the point where leather (or "pleather" in this case), has replaced my tried & true denim. 

On Monday, I presented you with the tamer duds of the two- the martial of choice is only on the front- which is my suggestion if you only want to dip a toe in and not go full-on dominatrix. These shiny black pair have the ability to take an outfit from a one to a ten, plus they are leggings. When it comes to leather, I have two guidelines. 1) It should get better with age. 2) When you slip those pants on (or jacket), it makes you feel like a bada$$. 

If that is not a superhero piece, then I'm beat.

(Sidenote: I've worn this stripe tee in three posts in one week.... another superhero piece)

Photos by Emily Malan


Wearing: Acne Studios blazer(last worn here), Orvis turtleneck,Mother jeans,Seavees slip ons c/o,Saint Laurent bag, Larson & Jennings watch

Bordeaux and caramel (scandi) candy hues are the perfect companion to my top of the totem pole jeans. As camel/caramel does happen to be the "it" color of the season, isn't that inherently stating that "black is the new black"? Never the less, at least these colors help avoid the black cat territory I enter, come the dead of winter. Perhaps one of the best steals of my life was this Acne Studios blazer, yes indeed it is one size too big, but size smhize. To put it in simpler logic, the bigger size; the closer it is to a blanket. Just be careful not to veer into the slightly frightening 80s lane of shoulder pads. 

Photos by Emily Malan