Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Purple Crush

I’ve professed my love for Reál in the past and I’ll say it again and again. They are the absolute dreamiest dresses in the world, maybe a hyperbolic statement but I doubt it, and I could wear one every single day. This purple beauty has brought a romantic touch to my closet whilst still remaining true to my own vibe. I’ve been on a bit of a spending halt this month (more on that later), so I’m taking advantage of the gorgeous items already hanging in my wardrobe. Per example, I’ve worn this baby out on the town with earrings and espadrilles or during the day with loafers and my favorite, falling apart at the seams sweater.  What can I say? I’m an outfit-repeater, but when the criminal is this charming… I guess it can fly.

Wearing: Reálisation Par dress, Vintage sweater, Gucci loafers, and Ray-Ban shades

Location: Montauk, NY

Central Park Daydream

27 (1).JPG

Animal print, loafers, and middle parts? It's a Love Story induced daydream sans the plethora of tears. It was also my exact inpsiration for this shoot with my new Aussie friend, Gabi. Not only is Gabi one of the sweetest souls I've ever met, but she is wickedly talented. So, I happen to geek out a little bit when I cross paths with people a la Gabi; plus it is the cherry on top when your ~creative~ visions align. Any who, post-snapping, we walked around the park and worked our way to Columbus Circle in search of food. With coffees and lunch in hand, we topped the afternoon with a picnic style lunch and great conversation. 


I like to think that days like these are the ones that I'm living most in the moment .As I like to say to my friends, the best moments in life are the ones that have no proof.


Wearing: Asos coat, Zara turtleneck, The Vintage Twin jeans, Madewell loafers- very similar, and Ray-Ban sunglasses (on sale!)


Lucky Duck

I spent the latter part of the summer (where did it goooo?) on the lookout for a little black slip dress. After scouring the internet, stores, and the vintage world, I came up empty handed. Then, out of coincidence, this Kendall x Kylie for Pacsun dress ended up in an random span email. A mere thirty-seven dollars later, I bequeathed the best layering piece in the game. Over turtlenecks? Sure! Under sweater dresses? Go for it. Tucked into jeans? Works like a charm. 


Wearing: Kendall x Kylie for Pacsun dress , Brandy striped t-shirt, Converse sneakers, Ray-Ban folding sunglasses

Photos by Felicia Lasala 

Claps for Favorites

First, my sincerest apologies for the sporadic posting this week. I've been running all over the place, jumping from state to state, and barely finding the time to sleep. Spring Break, you say? Simply counting the minutes till I'm on the beach in the hot Caribbean sun. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough. 

Secondly, considering Spring is teasing us with warm days then proceeding to slap us with snow, my sartorial game is currently off its rockers. Everyone is struggling with weather confusion, so share some sympathy as I continue to wear the same sweatshirt for just ONE more day.  That brings me to my current favourites. I like to think that the items deemed favourites, don't necessarily have to be worn religiously, but are being shown some extra special love.

1. Zara leather jacket.  This baby is the definition of an oldie but a goodie as it was one of my OG Zara purchases. Never fails to bring some badass to any outfit. I'm looking to add another (vegan) leather jacket to the collection soon...digging this one.  Yet, nothing will ever rival my one & only from Queen Z. 

2. Superga sneakers. Thinking it is time to take a separation from my Stans, as the soles of them are slowly falling apart. Personally, Superga kicks have never really done it for me, greatly prefer clean white kicks, but it has been a refreshing pep in my step. I'm also eyeing these red bad boys from Vans. Sneakerhead never dies. 

3. Ray-Ban sunglasses. I've been switching between the round Ray-Bans and the classic wayfarers like hot cakes. Simply cannot decide which pair shall stand on my metaphorical pedestal but my Lennon style is currently pulling ahead simply for their radiating cool factor. 

4. Hermes silk bracelets/chokers . Talk about a forgotten soul of Sloane's wardrobe. My parents have given me these Hermes silk and charm ties over the past several years and it has built up quite the collection. I went through somewhat of an anti-jewelry phase during the fall and briefly into the winter, until I whipped out these from my jewelry box. Since then, you can find them either on my wrist or for something a little quirkier than normal, as a choker. 

5. J.Crew hat. Sadly this Panama hat has gone to hat heaven. That's why I was spending some free time trying on hats after hat. Hats are back, who knew? As much as I love the Panamas and fedoras, forever supporting the baseball hat. 

Before closing this post, I had to share some beauty products that have been saving my skin 

1. Toners. My poor skin has been going through hell and back, especially with the flip-flopping weather and these toners are the only things keeping it in check. I prefer to use only natural products on my face as my skin is unpredictable when it comes to trying new things. Witch Hazel is savior, in addition to this new product from Tammy Fender. 

2. St.Tropez Shower Self-tanner & Jergens Instant Sun. I'm always on the market for trying new self-tanners that won't turn me into an oopa-loompa and are foolproof in terms of zero streaks and zero mess. I've tried two this week. The St.Tropez in shower self-tanner is decent but a major emphasis on the GRADUAL. I am a decently pale person and after two uses, the color was barely there. I popped into the drugstore for a backup and behold, Jergens coming in clutch. I'm using the Jergens Instant Sun moose in Deep Bronze and it hits all the stops; zero streaks and no oopa-loompa-ing. 

Teddy Bear Talk


My love/hate relationship with faux fur has been going on for far too long. I either feel like a teddy bear or some super chic Parisian babe. Please note that I feel like a Parisian babe.... I can assume I look more like a stuffed animal. I'm never able to fall smack down in the middle of... teddy bear chic? 

I'm not thinking about my constant fur dilemma anymore. Well, at least until the next winter as I'm counting down the days to sweet Spring dawns upon my internally cold self. 

Topshop faux fur coat (old), Reformation denim (see my denim series here), Asos turtleneck, Converse sneakers (love the all leather ones!), Ray-Ban sunglasses (budget friendly option)