Endless Possibilities

The middle of July often brings along a summer style rut where all of those linen dresses and lace tops purchased back in May, become dull and blah. Thus, we must hit the style refresh button in order to spice things up. One of my favorite summer tricks is the scarf-as-a-shirt. Depending on the area size of your respectable scarf, options can be endless. In my case, I prefer the updated tube top.... plenty of shoulders and back to show off in the late summer sun. Try it on the beach or for dinner. Endless summer equals endless possibilities. 

Wearing: Hermes silk scarf (check TheRealReal), Aritzia skirt, Castañer espadrilles (Matches is my favorite place for them), Ray-Ban shades

Location: Newport, Rhode Island  

Penny Lane Called

Long time, no talk. I have finally found the time to sit down and write a spanking new post. And what better way to return back to the interweb with a classic and beloved Penny Lane moment? No one can resist one and let's face it, the 70s look will probably never go out of style... or so I hope to think. The over the top coat is vintage Akris borrowed from my mother's closet, along with the flared (!!) cashmere sweater from Tory Burch. Man, how I wished I shot this sweater, that was sadly disguised underneath a toasty layer of warmth. Alas, I have learnt to never risk frostbite in the name of fashion. This sweater though.... I've become infatuated with ruffles and flares lately, as they add a feminine and girly touch to my otherwise chill wardrobe. Who doesn't like to have a little flirty swish to their everyday look? I stand correct.

Signing off with a spin on Penny and a swish on my sleeve

Wearing: Tory Burch sweater (similar here and here), The Vintage Twin jeans (similar), Madewell loafers, Pop & Suki bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Akris vintage coat (similar options



Central Park Daydream

27 (1).JPG

Animal print, loafers, and middle parts? It's a Love Story induced daydream sans the plethora of tears. It was also my exact inpsiration for this shoot with my new Aussie friend, Gabi. Not only is Gabi one of the sweetest souls I've ever met, but she is wickedly talented. So, I happen to geek out a little bit when I cross paths with people a la Gabi; plus it is the cherry on top when your ~creative~ visions align. Any who, post-snapping, we walked around the park and worked our way to Columbus Circle in search of food. With coffees and lunch in hand, we topped the afternoon with a picnic style lunch and great conversation. 


I like to think that days like these are the ones that I'm living most in the moment .As I like to say to my friends, the best moments in life are the ones that have no proof.


Wearing: Asos coat, Zara turtleneck, The Vintage Twin jeans, Madewell loafers- very similar, and Ray-Ban sunglasses (on sale!)


The Forecast

Week one of school is done & dusted. Four days in the bag and it felt like four years. Time is a sneaky little brown-noser, isn't it?

Instead of pondering life's biggest questions on time, how about we jump back to Newport? Where I was happy as a clam, and the dog days of summer were still in full swing.  As promised in my Autumn essentials post, here is one of the items on my list: black denim. Specifically, high waisted and a pair that ooze serious mom vibes. Re-write that to a cool mom. No doubt. 

In order to "New England-ize" the dark denim, I paired them with my go-to oversized fisherman knit. I will praise the fisherman sweater until hell freezes over because it is honestly my most sacred and love item in my closet. Ok, ok, that was a little bit of a hyperbole. Still, you get my point. It would be a stormy weather in my sartorial forecast sans the sweater. 

The upcoming forecast for this Autumn? These two golden pieces and sunshine. Lots of both. 

Wearing: Vintage sweater, The Vintage Twin denim, Castañer wedges, Chanel bag




Pirates x Faithfull

Sometimes you strike the bullseye and sometimes, well you don't.  I can think of many cases where this can be applied in a serious matter, but for the sake of a lighthearted Wednesday post, I have the ideal example.

I made a Pirates of the Caribbean reference on Instagram, and I'm nearly 100% sure no one got it. Oops, no bullseye there.

As a self-proclaimed Faithfull fanatic, who's summer wardrobe revolves around their simplistic bohemian pieces, no doubt I had to bring my favorite tunic along with me to the ocean side. The reasoning behind my Instagram "joke" was that this blouse gives me serious Jack Sparrow vibes, if the infamous and bloody awfully awesome pirate was a 70s hippie. Now, that is something wrap your head around. 


Prefer a city styling? Look how I sported my Pirate-esque top on concrete.

Blouse: Faithfull the Brand (similar here), Sandals: Madewell (under $70), Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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Wearing: Reformation turtlenecklast worn here), Zara leather pantsReformation denim jacket (another way to wear it), Shoemint shoes (old,similar), Madewell ringAsos ring

The calendar might say Monday, but I'm still in a weekend mindset and so is my wardrobe. During January, my efforts of dressing are lowered to kitten heel level, so you can only imagine that I've created a uniform for winter. Similar to last year's go to, but a little more diverse in that. 

Turtleneck sweaters,black jeans, and boots.

But after wearing the same variation of a look for over a month, it is nice to shake things up a little that department. That's where textures come to play. Leather legs, denim jacket, suede shoes (not the most practical with snow in the picture) become the magic potion when in an all-black rut. 

So, if next Monday morning (or tomorrow), you happen to face the hardships of the forever lingering question "what to wear", make sure you file away this post.

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

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