Purple Crush

I’ve professed my love for Reál in the past and I’ll say it again and again. They are the absolute dreamiest dresses in the world, maybe a hyperbolic statement but I doubt it, and I could wear one every single day. This purple beauty has brought a romantic touch to my closet whilst still remaining true to my own vibe. I’ve been on a bit of a spending halt this month (more on that later), so I’m taking advantage of the gorgeous items already hanging in my wardrobe. Per example, I’ve worn this baby out on the town with earrings and espadrilles or during the day with loafers and my favorite, falling apart at the seams sweater.  What can I say? I’m an outfit-repeater, but when the criminal is this charming… I guess it can fly.

Wearing: Reálisation Par dress, Vintage sweater, Gucci loafers, and Ray-Ban shades

Location: Montauk, NY

Cherry Blossoms

Everyone always raves about the beautiful cherry blossoms in D.C. and I was itching to stop by them before we high-tailed it back home to New England. In my opinion, the cherry blossoms are more of supporting act to the Jefferson Memorial and an Instagram moment, so don't fret if you can make it across the river to see them. For me, I was more keen to visit the memorial as its been on my D.C. to-do list since my 8th-grade field trip. 

I'm compiling a D.C. travel guide, so keep your eyes peeled for when it hits the interwebs, Oh, and you might catch the foldover Vans in one picture 

I'm working on a D.C. travel guide, so keep your eyes peeled for when that hits the interwebs. Oh, and you might catch the foldover Vans in one picture.... the result of walking 10 miles the day before. Note to all: wear comfortable shoes unless you plan on having killer blisters for a week. 

Wearing: Brandy Melville denim jacket, The Vintage Twin jeans,  L.L. Bean sweater, Vans sneakers, Pop & Suki bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Penny Lane Called

Long time, no talk. I have finally found the time to sit down and write a spanking new post. And what better way to return back to the interweb with a classic and beloved Penny Lane moment? No one can resist one and let's face it, the 70s look will probably never go out of style... or so I hope to think. The over the top coat is vintage Akris borrowed from my mother's closet, along with the flared (!!) cashmere sweater from Tory Burch. Man, how I wished I shot this sweater, that was sadly disguised underneath a toasty layer of warmth. Alas, I have learnt to never risk frostbite in the name of fashion. This sweater though.... I've become infatuated with ruffles and flares lately, as they add a feminine and girly touch to my otherwise chill wardrobe. Who doesn't like to have a little flirty swish to their everyday look? I stand correct.

Signing off with a spin on Penny and a swish on my sleeve

Wearing: Tory Burch sweater (similar here and here), The Vintage Twin jeans (similar), Madewell loafers, Pop & Suki bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Akris vintage coat (similar options



Animal Instinct

It's been quite some time since I have done a proper outfit post in this neck of the woods.

There is no other way to put it, but life has been more hectic than ever and time is fleeting friends! Because of the heaps of school work and playing catch up from being sick, my free time is not spent sitting on my laptop, but out and about in the world. I'm fully aware of my adjusting schedule and I promise to not less this area of my life falter anymore than it has been. To keep you in the loop, content will be changing around here. I won't be posting as much- simply because I cannot keep up with my normal 3x a week- but the quality will skyrocket through the roof to make up for the lack of, well, my face. Instead of traditional blog posts, the preliminary plan is to produce more digital stories... think more in-depth writing, design, photography. For 2017, I want my blog to paint the best picture of who I am and what I believe in, so let's get going!!

Now, before you depart from my corner of the interweb, this outfit (and another one coming later...) are examples of how to work summer pieces into your winter sartorial playbook. When the cutoffs are less beachy and more structured, they totally are cut out for milder days when paired with funky toppers, boots, and of course, a thick turtleneck.

Coat: Asos, Shorts: The Vintage Twin, Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Sweater: J.Crew


Back to Newport, RI


I went out east this weekend for a heavy dosage of fresh air and the ocean- along with a pretty bomb vegan french toast from Babette's. I'll say it to I'm blue in the face, but a change of scenery does wonders for the mind and soul. I am waiting for some film to be developed, but then a full visual diary will be coming soon. 

With junior year coming at me with full force, I am finally catching up on so many overdue posts, beginning with this look from Rhode Island last month. Yesterday, I wore a version of this outfit, simply switching out the black turtleneck for camel and adding some hoop earrings for some sass. And with the talk of holiday on the horizon, it remind me I need to start working on my holiday guide once again. If you would like to jumpstart your holiday spirit, we all need some of it, visit last year's holiday guide! I am in the brainstorming stages for this season's content, so if you would like to see anything specific, I'm all ears. 

Gucci loafers, J.Crew turtleneck, The Vintage Twin denim (also worn here),

Meli Melo bag (on sale!), & Ray-Ban sunglasses



October's Best of the Best


Instead of dishing you another dosage of my annoying blabbering about clothing, I felt that a favorites post would be a better fit. Yes, I will admit that this outfit is decently spiffy and I'm all about making a slip dress wearable as the temperatures top.

With October come and gone, I am left refreshed  and rejuvenated for the rest of 2016... mind you, it is a quite hectic one. I like to think as October being my personal version of a new year. Perhaps it is because I'm a libra, so I feel über connected to this glorious month, but I also always happen to experience a change or shift in some part of my life. Continuing, I am filled to the bring with ideas and dreams of how this digital space will grow over time - especially focusing on more film photography, videos, stories, and grander personal projects that will give you all a better insight into who I am. 

Now with that, enjoy this lengthy list of favorites. 


Good Girls Revolt- I watched the pilot of Amazon’s newest show when it was released last fall. To say the least, I am *obsessed* with this show and cannot wait till season two. As you’ll see in these favorites, I have always been naturally drawn to the social and culture movement of late 60s, so I not only find the history behind the story line fascinating, but the show itself is both well casted and well written. The creators both convey several sides of the social movement against gender discrimination in the workforce,  along with the glamour, grit, and romance of 1969-70. The fashion and music is pretty rad too — especially with Patti Robinson (aka my favorite character). To watch, head to Amazon. 

The Sixties- Continuing on with my 60s/70s cultural binge, I started CNN’s documentary series a couple nights ago. It’s been an interesting pairing with Good Girls Revolt, as the series explores all aspects of the decade. Once I wrap up this decade, next on my plate is to tackle The Seventies. To watch, head to Netflix. 

Sabrina The Teenage Witch- Meet the oddball of my entertainment line-up. Honestly, it’s such a good show and while the technology isn’t up to date as we have come to know, I think it adds charm to the show. Oh, Salem is spirit animal!



Nostalgia playlist- By now, I guess you can sense what type of mindset I’m in right now. Here is the music I’ve been listening to— my favorites are Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Grateful Dead’s Good Lovin’, all the David Bowie, and The Allman Brothers Band’s Ramblin’ Man. 

Photograph by Ringo Starr- I rediscovered my childhood song this week. From the ages of 3-6, I listened to the Concert For George tribute album ALL THE TIME, and then for the past ten years, I completely blanked out on what the album was called. Since the rediscovering of this incredible record, I have ordered the CD for my car’s stereo, and I have been playing Ringo Starr’s Photograph on repeat. Guess my taste in music as been the same since I was 3. 

Lady Gaga covers- She is wickedly talented and can pretty much sing any song perfectly. My favorites are her 2015 Oscars performance, Stevie Wonder tribute, and the cover of Sting’s If I Ever Lose My Faith- which brought Sting (& me!) to tears. 



Outdoor Voices- I’ve already have preached about my love for this fitness/recreation wear brand, so it is no surprise that I purchased another pair of their leggings. I'm a very happy lady (that only wears leggings). 

Gucci loafers- One of my birthday presents were these, honestly flawless, Gucci loafers. They were the last pair in my size on the Eastern seaboard, so I lucked out. I haven’t worn any other shoes since they came in the mail, and don’t really plan on it in the near future. The brown also feels much more youthful than the traditional black, plus they look super cool when paired with sheer tights. 

Baseball caps-  During the weekends, I have been throwing on baseball caps when I’m running around town. I also love oiling my hair with coconut oil to keep my ends healthy, so wearing a baseball cap hides my greasy mess. 

Lighter wash denim- I have been switching between my black denim and super light wash like crazy. Ironically, I wore my absolute bluest pair of denim all summer, but since fall rolled around they have taken a back seat for now and the others take the cake. 




Red pepper hummus- Full on addicted. I shamelessly, and easily, can go through a tub of this hummus. 

Gingerbread tea with cinnamon- When I am not in the mood for coffee, I brew some gingerbread tea and mix it with a splash of almond milk and cinnamon for an extra kick. 



Tumblr- As I am bursting with creative energy right now, I have been tumblr’n plenty in order to bring my ideas to visual representation. Not to mention, escrowing and re-blogging a solid choice when it comes to relaxing techniques. 

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Incline walking for HIIT- Lately, I have replaced running intervals for intense incline walking. It is less stress on the joints, but it also a refreshing change of pace (ha, pun intended) from normal hitting pavement or treadmill.

I Feel Like Hillz- Check it out and see this incredible company in all its Hilary glory. Oh, and be sure to get out and VOTE! 

Condition 1st, Shampoo 2nd- Lately, I have been foregoing conditioner all together, in replacement of coconut oil on the ends of my hair. If your hair is anything like mine, aka super fine, this switch-a-roo could bring some serious va-va-volume to your locks. 

Photos by Gabi Mulder