Work it Out | II

Wearing: Nike top, shorts, and sneakers 

A little fitness inspiration for this weekend. 

Earlier this week, I went to the workout class, ((305)) Fitness. It's a HIIT workout-meets-Miami dance party that kills your muscles, yet is loads of fun. Trust me, my legs are so sore, but I can't wait to return to the blood pumping atmosphere of blaring music and flashing lights. They have two locations: NYC & D.C.... hit one of them for a killer workout.

Oh, and wear neon. Loads of it. 

Work it Out

Wearing: Sweaty Betty topThe Reformation sweatshirtNike leggingsNike sneakers (under $100)

I've you been following me on the Insta-land or its chatty cousin, Twitter,you've seen that I've stepped up my fitness game. To spread my knowledge when it comes to workin' that body, why not head to the age old Interweb? 

I tend to workout 5-6 times a week for an 1-1 1/2 hour (riveting, right?). To be honest, my new found "gym-bunniesness" lifestyle is only a little over a month old, but I've fallen hard. Plus, Laser Midwinters regatta- the reason I'm down South at the moment- is a big enough reason to get my sorry ass into shape. Three times per week, I focus on cardio- my preference, you may be wondering? I run intervals on the treadmill for 20 mins, then row 2000-5000 meters on the rowing machine. Following that, I either do the stairmaster for 20 mins or an ab workout. The other days? I use the Nike Training app (hashtag there's an app for that). or the Kayla Itsines workout plan, which oh boy, my wobbly walking the day after is proof that those workouts, for the matter of the fact, work. 

As my self proclaimed title of gym rat/gym bunny/fitness aficionado/you get my point, looking the part is another half of it. Oh c'mon, don't deny the fact that those old t-shirts and worn in shorts don't exactly motivate you to run a mile a minute. Plus, with athletic gear ranging from Net-A-Porter to the originals like Nike (these are my favorite sneaks). Lululemon, and Adidas, workout apparelis a crucial part of one's wardrobe now a days. 

Quoting my new home away from home (Equinox gym), it's not fitness, it's life.



Photos by

Alexandra Gibbs

| shot a few weeks ago, hence the lack of snow. 


 Wearing :Jacquemus t-shirt,Nike sneakers,J.Crew skirt,Marc by Marc sunglassesWanderlust & Co bracelets and rings, Hermes scarf

To start this monday off on the proper foot, I would like to state that indeed, school and street style have taught me one thing.

 That the idea of wearing your trainers with anything other than athletic wear seems far out and would end up as one of Glamour's Don'ts. In the midst of my classes and pursuing Tommy and other camera wielded superstars, the combination of sneakers with a skirt, then dressed back down with your best t-shirt, creates that effortless look we all long for the minute we step into our closet. Plus, quirkier details like a silk scarf bring in color and some details. You see, it is a complex fashion formula of wearing sneakers and avoiding "Tacky Tally" territory. In short:

Sneakers will forever and always be your best friend. 

And in this case, if it cross your mind that I'm missing school, you've thought wrong (long live summer!). Yet, ironically, I am learning math navigation for sailing as I type. School (plus, never leaves you.

Photos by

Alexandra Gibbs

Right On Track

Wearing: Asos


, Club Monaco


, Nike


, Equipment


, Lora Piana


This past weekend, Mother Nature proved she didn't hate us and brought us a dose of sunshine. Then


, it's snowing today. Alas, this past weekend gave us a little hope that Spring is on track towards us. On the topic of

on track,

 these Nike


have stolen my heart. With my personal style being much more simple nowadays, I am thrilled that sporty style is not going anywhere. 

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