Thank You Nancy


I would be lying if I didn't admit that this look was completely, no-doubt-about-it, inspired by The Parent Trap... the 90s version of course. It's a hybrid of the twins' matching yellow looks and the Ralph Lauren button down looks. Thank you, Nancy Meyers for the plethora of sartorial inspiration. Please make another movie, so I can continue this journey.

Sidenote, yellow is the color of my dreams right now, hence this look. Faded yellow looks particularly charming with bright, firetruck red. Throws you for a loop of color confusion. It just works. 

Wearing: J.Crew linen button-down, Levi's vintage denim, Hunza G x Pandora Sykes bikini, and Ray-Ban shades

Location: Montauk, NY

introducing wavves

I'm currently in the tedious, yet enjoyable, process of redesigning the brand-new Sailing the Sea of Style website. But, I wanted to stop and present my latest project, "wavves", a visual and moving diary. 

As a sailor, I've had a longtime love affair with the ocean, so I finally wanted to express that love from behind a lens. wavves is a multimedia collection of photographs and short films that capture the untamed beauty of the ocean with the reckless passion and uncertainty of youth. 


episode one, season one was shot in Montauk, NY. 

featuring strangers by the kinks. 

Dreamland | Video

I tend to take a different creative route when it comes to directing and creating video content. Unlike the tradition planning and storyboarding, I'm normally struck with some specific idea and I can't stop thinking about it until it's done and dusted. Then half way through the post production, I completely switch ideas and mentally file away my original idea until further. 

Did that majorly confuse you? Sorry 'bout that. 

I wrote a short essay that sparked my OG idea, but alas have decided to save it for another time down the road. Without further ado, enjoy dreamland. 

Shot on location in Montauk, NY.

Teddy Bear Talk


My love/hate relationship with faux fur has been going on for far too long. I either feel like a teddy bear or some super chic Parisian babe. Please note that I feel like a Parisian babe.... I can assume I look more like a stuffed animal. I'm never able to fall smack down in the middle of... teddy bear chic? 

I'm not thinking about my constant fur dilemma anymore. Well, at least until the next winter as I'm counting down the days to sweet Spring dawns upon my internally cold self. 

Topshop faux fur coat (old), Reformation denim (see my denim series here), Asos turtleneck, Converse sneakers (love the all leather ones!), Ray-Ban sunglasses (budget friendly option)

End of an Era

Remember this post here? My thoughts on the great debate on to tight or no to tight those legs when the weather isn't all fine and dandy AKA above freezing? Well, here is an example of "to tight". Ankle boots and bare pale legs aren't the cutest of couples, so it is better to dive all in and channel Wednesday Addams meets your sartorial digs. To finalize this lesson, when the tights work they work. 

But, hopefully that era is coming to a close soon since tomorrow is um... MARCH. Sitting, waiting, wishing for that sweet spring.

Dress: Tularosa (worn here and here), Jacket: Brandy Melville, Boots: Asos, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

No Rest for the Wicked

Hello, it's me. 

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. 

I'm finally back to reality after a week down in Clearwater, Florida for a laser sailing regatta.   I didn't mean for the extended to hiatus to occur, but I've barely touched my laptop all week. 

Time to backtrack in time to Montauk. I shared the first batch of photos... two weeks ago (?) and there is still plenty to come- including a video that I must carve out some time (which I've zero of) to edit. From one marathon to the next; certainly is true that rest does not exist for the wicked. Oh, and the wicked wear sick vintage ski sweaters both on and off the slopes. And since there's a considerably lack of snow on the slopes, the beach works nicely too.

Jeans: Asos, Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Sweater: Vintage