Welcoming the final look of my mini denim series- if you like, you can see the other two looks here. If you thought the finale was going to be big and grand, well, sorry charlie that is not just the way I roll. I didn't let you dow though, as sometimes simpler is better. In hindsight, nothing is more cozy than slipping on a soft, oversized sweater with a pair of jeans. But, when you are taking the simple road, attention is due in the details; silky choker, personalized bag, feminine flats. 

My three rules for getting the most out of your jeans.

1. Don't wash them often. They tend to break in more and fit your body better.

2. Learn to dress them both up and down. They'll become a game-changer for every season.

3. No two pairs are ever the same. Especially with vintage. So, treasure one pair until you stumble across the second superstar pair. 

Jeans: Reformation (repurposed 501s), Sweater: Boast, Jacket: Mango, Choker: Hermes bracelet, Ring: Asha by ADM, Shoes: Chanel

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

Building Blocks

Ever since launching my series "Sailor Does Staples" back in early fall, I've noticed that I've become much more conscious of my sartorial choices and so forth. I pay much more attention towards the pieces both in my closet and when I'm shopping. But, it can seem as quite contradicting as fashion is known to be expressive and spontaneous, not microscopic and formulated. But, I've found that being more aware of my attire as actually led me to play around with items and sport quirkier details that I would never before. 

Yep, you read that right. Sloane, is wearing "quirky" items. Now, you may continue on. 

Being formulated is not boring. It is actually the exact opposite. Like the foundation to a home or any sort of creation, it is essential to expansion and growth bigger and better things- similar with a wardrobe. Now, within my closet, I have a curated selection of pieces that I know look great and won't fail me. (I will be releasing that list later this week). They have become my wardrobe's foundational blocks. Remember those wooden blocks you had as a kid? In order to play a great game, you had to build the world first. Once that world is built, the fun truly begins. 

Sweatshirt- The Reformation (more graphic sweats here), Denim- Asos (I swear by these), Boots- Asos (such a steal!), Coat- Mango (super old), Bag- Angela Roi, Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Photos by Haley Carrere

Back to Blush

Wearing: Mango vest (old), Asos trousers (also worn here), Zara t-shirt, Madewell slides, Chanel bag, ASHA by ADM ring 

My relationship with blush (or baby pink, let's me real) started young. The classic color for a baby girl, you can bet my room and everything in it fell under some form of blush. I proceeded to go through a quote-un-quote rebellious phase where I proclaimed that the color pink was number one of my hate list. I can guarantee that I've mellowed out my dramatics, but my friends are still shocked when I show up in pink.

Now that pink is no longer ranking number one on that dreaded list, I've grown to dabble in the color a little bit. Enter this Mango vest that I purchased last August. To be brutally honest this is the second time I've worn it. So yes, I wore it back in the heat of summer and up until late, it's been mocking me in my closet. I've contemplated selling it or giving it to friends, but hey like my burnt orange culottes, I simply cannot part. 

No, it is not because I am hoarder or get emotionally attached to items. It's just one of those pieces, that once (or twice) a year, I pull it out and bam, still a goodie. 

It also goes with black... and every other neutral in my closet. Which also doesn't hurt the cause.


Denim dungarees

Wearing: Levis overalls (old, similar), Mango blouse, K. Jacques sandals 

Overalls, well in today's case study, short-alls, have already made me banter on and on. In short, I used to get serious farmer vibes from them. Since my discovery of the denim onesie last summer, I've grown accustomed to the idea of overalls being somewhat chic. In all seriousness (how serious can we be though discussing overalls), I sometimes feel like an overgrown baby in denim duds.

Am I alone on this one? Sigh. 

With my vast knowledge of wearing short-alls and overalls- in which I mean the maybe five times I've worn them, I've mastered the art of dungarees. Well, that is sort of a stretch wouldn't you say? I comply. But, I have a trick or two up my sleeve. Play up the basic denim with what is going on underneath. During round 1, it was a white cutout top which gave it some serious street creds. Here, some island creds seem more fitting. A lightweight and sheer blouse underneath keeps it airy and avoids farmville. Keep the look in the blue lineage to blend in with the Caribbean sea (location optional) and to distract from lobster red skin. 

 Photos by Bruno Dubreuil 

Fringe x Fringe

Wearing: Y.A.S. leather leggings (another option), Mango oversized blazerLoro Piana scarfLaura Vela bag via Alekka, Shoemint booties (great alternative), J.Crew belt


It has been over a week without an outfit post. Sort of defeats the whole purpose of personal style... Ergh, between traveling and the biggest culprit of it all, Mother-beep-Nature, I've haven't had time to shoot new content until this past weekend. Well, that's half true. Today's look was actually shot before heading down south, but a few technical related problems arose, which delayed said post.

In summary, the internet is annoying. 

Following the it's so nice, say it twice mantra when it comes to this bucket bag via Alekka. My ode to the 70s is still going strong with an awaited return to middle-parted hair which may I add, first was born at the ripe age of seven. Then, I got bangs. Let us save my adolescence hair debacles for another time. This bag has a cowboy-in-the-city attitude that gives an updated take on the classic bucket bag.

The end result? Straight to the top of my wishlist.

Photos by Alexandra Wolf