Thank You Nancy


I would be lying if I didn't admit that this look was completely, no-doubt-about-it, inspired by The Parent Trap... the 90s version of course. It's a hybrid of the twins' matching yellow looks and the Ralph Lauren button down looks. Thank you, Nancy Meyers for the plethora of sartorial inspiration. Please make another movie, so I can continue this journey.

Sidenote, yellow is the color of my dreams right now, hence this look. Faded yellow looks particularly charming with bright, firetruck red. Throws you for a loop of color confusion. It just works. 

Wearing: J.Crew linen button-down, Levi's vintage denim, Hunza G x Pandora Sykes bikini, and Ray-Ban shades

Location: Montauk, NY

Adventure Awaits

Wearing: Brandy Melville top, Vintage shorts (worn here), Sperry shoes c/o 

When I'm asked to write my bio, I put the same old, same old type, but what I actually want to write: 

Hi, my name is Sloane and I'm an adventure seeker. Not the person that will go base-jumping, or eat snakes (um, just no), but I live life as the wind takes me (school, permitting *wink*). 

One place I always find myself turning to? You guessed it, the ocean. It's a scary, bone-chilling, unknown world out there, but my lord, it's a beautiful one. So next time you find yourself by the world's end, fall in love with its mysterious glory, and bask in the hidden safety of it. Trust me, you'll never want to return home. 


Shot in Newport, RI.

Urban Safari

Wearing: Rag & Bone blouse (borrowed from my mom), Vintage Levis cutoffs, Asos duster, Chanel ballet flats

Perhaps we should all agree for once and all that leopard/cheetah no longer falls under the category of prints. I am not one to jump up and down for digitally enhanced prints that give off trippy and kalescopic vibes when being worn, so you can understand why I love a good animal print. Worn with distressed denim and navy.... but c'mon what else is new? 

In other news, I've fallen head over heels with the combination of cutoffs paired with more feminine pieces like ballet flats and girly-lish blouses. Yes, despite my sporty antics I do like a ruffle here and there. Whilst still looking easy and cool, it gives a more tailored impression than a t-shirt. 

Denim dungarees

Wearing: Levis overalls (old, similar), Mango blouse, K. Jacques sandals 

Overalls, well in today's case study, short-alls, have already made me banter on and on. In short, I used to get serious farmer vibes from them. Since my discovery of the denim onesie last summer, I've grown accustomed to the idea of overalls being somewhat chic. In all seriousness (how serious can we be though discussing overalls), I sometimes feel like an overgrown baby in denim duds.

Am I alone on this one? Sigh. 

With my vast knowledge of wearing short-alls and overalls- in which I mean the maybe five times I've worn them, I've mastered the art of dungarees. Well, that is sort of a stretch wouldn't you say? I comply. But, I have a trick or two up my sleeve. Play up the basic denim with what is going on underneath. During round 1, it was a white cutout top which gave it some serious street creds. Here, some island creds seem more fitting. A lightweight and sheer blouse underneath keeps it airy and avoids farmville. Keep the look in the blue lineage to blend in with the Caribbean sea (location optional) and to distract from lobster red skin. 

 Photos by Bruno Dubreuil 

Schoolboy Off Duty

Wearing :Madewell button down, Levis vintage shorts (similar,similar),Lanvin loafers (similar)

Reverting back to updated basics of denim and (snakeskin) loafers. 

What were you excepting here? Last week's girly duds? My apologies for disappointing you. Instead, I'm here in one of my easiest sartorial formula of white and denim when I'm in the mood for a classic combo. And no less, dressing like an old school schoolboy, erm off duty? Hence the comfiest cutoffs and softest button down is the ideal frame for these sick snakeskin shoes from my favorite Frenchie of all, LanvinAs someone said, it's all in the details- like the eyelet collar and the tassels on the shoes. Oh my, I'm such a sucker for the details.

Alas, back to my tomboyish duds. Quite ironic considering it's summertime and I'm dressing like a school kid. Perhaps, I need to back to school already.

Good one, there.

Sorry not sorry, oceanside is my classroom of choice. Or in this case, #stoopside. I've been spending too much time in the city (case in point-my instagram feed). 

Plenty of rambling for today. Happy Monday!

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs