Laser sailing

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Hey, hey look who has a new video up and running! If you read my last Resolutions update (throwing some shade your way, if the answer to that was no), you would read my dropped hints about new video coming very soon. The delay? Me being lazy. Since finally purchasing a new GoPro- RIP to the one at the bottom of Long Island Sound- I've been determined to create more video content

It ain't no Oscar-winning creation, but I think we all can sleep just fine with that. 

As promised, here are sunsets, sailing, and sharks.

I Resolve To... | February

(I am 194528)

Excuse the slight tardiness in today's post. 24 hours goes by hella fast, and I digress that I never found the time to write my monthly update this past week.

To adequately sum up February in one word, sailing is the chosen word, no doubt. If you didn't know from Instagrams of boats and sunsets, I spent a lengthy ten days in Clearwater Beach, FL to train and to compete at Lasers Midwinters East Regatta. Most definitly the hardest fleet I've ever competed in, along with tough conditions. But hey, one crucial thing I learned? Hard work pays off.

I'll refrain from updating you play-by-play of wind shifts and tactics from the race course, but if any of you sailors are interested, my

inbox is open


2 months down...

|| Travel to a new country & state ||

Nothing fell under new in terms of place, but traveling was the main focus of this month. Next month (jokes, this month) also focuses on travel once again. 

|| Memory jar & make GoPro videos ||

When returning to the frozen tundra of CT, I spent about 10 minutes sitting in my room, cocooned in blankets, writing memories from Florida on Post-Its. Dead serious. Even though it's already March, I cannot recommend enough starting a memory jar. Oh the lols, I'll have when reading them come December. As for the GoPro video? Think sharks, sunsets, and sailing coming to your screen as soon as yours truly finds the time to edit roughly 6 hours of video. 

 || Continue to grow my business and expand into new territories ||

Those changes I was hinting on last month? My email has been flooding with talk of it. Like that 

video? Coming to a screen near you soon. I wish I could share, but I'm trying to keep this one tightly-sealed. Sorry, Meghan Trainor, my lips aren't movin. 

 || Live bold ||

I think sailing can state I successfully fulfilled this goal. Along with other events from this month, hashtag  yolo is going strong. 

|| Train harder for sailing ||

Do I really need to answer this one? Uhhh... read above. As for gym time, back at it since Friday.  

|| Only buy pieces I truly love ||

 Whoever said buying pieces you only love needs to be a small quantity lied. I went a little crazy last night- of course, the last day of the month- but so worth it. Damn it Mother Nature, these 20 degree days are heavily influencing my online shopping. 

January's post

Unpublished | FL

Here you go, cyberland. The poor bunch that didn't make the Instagram cut from Florida. If you'd like to see what did make the cut, you know where to find me. I shudder at my self-promotion sometimes. I liked the photos too much to let them go to die in my hectic camera roll of screenshots and 80 million takes of the same sunset photo. Take a look at my other Instagram related posts-how I edit, perhaps? Or if you'd like a good laugh, hashtag behind the gram should suit your comical desires.

Sailing in Florida | Insta-Snaps

waiting for wind // one of the best sunsets ever // post-storm skies // current essentials- coconut water & frends headphones // plane window view of sunny Florida // after sailing view // travel days (obsessed with kind bars) // clear sunset // favorite printed pants via Joe's Jeans

As most of you know, I was in Clearwater Beach, Florida for a sailing regatta. Despite not ideal sailing conditions (killer fog and no wind), it was very nice to escape the cold and welcome some much needed sunshine. I also could not wait to get back on my Laser after this long winter. As always, here is a recap of my quick trip. There was some breathtaking sunsets each night even after afternoon storms- the second photo is my favorite. Along with my travel essentials- which include


headphones, Zico

coconut water

 (the chocolate flavor is


), and Kind


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