Jules Smith

Camel Affair

Wearing: Zara coat, T by Alexander Wang- sold out, similar(Friday's look), Club Monaco leggings (from last year, but just bought these), Stan Smith sneakers ,Jules Smith choker (favorite piece)

Shh!! I'm cheating on gray with camel. Cue a color war, and I'm going neutral.

I couldn't help myself with the puns, guyysss...

Putting my hysterically funny self aside, this outfit is one of the two assembles I tend to wear the most. Well, I wouldn't necessarily count my XL sweatshirt and sailing sweats a "fashion forward" assemble, but just role with me here. The awkward limbo period between seasons (side note: it was snowing yesterday, hi winter) calls for formulaic dressing of t-shirts and basics; hence here. // And while I have your undying attention, holiday shopping? //

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

Second Time Around

Wearing: RES denim overalls- 60% off, (splurge option),T by Alexander Wang t-shirtStan Smith sneakers,Jules Smith choker,Ray Ban sunglasses

Last time I took a spin in overalls it was nearing 90 degrees and the rule of the time was: less fabric; the better. I was also wearing short overalls that slightly resembled the 90s child "play time" outfit of choice. In that summer post, I shared my thoughts on how I've warmed up to overalls and attempting to avoid farmer status. And you can see it has gone quite well...

Tomorrow's high is 40 degrees and well, shorts don't exactly fly anymore. With winter right around the corner- throwing shade to Mother Nature-bundling up is the normal for the next five months. Enough of me blabbering on about the weather- hit up weather.com for the latest updates on Polar Vortexes and all that jazz.

Returning to the topic of seeking overalls, I've come to find a great long pair that are the answer to all my farmer meets runway aspirations. With the help of sand paper and a pair of scissors, a little distressing roughed them up to my liking. If you're anything like me the sight DIYs scares you away but after distressing two pairs of jeans, it is much easier than imagined. Poke some holes in the knee, a little sand paper here and there, fray the ends... easy peasy. I would recommend not splurging on overalls unless you plan on wearing them everyday. 

To sum up today's post: 1) It's beginning to get very cold. 2) Second try with overalls was a success. 

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs


Wearing: J.Crew sweaters,Madewell jeans,River Island loafers, Jules Smith choker

It was about time I took the prep school kid classic and went for a wild ride. In my case, a pair of almost identical sweaters does the trick just fine. An ode to Monsieur Lemaire, who was one of the first to introduce the nifty knot into everyone's wardrobe. My best way of describing the double sweaters: prep school roughed up. Truly enough, the only reason I have an absurd amount of navy sweaters is because, err, uniforms! 

Two thumbs up for the jumper knot and all its cape-like glory. 


Odd One Out

Wearing: Zara top,Heidi Merrick shorts c/o- last worn here,Adidas sneakersClare V clutchJules Smith choker- on sale!

The combination of summer and leather seems incredibly daunting, in the sense that a) you will swelter in the hot and humid air or b) it's just plain uncomfortable. But.... stepping outside the box is where the creativity is found. Taking a once a fashion don't into a must do is the only way to create an outfit that hasn't been reblogged on Tumblr one million times before, if you know what I mean.

 Once you get past the strange idea of wearing leather (in my case, vegan leather) in hot July, double leather is an interesting take on the classic summer sartorial formula of a tank top and shorts. These Heidi Merrick shorts were a match made in heaven for a spur-of-the-moment Zara purchase. (Who are we kidding? All Zara purchases are sporadic!) 

Call me crazy or the odd one out in a sea of linen, but I'll happily be wearing leather until we hit that 90 degrees mark, then I'll be sporting linen.

But, until then.... 

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

 / Shot in the East Village, NYC

Chambray Story

Wearing:Addison romper c/o,J.Crew scarf ,Vince flats,Jules Smith choker,Madewell shades

I've already confessed my love for rompers, so I'm going to save you out of despair, and instead share another favorite, chambray aka denim. I know you love it... I used to stray away from denim on denim, but I know it has become a staple in the file: easiest outfits. On that fact, this chambray (denim-same thing) romper with a scarf is my non-conventional twist on the Canadian tux. Plus, for a person who was never a fan of scarves- it was a short-lived phase that went down hill very fast- this chambray sale score is slowly opening the scarf door once again, this time around less tassels and pizazz. Chambray cowboy for the win.

Don't be afraid to double up that denim. Even though the fabric is a classic, it can decay fast: #PROOF.Bless Addison for creating the effortless chambray outfit in one that will be worn way too much for this summer by yours truly, of course.

Photos by Reid Secondo

Seeking Overalls

 Wearing:Levis overalls,Alexis top, Belle by Sigerson Morrison shoes (old,similar),Jules Smith choker,Brandy Melville ring,Ray-Ban sunglasses

Remember way back when I was on the road of the overall-esque romper which eventually turned into a path of seeking, dare I say, overalls? Oh yes, we have arrived in a land where a farmer's favorite attire is stylish. 

I'm praying I don't look like a farmer.

Since I took the road down to overall-world, I might as well give it a good whirl. To avoid looking like two things- a) an young child or b) a hillbilly; a modern crop top, sandals, and by dear God a Chanel hopefully helped me avoid going into that territory. Which by all means should remained uncharted, if that wasn't clear already.

For a person like me who likes to take the "trend less" route of personal sartorial ways, these overalls forced me to step up my game and out of my comfort zone. 

Alas, I'm crossing my fingers it worked. In all honesty, overalls are sorta rad.

Photos by

Alexandra Gibbs