J.Crew sweater

Fur x Cableknit

Wearing: Topshop faux fur jacketMother jeans,  J.Crew sweaterStan Smiths sneakers

I've always found fur a little over the top or too dramatic for my own style. But, maybe it's from my growing liking in animal print that I've been drawn to the old hollywood feel of (faux) fur as of late. 

Alas, I happen not to be attending any glamorous parties in the near future (aren't you shocked??), so a fur jacket will not be paired with a ball gown. Instead it acts as a little bam-boom to my daily wardrobe of denim, knits... I would say sneakers, but booties have been taking over in the shoe department. 

On another note, I hope you had a very merry Christmas! Enjoy your holidays, and perhaps depart the interwebz for a bit? We all could use a little r&r.

Dress Code

Wearing: The Reformation dress- in store, J.Crew sweater- on sale w/ JINGLEStuart Weitzman boots, Kacey K choker c/o, Sloane Ranger bracelet c/oWanderlust & Co bracelet

Let's face the facts here. Sequins dazzle on the dance floor and can be a conversation starter, but the real shining star? Neutrals. 

Yep, you heard me right. Over the next few weeks of holiday swaying and sashaying, the masses will be sporting their shiniest duds, and if your game plan is to be the life of the party, go the counter-example of preferred sartorial holiday choices. Break the dress code and dress down to dress up. Similar to what I said a few weeks ago, wear simplistic pieces- this sweater/t-shirt mash up dress is a great example- pop on some great bling, or slip on some wicked shoes, and you, my friend are good to go.

If you aren't feeling the camel, try some velvet or lamé in a monochromatic shade. You'll still get the glitz and the glam, but sans the dancing disco ball. 

Party rules 101. 

Photos by Emily Malan

Knit Worth

Wearing:J.Crew sweater,Topshop shorts,(old),Jack Rogers sandals

Folks, it's time that I let you in the a little secret of mine.

J.Crew mens is sweater heaven. Time to close Net-A-Porter, and forget all about those ACNE Studios and Stella $700 knits-first, le sigh. I have fallen hard into my pile of oversized cotton crewnecks or even better, a fisherman sweater that is, I repeat, not on back order. Yep, throwing some sarcastic eye-rolling to you, L.L. Bean. 

If you've been keeping up with me, like how you keep up with binge-watching on Netflix... er... weekend in a nutshell... you'd remember this post mentioning the comeback of sweaters in my wardrobe. I can gladly say, whilst I am sweater, that this comeback is real. So fishermankniting good. 

The perks of sweaters doesn't end at cozy and warm. The transitional ability is pretty impressive, might I add. Cotton? My best friend 365 days, snow to sand, sleep to class, the list goes on. As much as I love a cashmere sweater,this cableknit is winning my heart right now. Now, it's Friday (well, duh). So, what better to do than treat yo'self? Perhaps a trip to that men's sweater section? Nothing less for the best.

Photos by Amy Stone