How I Edit Instagram

The number one.. and I mean top of the top, cream of the crop, question I get asked all the time is how I edit my instagram photos. So, think this post is like a little Christmas present from me to you. I sometimes take it way too seriously, but it is in all of good fun and of course, for a kiler insta. I used to find myself overthinking my "theme" and general flow of my Instagram account, but once I stopped doing that it came naturally and I found the photos working together without much effort. But still.... 

Instagram is an art. Don't deny it. 

+ You need a photo to start, so get to that. 

+ If the photo is dark, I first brighten it up in Afterlight (for some reason, the exposure tool on vsco makes photos blurry or overly bright, so I prefer Afterlight or Snapseed)

+ I'll save that, then open vsco and upload the photo into there. 

+ Once I'm up and running in vsco, I play around with the filters. I like A3, A6, and Q2. 

+ Next, I up the contrast to one or two, lower the temperature and tint to one (sometimes a little more with the tint). I'll also sharpen the photo a little bit, and fade it if I feel like the photo is too "bold". 

+ Then, I save it to my camera roll and upload to Instagram. Once I'm in Instagram, occasionally I'll tweak the brightness and the temperature if I feel like the photo needs it. 

From the Insta-Land

Wearing: Aritzia dress (size down) & scarf, Valentino sandals 

Considering I've been running around like a crazy person the last two weeks, I've only snapped my daily attire through the lens of an iPhone. Now I'm off to Rochester, NY followed by Brant Beach, NJ for two sailing regattas. 

 I pinky-promise some higher quality images will be coming your way very soon. Follow along the next few weeks via Snapchat (@sailingseastyle). 

Adios amigos. 

Above-Standard Views

ph. by me, shot with an iPhone 6

If you couldn't tell from my Instagram, this weekend entailed a quick sojourn into the city for a party and what not. For the quick overnight, we lodged up at The Standard, High Line. I'll be going into further detail on my thoughts of the trip, but for now let us marvel at killer views of sunsets over the Hudson, and equally great views facing uptown and downtown.

Can never resist a; a skyline, and b; a sunset. Guilty as charged for 'gramming them as well. 

I'd also like to add that a stay-cation is perhaps one of the nicest things ever.. or perhaps Im just biased as I love hotels (and NYC) a smidge too much. 

From the Insta-land

wearing: Brandy Melville sweater, Reformation jeans (similar, similar), Belle by Sigerson Morrison (similar, similar), Saint Laurent bag

Quite often, I receive the infamous question of "where did you get that?" on Instagram. To break up the overload of St.Barths posts- linked below for your liking- I'm bringing three recent insta outfits from past weekends to the blog-o-sphere. Some of these pieces are older or unavailable, but I included similar styles to help ease the way of online shopping. 

Wearing: Asos trousers, Reformation jacket (super similar here, option without fur) , Zara turtleneck, Vans perforated slip ons, Celine bag


Wearing: Reformation blouse (similar styles), Reformation jacket (see above), Asos trousers, Zara slip ons (old)

Unpublished | FL

Here you go, cyberland. The poor bunch that didn't make the Instagram cut from Florida. If you'd like to see what did make the cut, you know where to find me. I shudder at my self-promotion sometimes. I liked the photos too much to let them go to die in my hectic camera roll of screenshots and 80 million takes of the same sunset photo. Take a look at my other Instagram related posts-how I edit, perhaps? Or if you'd like a good laugh, hashtag behind the gram should suit your comical desires.

Behind the 'Gram | II

What time is it? (time for you to get a watch).

Jokes, jokes. But really, it seems as if everyone at school finally understood that a watch was a practical thing to own. And oh-em-gee, and it can look good.

On that note, let's get back on track and try that again.

What time is it? Time to dive back into behind the gram. Instead of revealing how I

get the 'gram

- cue ridiculous things people do for social media-, let's discuss how I take it from the phone, through several editing apps, then to good ol' Instagram. Plus, go and

read some other tips of mine

regarding the perfect shot.

Shall we dive right in?.... don't forget to follow me along at 


The main goal of my Instagram is to give you a glimpse into my day to day life (except for what I eat... #eatitdonttweetit). The power of Instagram is that I can take a basic image or a small moment of my day- like this old man looking quite dapper crossing W 4th St- and bring it to the next level. 

Like always, let's get the ball rolling... leave a comment below for any Insta related questions or comments. What app do you use or what do you find the hardest about getting the 'gram?

Crazy to think we are actually talking about the art behind an app. Indeed it is the 21st Century.